Friday, September 30, 2005


Giveaway of CRAP (update)

Oh goody.

Well so far it's been a very gratifying response. Keep it coming, folks. Surely somebody wants the Gandalf bust, or Daphne's autograph, or my old Mr. Spock? I thought those would be snapped up, not a cache of my old stories.

Also: I appreciate how polite everyone is being, but just because someone else has put a bid on an item doesn't mean you can't. No one should take a counter-bid personally. Look at Batonga and Mandy's little back and forth in Wave 1 comments. They've got the right idea!

And remember: everyone gets something. If you don't get what you bid on, I'll do my best to make your alternate item as appropriate as I can. In some cases, I have multiples of items. For example, I have enough Art Lad original art to supply the entire blogosphere. I also have way more of my writing than any sane person wants to read.

But here's the thing: If you don't bid at all, how will I know to give you anything? Plus, the more people who bid, the more crap I can get rid of, which is the main thing (have to write that because Her Lovely Self is watching me right now).

Okay? Okay.

Over the weekend, I'll post the current status of items and bids, if for no other reason than to keep it straight in my head.

Back to the crap pile...

From Somewhere on the Masthead

In response to the comment you left on my blog: Well, my dad meant that the Usagi novel was mature in that it wasn't cutesy, but all the same, I think I'll pass on the manga this time. :) But the Princess Mononoke DVD is something I've been looking for! I'll have to run it by dad. (I'm sure he'll approve, even though he think's its the worst Hayao Miyazaki film ever created story-wise. I love that movie. X3)

I'll let you know what he says. And I'll be brainstorming on a good bid. :D (This is so fun. X3)
Nobody bid on the Spock doll???

Oh my... My hubby would love that... or at least my dad would...

but give me the weekend and I will come up with something to do... I like to plan a bit...

but it will be good...
In my mind's eye, I can see the Gandalf bust on my desk, urging me to write.
You see, that's what I need to do, write. I so enjoy sharing my experiences, and I've got so much great material. The only thing I lack is the motivation to write. Just get it all out there!
Writing seems to come so naturally to you, and my other favorite writers. To me, it's always been a chore. I'm a storyteller, all right, but only in person. It's not that I've never written, I have. I just need something to remind me to just write it down. Right now.
So if you send me the Gandalf bust, I promise to actually start my blog, and update it regularly. I'll be talking about my travel experiences (I travel 40+ weeks out of the year), and about my life. I'll link to you, of course, and all my favorites.
Oh, I was just about to bid on the camera when I saw the first bid and, well, even an evil old cretin like me won't go up against a seven year old.


Well, I was going to do something good, but I guess it's back to stealing candy from orphans this weekend.
I also have way more of my writing than any sane person wants to read.

Oh, so modest. Either you're wrong, or everyone who comes here is insane--you know we all want to read anything you write.
Ah DAMMIT! I was thinking up a good bid for the mystery locked case...I'm a complete sucker for surprise bags like that...but I realized that it's unlikely the Border will accept "I have no idea" on the Contents section of the Customs declaration.


Back to peruse the merchandise...
OK, MM, here is my bid for the flashlight+TV+lantern that you offered...

I will box up at least two boxes of personal CRAP and donate it to Goodwill. I will also ship to you (if you so desire) a size XL official Flight Control uniform shirt from my former airline, National Airlines. Since they are no longer in business, this is not something that you can purchase anywhere else! The shirt (one of several that I own) is not new, but it is clean and in good condition.

I feel this bid is solid because it does me good (getting rid of unnecessary CRAP), contributes to a worthwile charity (Goodwill), and gets you a nice business casual shirt you can't buy anywhere else (bonus points if you're an aviation fan.)

Pictures of what I donate to goodwill, as well as the shirt I give to you, will be posted on my blog.
I've got my bid!

My dad's friend's girlfriend (AKA BBG.) wants me to paint her daughter, Hunter's, bedroom. It's themed Hello Kitty, and so I'm getting the impression that I'm painting an image on the wall. I'm cool with this. She was going to pay me, but I felt that maybe I could do this for free, blog about it, and see if that's a worthy bid for the Princess Mononoke DVD. :3 *squee!* I talked to Dad about it, and He said it'd be a good idea. ^^ Let me know!
Since so many people seem unable to resist the lure of the mystery locked case, and next to a lot of them my bid sucks, I'll offer this alternative:

I would kill for some MM original stories.

Not in keeping with the spirit of this whole thing? Okay. I'll get back to you then...
ok, we're bidding on behalf of the Bunny for the webcam from round 1 --- it's for the good of everyone, really, basically so that we can get a look at his recent renos and then offer unasked for decorating advice

oh, and we'll look into volunteering at the Union Gospel Mission for Thanksgiving dinner (next Sunday) and then write about it as our altruistic bid

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