Thursday, September 29, 2005


Giveaway of CRAP (Wave 2)

Okay, let's get this all on the table. Here's the last 10 items from this giveaway.

Again, rules are here.

Wave 1 is here, if you find yourself unable to scroll.

Get bidding. This first giveaway is gonna be quick, as in wrapped up in about a week, so hop to it.

Item #11: Neil Gaiman Goody Bag B--This lot contains some nifty Gaiman items too, including a signed copy of Neil's Telling Tales CD, which has five great stories (read by Neil) including "Harlequin Valentine" and "The Wedding Present."

crap 004
crap 005

Also some more Sandman cards, plus a lovely Sandman spiral-bound journal with an illuminated-style cover of Dream by Yoshitaka Amano, who also illustrated the Sandman: Dream Hunters book.

Item #12: Ghost World Enid Doll
--Neat doll in a big-ass box--over a foot long. Features a doll of Enid herself, one of the characters from Dan Clowes' Ghost World. Enid comes with some accessories like a ray gun and a mask.

crap 008

The box is a hoot--has a very retro look to it, with some fun comics on the side by Clowes. I'll also throw in a Clowes Ghost World graphic novel.

Item #13: Boy Detective Adventure books--From my personal collection when I was a Magazine Lad.

crap 003

You get three books: Me and My Little Brain, from the Great Brain series by John Fitzgerald; a hard-back Hardy Boys book, #43, The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior; and finally, one of the great inspirations of my youth, the official Hardy Boys Detective Handbook, packed with real hints and tips for aspiring detectives. I loved this book so much I actually owned two copies (one for my house, one for the mail truck where my best friend and I had our detective agency). This is the mail truck copy.

Item #14: Star Trek crew shirt
--This is a large-sized green t-shirt from the film Star Trek: First Contact. On the front it has the logo from the movie, plus the words "ILM Visual Effects Crew."

crap 024

On the back it has the Starfleet logo, slightly Borg-ified, with the words "Resistance is Futile."

crap 025

This was a gift to me from an old girlfriend, who after we broke up moved west and ended up working for Industrial Light and Magic and did some CGI work for the film (and all I got was this lousy...well, you know). These shirts were only available to select ILM employees and crew members. It has never been worn.

Item #15: Gandalf bust
--Another 1/4 scale Sideshow bust from The Lord of the Rings. This is of himself, Gandalf the Grey. Another gift I never opened so it's sealed in the box. If you ever wanted the head of a wizard on your desk, here's your chance.

crap 021

Item #16: Journals--Here's a really nice leather-bound journal, great for a diary or travel journal or your novel in progress.

crap 010

It smells great, and comes with its own pull-string pouch (which is of course a serious bonus and so worth mentioning). I'm also throwing in a highly useful Moleskine pocket-sized notebook. Great for jotting down bursts of inspiration--or shopping lists--in style.

Item #17: Daphne's autograph--From the Scooby Doo Inkworks trading card series, this is one of the scarce signature cards, featuring the actual genuine autograph of Heather North Kenney, the voice actress who portrayed the luscious Daphne.

crap 011

Card is inside one of those, er, stiff card holders. But you know, if you want to save postage, I could always just fold it in half and stick it in a small envelope or something...

Item #18: TV/Radio/Flashlight/Lantern Thingy
--From the Jeep line of accessories, this thing is like a Swiss Army knife with a glandular condition.

crap 014

It's a portable black-and-white TV. It's an AM/FM radio. It's a removable flashlight. It's a fluorescent lamp. It's an audible emergency alarm. It's all these things in one compact package. Great for the car or camping, if you really want to watch a small, fuzzy TV. Batteries not included.

Item #19: Crap-load of LEGOs--Legoboy? Legoboy's mom, you out there?

crap 015

Here's some--take a wild guess--LEGOs! Four little disk-sized kits, plus a larger dinosaur kit. Plus any other LEGO kits I find lying around between now and the time I ship this puppy out.

Item #20: Really tiny digital camera
--This is the palm-sized SiPix StyleCam Blink II camera, a very cute, very handy little camera. Comes with a clip-on lanyard so you can wear the thing as a necklace. Also comes with a little stand so it won't fall over when you hook it up to a computer.

crap 016
crap 017

It does connect to a PC through a USB cable, which is also included (doesn't work on a Mac). If it came with software, I don't have it now, but I've never needed it. Soon as I plugged it in, my Win XP computer recognized it. Isn't it cute? Isn't it tiny? Apparently you can also use it as a Web cam. Go here for more details and click on StyleCam Blink II (you'll also find updated drivers and a pdf manual. Good thing, since I don't have one).

Oh, what the hell, let's push it to a full 23:

Item #21: Star Wars swag--This is kind of a cheat, because I already promised this to Johnny C. It's the weirdly hard-to-find #38 tank gunner from the latest series of Star Wars figures.

crap 018

I'm also throwing in an interesting press kit item from last year's release of the DVD set. Johnny, I know you've given up smoking and that's a pretty good bid by any measure, but if you want to play along and offer up some other good deed for the figure, here's your chance to show off for everyone.

Item #22: Art Lad original artwork
--Somebody anticipated this, and here it is! An actual original piece of artwork from my son, aka Art Lad.


You'll be getting a full-color illustration of the Prehistoric Spotted Small Orange Sabre-Whiskered Dog, as also seen here.

Item #23: Doggy Poo DVD--I'm not kidding. This is an animated DVD about a pile of dog crap.


Doggy Poo is one of those things that you just can't stop watching. It's like seeing what would happen if the old Claymation crew at Rankin-Bass just went nuts and put together the worst thing they could think of. And yet, it's a strangely touching work too. Not really obscene or gross, it's actually safe for kids (mine thought it was the shit!). If you're an animation fan, trust me, this is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Okay, that's it. If you were waiting for Wave 2, it has officially hit. Get bidding.

And did I say "Have fun" yet?

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Man, so much cool stuff to choose from (esepecially when you include wave #1.) I would love that First Contact sweatshirt but if it's only a size large it might be a bit small on me...but the camera is super cool also, as well as the Jeep multi-appliance. Let me decide what I want and what I can do to "purchase" the item I decide on...then I shall return.
For item #11 (Neil Gaiman "B"), I will volunteer 5 hours in my local library, the Pinellas Park Public Library. On top of that, I will volunteer 10 hours at the public radio station (WMNF 88.5) in Tampa, Florida.

Volunteering is something I have always wanted to do, but it has been hard to find the time (I'm a full-time grad student). This would give me the proper impetus to do so, and create a heathy habit!
As appealing as Doggie Doo might be, and although my kid is a legomaniac.....Artlad artwork seems a most worthy investment. Do you hold a Statute of Limitations on the whole Ebay thing? 20 years from now an Artlad original could totally fund my retirement. Your kid is going to be big.
Good deeds now eh?

Hmm..let's see. I helped two old ladies cross the street and volunteered at the soup kitchen three times already today.

Does that count?

My next blog entry will hold my good deed.

Check in soon.
I would like to change my Lands End bid over to the Star Trek shirt.

I could use the flashlight for lighting EFX in my amazing, flipping photo.

(I could also use it if there was a huge Earthquake or if I were to almost die while camping again.)
Ooo I'd love those journals. My good deed? I'd give them away to a friend of mine. She writes me poems to cheer me up and can go whole days talking in Seuss, I think she'd use them wisely. I'd post an example of her poetry, but she made me promise not to share it with the general public.
Here's what I will do for the T-shirt: One of my Meals on Wheels clients seems chronically depressed and has a very messy cluttered apartment. I will spend the afternoon there, open the blinds and help her sort through her junk, vacuum and clean up. I think a clean, organized space might lift her spirits.
In the spirit of giving (to my nephew toys too complicated for his two year old mind.. and mouth), I would like to make an offer for the legos. And for this Mr. Man (Magazine Man, that is), I will provide you with an entertaining if not somewhat embarrassing video version of me doing the RunningMan. Yes, a video of ME doing the running man for at least like 20 seconds. AND I'll write you a rap about your misadventures in the style of my Dr. Pepper Poetry .. The video and poem will appear in my blog in no less than 2 days.
I want the Enid doll. I have a Gilda Radner RosannaRosannadana doll that is lonely, and they'd make a great pair. To get Enid, I promise to prostitute myself to the EHS Drama Club, helping with their Fall show,AND to write comments for all of your blog entries. I'll even pay the postage for Enid. I gotta add her to my doll collection!!
OK, fine; geewits can have the sweet Trek shirt. I am changing all of my bids to this:

If you give me the flashlight, then I will actually put it to good use. Example:

The Flashlight-less Death Valley Story

I will also send you a so-freakin’-cool Sto shirt, as modeled,




(It will probably only fit The Brownie or Art Lad. Should they both want one, then I can send two.)
Screw the loot, I want to bid on that fancy carpet-slash-camera back. What is that? Short pile Burberry?
Hi my name is Pandora. I think art lads web page is really cool. I'm pretty good at art too but I like taking pictures. I would like to ask for the tiny camera if thats okay.
When I go trick or treating my mommy and dad promised me 25 cents for every piece of candy I get and so did my grandma and grandpap. I am going to donate my money to the salvation army and a whole bunch of toys and clothes for the people that live where there was a hurricane. My mommy said that even if they don't use the money for that it will all go to people who need it really bad when they have nothing else so that is good.
I used to take alot of picture I had with my old camera but my dog ate my digital camera. I am going to start a picture blog sometime to so maybe me and artlad can me art friends.
I am 7 years old and my mommy is typing this for me so you know it is okay. I keep saying not to call her mommy that it makes me sound like a baby but she says I am her baby. She is crazy by the way. Okay thank you.
I would like to bid on the green lantern power ring from Wave I.

To use my powers for good not evil, I will enlist a friend to “dress to the nines” with me (wear a skirt) and will spend a sufficient amount of time at the local comic book store here in Detroit, on a Wednesday (new comic book day) and we will browse the comic books and subtly use our female ways to make the local comic book boys day.

I will also bring along another friend to take photos of us doing this. Since I’ve only ever seen two girls in the local comic book store at any given time, this could be really fun.

I’ve also already done the local AIDS walk, organized “Denim Day” at my work to raise money for breast cancer research and am doing the Marine Corps Marathon… so I’m not really sure what else I could do but “whore myself out” on comic book day.

Ok, not really I supose there is more charity work I could do and there will just be subtle and innocent flirting going on since my boyfriend will be taking the photos!
I would love that camera! In exchange, I would use it for blatant promotions of all things Detroit (ie. photos of local bands, local sights, local charities, artists, etc.) to be posted on my blog.

If you don't think that's a really good deed, all you have to do is check out how badly people elsewhere in the country dog on our fair Motor City to realize that we need all of the good promotions we can get.
When I was growing up, it was one of the most important nights of the holiday season... watching "A Christmas Story." My dad never was much of a movie-watcher, and with three women and no other men living in the house, he was not interested in hanging out for our "girlie movies"...EVER! The exception was definitely A Christmas Story. I think it reminded him a lot of his childhood (WTF? right?), but nevertheless, he loved this movie. As it was the one and only movie he watched, we would all make sure to be there to watch with him. Eventually, we bought it on VHS for him so that we could watch it every year without commercial interruption, and a few years after I moved out, I gave it to him on DVD.

It would be unarguably the coolest Christmas present that I have ever given my dad, (hard to believe anything could be cooler than the flourescent orange wind pants that I bought him when I was 14...) if I were to give him the "A Christmas Story" action figures. And I'm certain that they would be pumped to hang out on the bookcase in his living room with all 4 of the original "Beatles" action figures as well. I don't have an awesome blog to write about what I would do, but I would certainly send you a hella-descriptive email about my elementary school tour that I would take before the first freeze of the season. Objective of this tour obviously being to preach of the dangers of sticking your tongue to playground equipment, lamp poles, and such in the dead of winter. (What a great visual aide the movie combined w/the action figures that this would make!)

.........SIGH........ I see one major snag in this plan and that is that I am bidding against Naiah... enough said.

If I don't win... I hear you may be coming into ownership of some extremely awesome J.Sto Gear... in which case you should definitely send me one as a consolation prize. In return for that I would totally wear the shirt and invite some East Coast members of the Stover fam to someplace cool and take pictures to send to you. I live in McLean, VA. Hello! How can you possibly say no to that?
MM I think you have out done yourself... Looks like the good stuff is going quick...

I may just wait until something else comes up... and I have to think of something that I have to do just to get it...
I would like to bid on item #16. I will fill the pages of the journals with either fantastic, amazing writing - meant for (and pitched to) the pages of the BIG MAGS that you are encouraging me to approach. I will also use one for a journal to share my biggest, deepest, darkest secrets. A girl can always use one of those.

What good deed will I do in return? Send your little brownie a crown t-shirt from my line! ( for a little gratuitous flogging!
So esteemed MM, when will you be making your decision? I don't envy you--you've got some tough choices to make.

But how about to the biggest bidder, you divulge your secret identity?! Of course he or she must then solemnly swear never to divulge it....
Ooh...I got so excited when I saw the poop DVD (which is wrong on so many levels) that I'm now rather torn between that and my original bid. Will have to decide between the two, but am fairly certain that going to the snooty video store and requesting the SHITtiest movie there (Gigli?) in the company of people renting The Bicycle Thief and The Maltese Falcoln - and being photographed while doing the same - would probably be a good start.
Oh, and re: alissa's bid - I happen to know that she's visiting DC in a month or so. Perhaps she should visit a comic book store there, too? I think I know someone who would take photos...
Lauren - I sell the shirts at the cost of printing/shipping, (secretly, because I only printed like 20), so if you want to buy one, then e-mail me.

Also, anyone who tries to steal my flashlight will be shamed.

And yes that is a Ninja threat.

I mean, come on, I need that flashlight for my missions.
All of your Neil Gaiman things are absolutely awe-inspiring. My mouth dropped and I nearly screamed when I saw the Anansi Boys first edition. Do you have another one, or are you just so gosh-darned sweet that you're actually giving your only copy away in exchange for a good deed?

I love Neil Gaiman (so much that I must remind myself periodically that he has a daughter older than I), but I think I will abstain from bidding. There are probably other people who want it more...but I'll do some good deeds anyhow!

Well, I think this whole giveaway-in-exchange-for-good-deeds is wonderful.
The Grizz could have been so incognito at the Rainforest Cafe in Tyson's Mall...had it not closed last week :-( Do you think our pictures would still come out way effin' awesome at... Chuck-E-Cheeses?! Me rockin' my new J.Sto shirt and hanging out w/the Giant Mouse?
I'd Like to bid on the legos for my son Brandon. I'm sure this is not nearly as cool a bid as Chelsea but it is a good deed for my kids. I promise not to argue when my daughter Jackie asks for a drive to putt-putt and the the movies for 2 whole weekends. Now this may not sound like much to you but at the price of gas and the sheer inconvenience when there is no nursing care for Nickie trust me it is a hell of a good deed and I'm soooooo paying it forward.
i was interested in the emerald beacon that is the power ring, but i've decided i just can't compete with the joy of watching how feminie wiles affect comic fans, and besides i get to take pictures!

as a close second choice, i'm making a play for the poo dvd. my bid is as follows: i am willing to create a custom, one-of-a-kind character sheet for a magazine man superhero. the finished product would be a frond/side/back view of the charcter, and i can provide examples from my portfolio if it improves my chances of winning. i would gather information on any powers/abilities/skills that the magazine man may have, and then create the character based on that information.

now, i understand this isn't really the "pay it forward" idea, so much as a "pay it back". so i am prepared with a backup bid if this doesn't meet the criteria. MM, you'll have to let me know.

if a reference as to my skills for comissioned creativity is required, please talk to alissa, or read her 'blog entry about me being a logo genius (i figured some blatant self-promotion couldn't hurt)
I'm a long time reader but I've not commented much before. I also don't have a blog (really behind the times!).

But if you send me the mystery case, I'll try to find one of those little tiny key-cutting places that seem to be disappearing rapidly, and get that case opened without whacking it with a hammer. This may not sound like a big deal, but those tiny little crowded shops scare the bejeezus out of me, especially the part where you have to talk to the little man in the coverall with the glasses perched on his head (just me, huh?).

Plus I'll send you an account of the whole mini-adventure, which will no doubt be poorly written but nonetheless I'll enjoy typing up.
I would LOVE item #12. I own the comic book and the movie. If I had her I would love her forever and she will sit by my batman silent bob inaction figure and I will cronical my life with her, taking her everywhere to see my work, school, freinds, EVERYWHERE. I'm already a hardcore blogger both here and on livejournal so there is no way I won't cronical my adventures with her.
Good luck everyone.
I'd like to bid on item #5 (mystery locked case). Actually, it's my husband that wants this so I'm bidding on his behalf. And seeings how I'm more curious than a cat, I want it too now. (I was going to bid on your short stories, which I'd really, REALLY love to have, but the person who had the fire absolutely should win so I'm not even bidding.)

So anyway, mystery locked case. Should I win, I promise to:
1. wait the required month before attempting to open it
2. give the contents to my husband should we manage to get it open (you have no idea how that kills me to write that, I am SO curious, and I mean, what if it's a million bucks or something and I want to go on a shopping spree?)
3. reinact the kissing part of the scene from Lost with him (ok, so I plan to do that regardless)
4. auction off my 1930 edition of The Bungalow Mystery (a Nancy Drew book) and give the proceeds to charity.
When I put up a bid, I didn't notice that I was placing a bid against a seven-year-old. This being something that I can't karmically handle, I withdraw my bid.
I was trying to figure out a sufficiently altruistic deed to get myself in the running for some of this swag when I realized I was out of my league and should play to my strengths and go the self-deprecating humor route. I was still having trouble figuring out something until I saw JM's ninja bid for the flashlight. Despite my love for the writing's of Neil G. and my dorky love of all nerd-ana (when I saw the power ring and some of LOTR gear I actually went "Oooooh!" out loud), I think I will bid for the boy detective gear by offering to dress in a skirt and visit my local comic book store. I'm hoping that, since I look something like Kevin Smith and I will outfit myself for the trip from my local charity resale/thrift shop, this will appeal to both MM's sense of charity and his sense of absurdity. And, of course, I will supplement my blogging of both the outfit shopping trip and the comic shop visit with photos.
I'd like to bid for the Lego items for my son Alaric. Not only is he a Legomaniac, he's a dinosaur nut as well.

As my bid, I'll get off my ass and get my kids' websites/blogs upgraded and set up by the end of October. I'll also set aside one saturday a month for Ganger Family Lego Day, and we'll all write-up and post our latest creations on our respective blogs. Since my software includes web forum capabilities, I'll also set up a Family Lego Day forum and encourage other families to start the tradition.

Instant family Lego traditions, blog-style! That's my bid.
Hello MM.

Long time reader (depending on your definition of long, since I think that anything over 3 inches is long, of course how long you have been a reader requires a completely different metric.), first time writer.

I want to get a word in on this wonderful grab bag of stuff that you have to offer. I don't necessarily have anything to offer you for it except for the joy of a child.

I will try to keep it brief, since I am unsure how long a comment can go.

The child is not my own, Daniel is my brother's child. He was born (well I got the call that he was born) at 3:23 A.M. on September 7, 2001. I made a frantic call to the star registry website (of which there are now dozens) to make sure that the day of his birth would be reflected in the flashy packaging that accompanied the purchase. That was my 0'th birthday present to Daniel.

My brother and his wife provide him a wonderful home. He doesn't really have a care in the world. Unfortunately, my brother and his wife are not able to offer a lot at Christmas. I try to offer up a gift or two to help their Christmas move along happily. The gifts are all given in the name of "Santa Claus", of course.

I haven't named another star after Daniel, or anything close to that since, but I have watched as he has grown. He is now a bigger Scooby-Doo whore than I ever was. Hell, at the age of four I probably couldn't follow the plots at all, little Daniel knows them all. His little eyes would light up like helicopter spotlights if he were to see or touch the autographed Daphne card. Little Daniel loves everything that is Scooby-doo, possibly more so than my eyes ever did at his age.

My 'official offer' will be that I will gift the item to my brother's child for Christmas. I will also take five books (they are all hard back [with original dust jackets] and cost me a load, else it would be more) from my bookshelf and donate them to my local library.

I will, of course, try to get some photos of the books on the librarian's desk, and, a couple of months later, the joy on Daniel's face when he opens that tiny little gift. The donating the books photos will easily make it online while the opening of the gift may not (Daniel's parents are a bit secretive).

As per the conditions of submiting, I will blog about it.

Something I just thought of is that I could give the card to my brother first, then let my brother give it to his son. The son would be elated, his father would be the source of said elation. Yes, that is the way that I should/would play it.

There is my offer.
Magazine Man,

Your TV/radio/lantern/flashlight makes me long for the days when I owned a delightful lantern/flashlight. Oh sure, it doesn’t sound as fancy as your TV/radio/lantern/flashlight, but I assure you I loved it as much as a man can love any tool.
I still remember buying it, on impulse, at Home Depot. I was standing in the checkout aisle, and there it was calling to me like an old friend. I needed a new flashlight because my old one was a junky, old plastic thing my grandma had given me in college. But this wasn’t just a flashlight. By God, it was a lantern AND a flashlight.
I couldn’t believe it. It looked like a regular flashlight, but when you pulled on the end it extended to reveal a clear plastic tube, thus creating a lantern. A piece of pure genius for only $10.
I don’t remember what else I bought or the reason I went there in the first place. But I do remember rushing home to show my then fiancé. “It’s a flashlight,” I said, turning it on. “No, it’s a lantern,” I said, pulling the extension. “It’s a flashlight.” Click. “It’s a lantern.” Click. “Flashlight.” Click. “Lantern.” Click.
I could go on for hours. Perhaps I did.
Every time I used it from then on, I would remind my now wife of my skill at finding a great bargain. “It’s a lantern …” I would say. “And a flashlight,” she would finish.
You have to admire her ability to humor me.
Alas, Magazine Man, the lantern/flashlight is no more.
It is a sad tale, but I will try my best to tell it.
One winter afternoon while visiting my in-laws, I lost control of my car on an icy road and slid into a ditch. My car spun 180 degrees and slid dangerously close to a telephone pole. I thought I had totaled my beloved Grand Am. (It really is driving excitement.)
Both my car and I escaped unscathed, but I was quite embarrassed when I had to call my car-guy father-in-law (a retired Ford engineer) and ask him to pull me out of the ditch as the sun sat on a gloomy Kansas day.
His giant truck pulled me back onto the road with no problem, and he used my delightful lantern/flashlight — for the last time — when he untied the rope from the front of my car. He had turned off the lantern/flashlight and handed it to me, but I put it down when I went to put the ropes in the bed of his truck. In my frazzled state, I forgot all about my poor lantern/flashlight.
Leaving it in the road was bad enough, but I think you know where this story is going. That’s right, I ran over it. Given the weather and the road conditions, I didn’t even stop to pick up the pieces. I’ll never forgive myself for that.
My father-in-law went out that week and bought me a new flashlight. Nice guy, my father-in-law. It’s a good flashlight, the heavy-duty kind that an idiot can run over and it won’t break. I’ve used it a lot.
It’s not the same though. After all, it’s only a flashlight.
You’re probably wondering why in the world I think you should give me something as useful and valuable as your TV/radio/lantern/flashlight when I might just leave it in the street and crush it like a bug. It’s a fair question.
The answer? I learned my lesson the hard way, Magazine Man. With every power outage, car problem or other late-night maneuver, I miss my old lantern/flashlight. I want to make things right.
I’m know this time will be different. I promise to give your TV/radio/lantern/flashlight a good forever home. I will love him and pet him, and I will name him George.
Please give me this second chance.

Newspaper Man

So that's my bid: I will do good by giving your TV/radio/lantern/flashlight the best home ever. And I will send you an e-mail and/or pictures to prove how well it is adjusting in its new home.
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i know this is REALLY late but is there any way you still have the Enid doll or th Star Trek shirt. Ghost World is one of my favourite movies ever and my boyfriend LOVES star trek and i would really love to get him the shirt. I will absolutly do anything for them. i'll stop smoking. i'll stop being a bitch. i'll cut down on drugs. ANYTHING!!
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