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So. If you read the previous post, you know about my concerns as regards the health of Her Lovely Self and the flare-up of her Crohn's disease.

Well, after white-knuckled visits to two specialists Friday, we found out why she's been feeling sick.

I was wrong: It's not Crohn's.

But I was right to blame myself. I'm what the doctors would call a contributing factor.

I'm having trouble articulating this, so you know it's serious, but maybe this will explain it better (apologies for the poor quality).

Talk about a plot twist, huh?

By now you know that both Her Lovely Self and I tend to regard our health conditions with a certain amount of denial. Which means that we can't yet bring ourselves to really talk about it. Not to each other. Not to our families.

(Incidentally, Big Brother is out of town on some management thingamabob, and he's the only member of the family who reads this thing with any regularity, which means he won't even see this for another week or two.)

So mark this well: Those few of you who read this and actually know Her Lovely Self well enough to call or send her some kind of correspondence, I BEG YOU to refrain from doing so for now. I'll tell you when the time is right. We're surprisingly superstitious, and I'm afraid making a deal of this too soon will somehow bring bad luck upon us. So I thank you in advance for your kind restraint.

(Comments, of course, are always welcome, and would of course be relayed to HLS at a later date. No, she really doesn't read the blog these days. Or even use the computer. Scrolling makes her nauseous. Go figure).

Having said all that, when something like this happened before, we made one tiny little pact: We both agreed that, to prevent our heads from exploding, we would each only tell ONE PERSON who we could trust to be discreet.

She chose her best friend from childhood, whose happens to be a nurse.

I decided to tell, um, the blog.

Which I guess is cheating. But I can't help it. You were the first ones I thought of.

In return for your discretion, I promise regular updates for the next 7 months. There's blood tests next week, and HLS still has some abdominal pain which, while a source of some concern, is not entirely unusual for her.

Thanks for all your kind support and good wishes--by comments and email--after my last post. We still need them.

Though obviously for very different reasons now.

Who was it said "these things come in threes"?


From Somewhere on Cloud 9

I hope it's not premature to say Congratulations, MM & HLS!! And to Thomas & The Brownie...won't they be excited??

I'm telling you, your life (and therefore, blog) is better than anything put out by the major networks!! More twists and turns...("tell me about it." :) )

I look very forward to the stories to come.
MM (and

I will reserve my squee of delight and congratulatory excitement until I have been given clearance to do so, but in the interim...


Man, your life is stranger and more exciting than any fiction. Please continue to document it. :-)
:::spinning around in my chair:::

I am *SO* thrilled for you all!

:::doing the HappyHappy dance for all at the Magazine Mansion!:::

T. :)

(And just don't ever tell the little one that at first you thought he/she might be inflammatory bowel disease)
Since you wahooed, I will also say congrats!

Man, I go away for a while and you almost die,(slight exageration?) and end up with another kid.

Glad you're doing better, take good care of HLS, and don't worry, my lips (keyboard) are sealed...and yes you cheated.
Congrats from me too!
I'm terribly sorry, but the first thing that came to mind when you implicated yourself in this one was Bill Cosby screaming.


That said, happy thoughts until we have confirmation. Irish superstitions demand said restraint (even though I'm not Irish, my dad did want to name me Patrick, and that's close enough, right?). But once we know... Well, let's just say three sheets won't be enough... More like 10 or 12.

And a pox on that pregnancy test for being confusing.
Oh my! Congratulations to your entire little family!

Even though I am a perfect stranger (I read faithfully although don't comment) I could not be happier for you and HLS. I was genuinely thrilled and excited to read this.

I guess that fortune teller had it right for you, eh?
Well, that made for a really good ending for what sounds like a nightmare past few weeks. Hurray for the masthead family! Look forward to hearing more, look after yourselves!

My thoughts and prayers are with you both! And we promise not to tell a soul. *weg*

How exciting!
I hope HLS is feeling better about feeling poorly. TBS (the big secret) is quite a surprising twist! I'm so relieved, I thought the link was going to take us to a medical site to explain something bad.
I just bawled reading that...I'm SO excited for you, and now I have 2 lovely women to pray for in that same situation (one being my own sis-in-law). Oh man, can I please be Virtual Aunt Sassy?? PLLLLEEEEEASE??? (a la Roger Rabbit) *Squeal!*

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MM!!!!!!! *SOOO* happy for you!!!
Wow MM!! Such News!! FABOO!!!

Seriously, I am so glad that HLS and You are ok!

Oh, please please be sitting near the computer and record audio for when you tell Thomas and they Brownie!! THAT will be awesome to hear!!

Congrats to All in the MM Mansion! :)
Two words: Free Internet at the hotel.

I literaly spit out my coffee when I saw this. Big tip for the maid.

It's too early for to come up with an ass-wipe remark (and I don't want to get Johnny C. PO'ed. I can't ofend a fellow action figure guy).

So all I can say is: HOLY SHIT! I'll be a monkey's uncle (for the third time).

Hey that was pretty good.

Seriously: not a word to Mom and Dad. Swear to God. You know I can keep a secret when it counts (remember the frogs?).

Gotta go to an AM session. Like I can pay attention now.

A very calm, quiet, contained, "Woohoo!"
Talk about life after "near" death.

I hope it all goes well and it is smooth sailing for the next 7 or 8 months.
Oh MY, not what I expected!!!

Congratulations to you and her lovely self, and I hope she gets over the nauseous stage SOON!! That is really wonderful news..
Thank goodness!

And congratulations!
Congratulations! :)
Oh, I'm so very excited for you all. And I guess you were wrong to think BB wouldn't be reading for a week or two. :) Best wishes to all at the Magazine Mansion.
I don't know about anyone else in the Peanut Gallery, but for me, I am a little surprised at how great I feel. I mean, I've never met Mr. Man, HLS, or any of the other characters in this little drama. Yet here I sit, on the verge of tears, extraordinarily happy at the news of this blessed event. I'd like to use a transporter to bring you all (the regular cast and all commenters) to my backyard for a barbeque, and then a walk to our local watering hole for some restrained mayhem.

Magazine Man, may G-d watch over your family, especially the littlest one. What will you call the fetus? When my sis was pregnant with her first, my brother and I called the unborn nephew Young Fremont. Anyway, be well, keep your eye on the ball, and enjoy every day.
Wow! On behalf of TJ and myself, sincere congratulations!
Wow! On behalf of TJ and myself, sincere congratulations!
Dear MM, *whispering* Congrats to both you & HLS! Perhaps those giraffes were trying to tell you something after all. Take care & no more ignoring your health. Now about BB & those frogs ...
Wow, congratulations! Great news :)
As for me, I won't be able to tell anyone. I don't even live in the damn US.
I'm with Stu! I went and told Hubby immediately, as if we are all old friends. But, in a way, I feel like we are....all of us. How cheesy is that? I seriously think we should just have a big blogging convention and finally all meet each other!

I got all teary reading this -- HAWESOME!! Congrats to you and your lovely wife, and the rest of the family.
Congratulations to the whole Magazine Family! Best wishes, good thoughts, and fervent prayers for a healthy and happily uneventful seven months. Fingers crossed for no more alligators, high fevers, or delirium.

Can't wait to hear what Art Lad and The Brownie have to say about this latest turn of events.

When it's safe to tell HLS that you already told half the world, please give her our best.

PS - Glad to know you're okay, too.
Who was it said "these things come in threes"?

I don't know, but I do sincerely hope for your sake that this particular thing does not come in 'threes'! I don't think you really want triplets, do you? :^)

Withholding my congratulations until you give the go-ahead for joyful gushing. In the meantime - I am wishing you and HLS the very best.
What a great twist! Congrats! I'm with you on the tests. I'm at 25 weeks and we had to do 3 tests before we were sure that it was positive and my husband is still not convinced even with the swelling belly. I'm all for the 'knocked up' 'not knocked up' clarity on the stick as well! Enjoy and be well, all of you!
OK, after seeing your brother's comment, now I want to know the story about the frogs.

Congratulations, MM! I know you're a great Dad and it will be nice to have some pre-made babysitters when the kid gets to be the Brownie's age.
Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your family. I can only anticipate with eager delight the stories you will share with the flare that only you can during the next nine months. Good Luck and best wishes to all at the MM mansion.
MM, you have the funniest life.

It's just delightful, isn't it?
Just like Sassy, I immediately told my wife, who lit up with the news. We both look forward to pictures of the bump. While I do look forward to hearing what The Brownie and Mr. Lad have to say, I'm most excited to hear your dad's reaction. I'm giggling at the prospect.
Holy frijole!! Well, hot damn! Here's wishing smoooooooooooooth sailing and waning nausea and everything good for all of you. What a goddamn corker that is!
"I decided to tell, um, the blog."

I love that.

Mentally postdate my congratulations for superstition's sake.
Congrats to the MM family!!!! from your friends out in snowy Colorado!!!
Congratulations!!! I feel so happy for you and your family. This is my first comment in this blog even though I've been reading all MM articles on a daily basis.

WOOOHOOO ... so now ...what about those frogs?
Congratulations! Evan read the post before I did and I nearly veered the car of the road when he told me!

I was so concerned for your family when you posted about the Crohns. This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it for the next 7 months.

Congratulations MM!
Congratulations, I hope. So very, very kewl for you and HLS.

But you now realize, don't you, that things will change dramatically. You and your wife will now be outnumbered, 3 to 2. Puts a whole new perspective on the family, trust me...

But I am very happy for you and your family regardless.
Extremely large virtual hugs and kisses for you and yours! I'm very happy for selfish reasons, too, because this means more excellent story material. Woo-Hoo!
Wow. A mini MM progeny on the way.

That little soul has chosen well.

Keeping a secret is one thing, but keeping a shit eatin' "I'm going to be a Daddy again" grin off your face is another matter entirely.

Thanks for picking us to tell. Only good luck and best wishes are being sent your way.
So very happy for you! I'll be looking forward to posts describing the next 7 months. Perhaps some HLS posts as well to fill us in on her perspective.

The other day, when we were very worried about you both, someone wrote 'you're a good man,' and it's true. You'll make a wonderful father of three. You take care of and amuse them all - with time to amuse us on the side!
here's a box, containing all my best wishes. open it at your leisure. ;-) i'm SO happy for you and yours! [oops, sorry - it snuck outta the box. bad thought! get back in there!]

take care of both of you. i know you just got back from vacation, but maybe the 2 of you should run away for a weekend before things get really frantic.

you know, i saw BigBrother and thought "yes! he's got a blog." meanie. :-P
Wowzer! Hope everything turns out exactly the way you want it to! I'm hoping you get a little girl because I won't and I plan to live vicariously through your blog. What a cliffhanger this time!


Oh my goodness! I came here as soon as I got to work, and what a way to start the week! I am so overjoyed for the entire MM clan, including all the aunts and uncles here (yes, I think we all qualify!), I cannot even express it.

Let HLS know how happy I am for her when you can. I swear not to tell anyone, except my own Hubby, as I share all great MM things with him. :)

Now, where's that MM blog barbeque?

All my love to you, HLS, Thomas and the Brownie.
WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! If there's anyone who deserves to have MORE children, it would be you guys!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you two! It is such a relief to hear that it wasn't what you thought it was.
MM, congrats!!!!! But quietly, of course (for now).
I love a good plot twist. :) And I look forward to the update of when you tell Brownie and Art Lad.
No way! That's awesome. I'm sincerely happy for you and your family (though, like others, it kind of freaks me out to have these feelings for someone I've never met, indeed, couldn't actually name). My good friend and I have both been recently talking about having a Third, and it's intimidating as hell to me. Going from one-on-one to zone... I don't know that I could do it. Looking forward to the "official" announcement so that I can give the official congrats. Until then, stay well.
Woo hoo just call me auntie Lill! MM I'm so happy for you all! What a joy! I wish HLS the best and I hope the next months are good to her and this pregnancy is a smooth and easy one. I of course hope the labor is short and sweet and hey if its a girl have you considered Lillie? HE HE HE it seems to be gaining some popularity! Congratulations ole man! Big ole cyber hug for you both!
Um, Wow! You're so sick you're talking to invisible animals and you still manage to be a stud ;)

{whisper}Congrats to you both!{whisper}

Woo Hoo!
I told the Blog! You cheeky monkey!

Best wishes for health and happiness for all the MM clan.
A hushed yaa-hoo and whispered congratulations! I can only imagine you're walking around with the goofiest and most deserved grin on your face. Way to go, Dad. One closer to a million. =-)
I just noticed this quote from the previous entry, spoken my your Dad:

"So now I know why you never had three kids."

How reverse-prescient. (ok, I am sure there is a better word, but my brain is in the next room at the hoedown.)
Now there's a twist guaranteed to bring all the lurkers out. Thanks for letting us know. And thank you, again, for continuing to write - truly, truly a pleasure to read every post.
oh wonderful for the three of you!
isnt love grand?
can't wait for all the stories as well...
I was going to say that I'm glad it's nothing serious but then I took a moment to think about that and um, well, actually it is.

I'll save the congrats and good wishes until I have permission to do so (I'll be looking for a post entitled "In Which Good Wishes Are Welcome") but in the mean time I'll start being happy for the MM family.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Such exciting news. So glad to know Her Lovely Self isn't seriously ill...
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