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Random Anecdotes

As I creep up on a fairly momentous date (for me, anyway), I'm doing a series of rolling changes to the Masthead, mostly to make more room over on the right margin there for all the kind folks who have linked to me and wondered Why isn't he blogrolling me back? Where's my sugar? It's coming. Just need to make some space.

Shane had a lovely idea for consolidating his greatest hits under one entry. In fact, it was so lovely, I've stolen it outright and will be using this model to organize some of the other story listings.

Thanks, Shane. I'll send you a nice box of free stuff some time. ;-)

Back when I first started this blog, I had intended to write about two things: my life as a magazine man and, well, pretty much anything else that came to mind. I come from a long line of storytellers and it occurred to me the blog might be a good place to tell some of the stories friends and family have enjoyed over the years. Thus was born the idea of the Random Anecdote, a recurring feature I'd write whenever the mood struck me.

Obviously, over time my writing has shifted almost completely to anecdotes about my life, but a few of my stories from childhood or misspent youth seem to warrant this label more than others.

The Underdog

Perhaps the best revenge-on-a-bully moment I've ever been privileged to witness. Years later, when I saw the film Stand By Me, I was convinced either Stephen King or Rob Reiner was tapping into my memories.

On Account of Jerry

Yes, J.D. Salinger really lives in New Hampshire. Yes, I really met him. Yes, he really helped me get a job. No, you can't have his address or phone number.

The Family Tree

A Christmas story starring my Dad, with some great photos. Wait til December to read this.

Love's Labour Lost and Found

This one is weirdly popular, although I'm still embarrassed to recall this multi-part saga, which follows all the great and small loves of my life, from Liz in second grade to my fateful first meeting with Her Lovely Self.

When I Grow Up

This little trio constitutes some writing I was saving for a special occasion--like turning 40. Written at intervals of roughly six years apart through my youth, they represent an odd little charting of my career. And while I'd like to think I've come a long way since writing these, some part of me still misses the boy who got shot in the can.

The Resume

This ongoing series continues to this day, following every job I've ever had, and is proof that almost any job can be interesting from an anecdotal perspective. So far, we've chronicled:

#1. Boy Detective
(this one means a lot to me, for reasons that will be obvious by the end)

#2. Baby-shitter (my one and only evening in charge of someone else's children)

#3. Trash Collector (summers spent "building character" with my uncle, the town garbage man)

#4. Snack Bar Boy (naked girls, a crazy boss who bit my nipple, and the long-lost secret ending to this anecdote, as supplied by my brother. Don't miss the comments on this one!)

#5. Movie Monitor
(Meet the Shat-Man! Make lotsa popcorn! Watch the same movies over and over!)

#6-#8. College jobs (kitchen duty with Vulcan! plus my life as a "writting couch" plus a hard-boiled, two-fisted security guard adventure)

#9. Golden-Arch Enemy (two weeks working for a clown. Plus Huck ha-huck!)

#10. Teller at the Trust (MM in charge of money! Bank robbers on the loose! Hilarity ensues!)

#11. Greens Guardian (What happens when I'm put in charge of other people? That's right: They almost die! And so do I! Plus: The Mystery of the Missing Flags! My encounter with a bona fide Golf Legend! Vivid descriptions of putrefaction! It's got everything, sports fans!)

#12. Outgoing Intern (Year Zero for this Magazine Man, as I take a summer internship at a large publishing company, we learn where my proneness for accidents might have rubbed off from, and I might a certain young woman known as Her Lovely Self.)

#13. Magazine Man: Year One (and Two) (Yep, old Lucky 13 of my jobs WOULD be my first full-time job on the staff of an honest-to-God magazine, albeit a trade magazine, run by the ogre known as Mr. Z. On the other hand, I got to call myself a bona fide A.S.S. Man, so there is that.)

#14. Magazine Man: Year Three (My second magazine job and my last before making the jump to big time--sort of.)

Stay tuned for future installments!

From Somewhere on the Masthead

As MM-delicious as it all promises to be, & as much as I'd love to, I can't read all this. I'm on a tight schedule, y'know. Four months is so last week's ambition... ;)

Happy anniversary +5
I'll add this to my list of windows whilst I multi-task today. :) I just finished off Boy Detective. I swear, that'd make one great movie. :D

Happy anniversary!
Geez, I missed this one all together!

Happy Anniversary, MM! I joined your faithful readership about, mmm, 5-6 months ago? Via Shane's blog.

I think I've managed to read most of your archives...but I tend to wander around in there, I guess following your muse. :) It's addictive!
All that in only a year??

Hell of a round up.

Remember, you launched me, for better or worse.

Nice going MM.
Ha! That's what I get for just glancing at the archive dates.

Make that Happy Anniversary -2
Dear Magazine Man,

I decided to investigate the hype of 'blogs', something that was new to me. Yours was the first one I stumbled across and I laughed and laughed, it was great. Thanks for sharing the stories!

L.Addison, Australia
Great humor, wondeful flow. I have to bookmark this one.
An entertained,
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