Friday, October 21, 2005


Maximum Dad

My dad is quite the character in my life, and therefore on this blog. He is a wise and wry presence in my life, but was not always. But to take him is to take him in total, and these posts should give you some idea of the kind of man he is, and the ways--good and bad--that he shaped my life.

Blue Collar Management

Here, Dad's style of management helps me through the day, although our jobs are as different as oil and chocolate.

Why I Hate Pot Roast

In this early skirmish in my Dad's war against Nature, Dad wins. But there is one hideous casualty...

Here Come the Grandparents

This is really less about my Dad and more about both my parents who, every six months, leave the wilds of New Hampshire to take up residence at the Magazine Mansion and spend their time extolling the genius of my children and serving every whim of Her Lovely Self. And they're sort of glad to see me too.

What Pipefitters Do

You think I have stories? You should spend a weekend working with my Dad. Last time I did, I heard this story, which just happened to contain the greatest plot twist of my life.

Bullets and Brandy

Perhaps the hardest story I've ever written, in any medium, about the hardest time in my life, and an awful moment with my father that I sometimes wish I could forget. It's not a funny story, but to understand the kind of man my Dad is now, you have to understand the kind of man my father was. As a coda to this piece, which is long, you'll also find a link to an incident with my brother that has some bearing on the story that precedes it. THAT piece is at least a little funny.

No doubt there will be more misadventures of Dad to come.

In fact, I'm banking on many more years of them.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Your blog is like one of my well loved, tatterd and torn favorite books.
MM, kudos for having the guts to write some of the more negative (and positive, for that matter!) stories about your dad. There's a lot of things I'd like to do, writing-wise, and I think some of them would involve drawing a lot from my dad-related childhood as background...but I just can't seem to do it. I'm kind of nervous about hurting someone's feelings (my dad reads my blog)
wow! amazing man, dad, writer, and son rolled into one. i wish i can write well like you do. someday, i'm going to write my own recollections of my father. he isn't great but i think he deserves a page or two.

thanks for giving me inspiration.
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