Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In Which I Offer The Briefest of Updates...

So we went to the party and of course no one got sick or died and Thomas had the best time ever.

At one point late in the day, all the boys at the party had decided to play baseball, but lacking anything in the way of equipment, they chose to press an enormous red ball into service. For want of a bat, they used a hockey stick. That didn't work so well, so the game degenerated into kickball. But then the ball was too large so none of the 6-year-old boys could get it to go any distance when it was their turn to kick.

Leave it to the girls to offer a solution--and masterfully insert themselves into the game--by suggesting that everyone work in pairs (boy-girl pairs, of course). Thus there would be two pitchers rolling the giant ball to two kickers, who would hit the ball more or less simultaneously and then round the bases together (there was a little rhubarb about whether or not the pairs should hold hands as they run. In the end, the hands-free option carried the day). There turned out to be a dead even boy/girl ratio at the party, so everyone paired off and play resumed.

By some happy stroke of fate, Thomas found himself paired up with Alyssa (Of course, the fact that she grabbed a handful of his shirt and said "You come here!" may also have been a determinant).

Gotta tip my hat to the girls: the plan worked for a couple innings. And when Thomas and Alyssa were up, they kicked in perfect synch, arcing the giant ball into the next yard for a stand-up double.

Unfortunately, the next three pairs of kickers were not as successful and the inning ended. Thomas and Alyssa ran off the field. I think he was holding her hand. It was just the most perfect little innocent childhood moment.

And then Thomas ran up to me and cried jubilantly, "Did you see that, Dad? I got to second base with Alyssa!"

Note to self: In the future, when double-entendres are uttered by innocent children, do not be the first Dad to laugh. Even though nearby Dads--including Alyssa's father--will collapse in a spectacle that may involve the silent "Haw" face or beer spraying out their noses, your wife will only remember that you laughed first.

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I feel for you - I'm generally the first person to crack when laughter is inappropriate, whether it's related to a double-entendre or a "sad laugh" situation (people falling or cruel jokes fall into this category). But even when I'm not, my face is somewhere beyond transparent.

In any case, it seems that young Thomas has both artistic and boy/girl skills - I'm pulling for an elementary school, "I checked the 'yes' box on the 'do you like me?' note" situation. Must be fun to see in person!
Lol, I wish I had male-friends when I was six. XD That's too funny.

Innocence is sweet.
Gotta love your sense of comic timing. What a satisfying piece of writing this is. I laughed out loud, and I never do that.

Thanks for brightening the day.
"Did you see that, Dad? I got to second base with Alyssa!"

TOOOO FUNNY.... I so love your blog dude!!!!!
Oh MM, you've done it again! Almost fell off the chair. Another story that I am sure he will hear about when he is older. One of those, "I got 5 bucks says I can make you blush," stories.

And your wife can't blame you for laughing first...you were closest!
Note to self: Do NOT have a mouthful of Diet Coke while reading this blog. If you feel the need to drink ANY beverage, have paper towels, or other absorbent materials at hand to mop up with...

Diet Coke. Everywhere. Then I laughed out loud, and woke up Twinks, who wanted to know what was so funny.

Were there any popsicle-covered little Romeos hanging around The Brownie? Hmmmm? Because I seem to recall a certain Daddy (and his faithful friend) watching a certain young man's *every* move recently...
I second Westsidekef: you've gotta make sure your son hears this story when he's a teenager (preferably when he's with other male friends ;) ).
I have the distict feeling this is a learned response, genetically imbedded by your parents.

I expect this will be recounted at the most opportune time in poor Thomas's future.

A parent's perogative I plan to take full advantage of with my son.
Darn MM, I was drinking tea when I read that. Now I have to go clean myself.
Darn. Second base .... :P

freaking tea everywhere.
Oh, my word. That is too delightful. You have to have a face of steel to be a father, it seems.
Got to second base...

Thanks MM. You may now come and clean coffee off my monitor.

Great story. Cheers. Oh, and the yard sale, lemme give you a previous job's booty inventory.
Who knew one story could cause a mass epidemic of spewing liquid? Poor Thomas, this is going to haunt him when he's older. So sweet though!
MM, thanks for stopping by the site. I certainly would classify you as popular. Your site meter is like at almost 20,000. I'm barely over 300. And all those comments, I'm quite jealous. Certainly neither one of us in "Brian in Chicago" he gets like 1,000 hits a day! Do you have any underhanded tactics I could use to increase traffic? You have been doing this alot longer than me.
I think that I may have to stop reading your blog at work to prevent people from wondering why I spontaneously start laughing out loud. Well, not really, but people were kind of looking at me funny. Glad you and Thomas had fun at the party!
you'll have the best story ever to tell at their wedding =)
haha, that is such a cute story. Talk about innocent childhood cuteness ... :-)
You are a better person than I. There is no way, no matter how hard I try, that I could refrain from laughing if a child, particularly my own (of which I have none yet), were to say that to me.

I don't even think I'd bother trying.
What's wrong with laughing first?
Oh he is going to be such a heartbreaker!
That was absolutely fabulous.
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