Monday, November 14, 2005


In Which We Get to the Good Part...

Well, you asked for it. Here's Part 2 of the story (click on the train).

I'll see about uploading these to another server although most folks seem to be able to access Putfile without too much hassle.

As before, the text is here.

And some images to help you envision the scene.

Here's Tuffy and Moxie raiding the kitchen.

Tuffy scouts ahead in the woods.

But Inky and Stinky are following. This is Inky (or maybe it's Stinky).

They found the old station...

And the snoring old man...

And this, by the by, was a train Thomas saw as a toddler. It's the original inspiration for the Hairball Express.

Enjoy. The conclusion is coming. As soon as my server lets me upload it.

From Somewhere on The Hairball Express

Most excellent!

You might have childrens' books in your future. They'd all flock to the signings, just to see you do the monkey face. :)
Great story, MM! I wish my 14 year old was still in his Thomas the Tank Engine days, he would have loved it. (Perhaps he still would!)
I couldn't help thinking Tuffy sounds like Cliff Clavin...
I am eagerly awaiting the conclusion.
OMG!! I love the sounds effects! Great job, can't wait to hear the rest.
LOVE it, especially the sound effects. I like the photo of the cats getting their granola bars, too. Can't wait for the conclusion!
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