Wednesday, October 06, 2004


In Which I Find A Reader (and Feel As One Who Is Without Pants)

Oh my!

Well, first, I must give the big shout-out to Jack Feerick, well-regarded Barbelith alum, beloved curmudgeon of the ether, and wise blogger ( on all matters great and small, even as small as this little 1-month old blog.

I'm both humbled by the big man's attention and, now, just feeling a little exposed. I haven't really made any effort to get this thing noticed. Truth be told, it started as a kind of half-baked stress therapy, a release valve for my pent-up annoyances and thoughts, week to week. But hell, now people might actually click over here and read it.

And by the way, the reason there are no reciprocal links to Jack's blog (or anything else online) is because I'm so stupid/new at this, I haven't figured out how to embed links in my copy.

That will change, I swear. And when I go back to add links and such, I'll have to wrestle with the eternal question: Should I also go back and correct all my stupid little typos and word repetitions? I mean, I'm an editor at a fricking magazine, for crissakes. Surely I should be professional enough to fix my errors, lest I injure my credibility with my readership (all 1 of him).

Except...I have to remember this is for me first and foremost. And for this exercise to be valuable for me, I've got to give myself permission to write off the top of my head and post before I can change my mind. Even if it mens mking situpid nistakes.

More about surviving PMS soon.

From Somewhere On The Masthead

Aren't you supposed to start chapters (only!) with the phrase "in which"?? Do blogs have have chapters?
I think that is all very Dickens...
Anyway, your "In which I find a reader..." title really got my attention. Congratulations for that.
You did find a reader. :)
Hi. I'm a Barbelith alum too, I guess. Well, I'm still all over the place there, so I suppose that makes me the creepy grad who can't get a job and tries to cadge free meals from freshmen in the cafeteria. I too am in publishing, but the years (and the internet) have made me slow.

If you want to embed links in your copy, it works like this:
[a href=""]snappy description of link[/a].
Only with < > instead of [ ]. If you want the to open in a new page, insert a " target="_BLANK" " after the "" bit inside the brackets.
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