Wednesday, December 07, 2005


In Which I Make a List...

So, what was I doing 29 years ago today?

Funny you should ask:


Then there was this memorable postscript on the other side:

Yes, folks, I assure you--aside from my having fun with the signature--this is the real deal. But since this was also the year my mom injured her back, she never had a moment to mail this letter to the North Pole, and so it remained in a box somewhere.

Even at the age of 8, I vaguely remember trying to work an angle with this letter. I REALLY wanted a pocket calculator. Not because I was good at math, but because they were just so cool. Pathetic as it sounds now, they were the 1970s equivalent of a GameBoy and I wanted one in the worst way. All the clothes I asked for were school uniforms for the parochial grammar school I went to. And it was just smokescreen. I think I figured if I showed what a conscientious boy I was--asking for what I needed, as well as what I wanted--that my stock would rise fairly high on the Nice scale and perhaps not even register on Naughty.

Looking at it now, and knowing what a greedy pig I was, I see that it's actually a pretty modest list. I'm sure that's because my real present--having my mom home from the hospital and feeling better by the day--had already been delivered. Sappy as it sounds, I didn't really want anything else.

Well, except for the calculator. Which I didn't get that year.

But I did get a shitoad of blue and white shirts.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a letter to write.

Have YOU written yours yet?

From Somewhere on the Masthead

I like how you picked up the original characters from the letter to spell out magazine man. I used to do that to alter Dilbert cartoons to fit my particular job. My co-workers loved them. Also, good for you for getting your window fixed!
all I want for kringles is a raise and some sleep.
I hope Santa brings all that you desire MM- Merry Christmas to you and all of yours!

I used to try to be clever like that, too, but it almost never worked.
I always wanted a calculator because they were cool too, especially after Anna Gonzalez showed me that you could type in numbers, turn the thing upside down, and have it display a "secret message" with those squared off numbers. For You:

56078 34
Well, at this point, my back feeling normal would be a good present. I'm working on it, though.
what a wonderfully endearing entry. maybe it's the cold medication i'm on, but it brought tears to my eyes!
I love reading your blog. I read it almost every day. You are such a talented writer and I look forward to your entries. Keep it up!
I don't see Santa in the drawing -- Santa Lite? Or a weird angle?

Anyway, YES, I've written mine. And it's for many, many more years of "Somewhere on the Masthead".

Blessed Christmas.
Nice of you to give the big white bearded man the choice of which Batman comic to buy you.

I love that you asked for multiplication flash cards. I bet Santa was really excited to get rid of some of his flash card stock.
Mulitiplication flash cards? Working another angle or just getting in touch with your inner geek? Love that you kept the letter...
A very modest list by todays standards!

How many of you found a calculator and typed in MJ's message? lol
Wow - so you've ALWAYS been a nerd then?? :) Awesome letter. You were already a great writer at the age of 8 1/2!
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