Saturday, July 09, 2005


In Which I Cover My Ass...

Just in case there were those among you (big brother, you listening?) who were dubious of my earlier entry, here's a look at my book, known in China as


(oh god)

not my ass

I was forced to blur both the English characters and the Chinese ones (which ran vertically down the length of the ass), although you can see the edge of some bigger characters on the left there, which wrap around the spine of the book. There's more copy about me on the back--including the part that implies this is MY ass (it is SO not. In fact, it looks like a female derriere to me). Still, the paper quality is nice, and the cover has some kind of ribbed texturing to it (perhaps for her pleasure?) Overall, it's actually a pretty cool package. Aside from THE PICTURE OF THE ASS, I mean.

(stares and shakes head some more)

I was informed there's actually another version of the cover, something that's text-only or at the very least doesn't have a BIG ASS staring you in the face. So maybe this is some rare "ass-variant cover" or something. One can only hope.

My friend who translated the cover copy has asked to borrow the book and read it.

"Are you sure really want to?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," he said with a grin. "I can't wait to crack it open."

Har de har.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

U should have kept the title unblured. How am I suppose to read it?

Its not going to be easy searching the entire chinese amazon site for just a pic of an ass ... mind you not that I want to of course ... just saying that its not going to be easy.

Come on ... give ME the title atleast so that I can verify that its not just Sex Man its indicating.

Show me some sugar ... :)
OH, that's a funny story! Next thing you know, that book will be on some Chinese bestseller list and you'll be asked to do some kind of talk show circuit over there to discuss your expert views on male sexuality. :)
That is definitely a female ass, by the way...or a disturbingly curvaceous male
Why did you blur the title?
Shame we can't get the name of the book. I'd be interested in checking it out.
Your cheeks are quite taut - have you been working out? :-P Sexy....
At least you will have a legacy to leave 'behind' for your children.

I know....groan.

I'm just laughing too damn hard to come up with anything better.
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