Thursday, July 06, 2006


In Which We Review the Butcher's Bill...

I used to tell people the tiredest I ever was was when I returned from living abroad. I was 19, weighed 109 pounds (and falling--I had amoebic dysentery), had been awake for 48 hours, and had spent most of those 48 hours hauling an Army surplus duffle bag suitably large enough to store an entire corpse. When I got home, I fell asleep in my clothes and woke up 22 hours later, a personal record.

At least it was til today. Today I am the tiredest I have ever been.

I feel nothing. I am numb. No joy. No tears. Too tired for it. Too overwhelmed by everything that has happened to me--and by extension, my family--in the past 10 days.

I am so tired, that I can't write a formal entry. All I can do is transcribe from my travel log, a tiny notepad I keep in my car, usually for the purpose of tracking miles and expenses while on the road for an assignment. This past week, it served to count up some very different--and I fear all too costly--expenses. So, in the much-mimicked (and possibly copyrighted) format of a certain television commercial:


--Tips, bribes, palm-greasings and indefinite loans to assorted people I thought could help me find my dog:


--Having your Big Brother overnight you a large box of military-grade tools and equipment he thinks you'll need in your quest (and many of which, he informs you belatedly, may actually be illegal for you to own or carry):


--Gas to drive 1,057 miles round-trip to find Blaze's previous owner, the man who stole your dog:


--ER visit and X-rays of your wrist after the man who stole your dog beat you with a tire iron:

($35 co-pay)


...and took all your money:


--New glasses (see above):



--Comprehensive first-aid kit to self-treat facial injuries after returning to confront the man who stole your dog and getting your ass kicked again:



--Rescuing your dog anyway: Priceless.


There is much, much more to tell, but I am too tired to tell it, and Blaze needs his injuries tended (a weeping eye, bruised ribs, neck punctures from THIS goddamn thing,


and more). Thank you one and all for your support, good karma, and prayers to my old pal God. Blaze and I surely leaned upon you these past 10 days.

I am beat.

I have been beaten up.

But by God I will not be beaten.

From Somewhere on the Masthead


Omigod. I wanted to scream with joy and call someone...but realized no one else in the "real world" would have a clue what I was talking about. I'm soooo giddy for you, Her Lovely Self, the kids, Blaze and all of us. Oh heck, let's include BB too. :)
Thank God. I'm so glad you've got Blaze back. I hope you heal soon...

all week long it has been "any news?". At last the vigil is over. How do you spell relief? H-O-M-E S-A-F-E-L-Y, though not without mishap. Glad you're back, and Blazey's home again.
MM, I am so relieved to see you and Blaze back home, I was so worried!! I must have checked your site a thousand times to see if you had made it back yet. It looks like you paid a price for your trip - but with a reward I'm sure was worth it. Your family are so lucky to have someone who would go to these lengths for them, human or animal. I hope you heal quickly and get some sleep - and take care of yourself!
Now that is dedication and love. I'm so happy you got your dog back!
I am soooo glad that you and your family have Blaze back at home. I am saddened by your, and his injuries, and I hope that you are able to put this small donation to good use. My boyfriend and I both read your stories regularly, and we were absolutely sick when we thought about what we would do if our dog went missing. He is a member of our family, the same way Blaze is to you. Again, I am very happy for you and your family to be reunited.

:::where are the damn Kleenex when you need them?:::

I am SO glad you are BOTH home again!!!

There will be much rejoicing across the land! Prayers are answered!

Welcome Home Blazey!

And MM - next time, don't take a box of tools from BB - Take BB. We love you all to bits, but in the KickAss Department, you clearly needed some backup!

Get well, (both of you) and write more soon!

T. :)
Congrats MM, like most of the faithful I must have checked in 1000 times hoping for good news. So glad you are home, perhaps a tad bent but not bowed. The picture of you both on the sofa safe & sound was a sight for sore eyes. However, after viewing the happy duo, I would be remiss if I did not remind you of two words you have carved into the minds of everyone who reads your travails on a regular basis ... ASS STREP! *grin* Get well soon to you both, so glad everything ended on a happy note. I'm with Thimbelle, God forbid something else pops up like this, but this is YOU we are talking about, next time overnight BB in person. He can bring what ever he thinks is necessary.
Oh wow. Knowing the relief I feel, I can't imagine how you guys are all feeling right now. All you gotta do, is throw out a google-able name, and your internet "posse"-sorry Shane would line up and beat the crap out of someone. First for stealing the beloved hero Blaze. Second for daring to put his hands on you. I'm with Thimbelle, BB's probably a good idea for going on ass-kicking missions too. Take care of yourself and your family, and know that so many people have changed their prayers from "please, please" to "thank God".
Oh thank god.

Good boy, Blaze!

And MM, you are my hero.

Heal quickly and well, both of you.
(posting this comment from work could get me fired, but what the hell, this is important)

I am so glad, so happy that Blaze and you are both home and alive, a bit battered and bruised but alive and recovering.

Priceless indeed MM, priceless indeed.
I have lurked here for over a year and have never commented on a blog before but I have also never been so caught up in the life of someone I've never met! Congratulations on rescuing Blaze - you are a hero and your story is heartwarming. I was rooting for you!
I've been a lurker here too...for about 6 months. I have never been more worried about someone I've never met before. Since your last post I've been checking up almost every few hours to see if you've posted again.

I'm so glad Blaze is back...and that you weren't hurt worse. I can't wait to hear what you had to go through to get him back.

Give Blaze a big ol' hug for me! I think I would die if something bad happened to one of my animals. Sometimes I love them more than the human members of my family.
God damnit!

I can't wait to here about this one, but until then, I wish you and Blaze all the best.
All I can say is: "BOOYAH!! Stick it to the man!!"

*Does a little dance, makes a little love, gets down tonight, gets down tonight...*
Whew. Tears of joy and relief. I was sore afraid I was going to learn your a very bad way...on the news.
So glad that was not the case. Get some rest. We will all be waiting patiently for "the rest of the story."
I'm SO pleased for you! Thank goodness Blaze is (comparatively) ok. Love to you both :-D
Hoooooray! I'm such a wimp...when I saw you'd posted, I had to scroll down to see if there was GOOD NEWS before I started reading. Only when I saw that pic of you & Blazey on the sofa did I have the nerve to read what had happened.

I hope you're taking legal action against the f*cker who stole your dog & assaulted you. He sounds like a dangerous sociopath.
Dear Magazine Man,

I am so sorry that you've been beaten up as you have, but at the same time, I am so pleased that you and your family have gotten Blaze back.

I hope that you both heal quickly and well, and that the ramifications for the man who stole Blaze and beat you up are enormous.

He deserves no kindness.

Once again, I'm sorry you got beaten up, but I'm glad you and your family have gotten Blaze back.

Take care, sir.

good lord, you've been through an ordeal! obviously it was worth every bit of pain and suffering to have your canine family member back again. there needs to be more men in this world like you, MM. may you both heal swiftly and get lots of hugs from that great family of yours.
Thank God! So thrilled, so relieved, to hear everyone is home safely. I hope Blaze's former owner got the crap knocked out of him for what he did. Way to go, super Dad.
Holy crap!

You are surely destined for the Encyclopedia Brown Hall of Fame for this one.

Way to go. :)
I'm sitting here, at work, weeping with joy, praying that no one walks by and making me explain why.

I was terrified to come to your page today, afraid that the news wouldn't be good.

I am so sorry that you were injured. So very sorry. But like you said in your previous injury, we will do anything for our families, including our furry ones. You're a man of your word, a man of integrity and a man I'd be proud to know in real life.

Please say you called the police on this jerk. Also, once you've slept for a really long time, maybe you can tell us why he stole Blaze in the first place.

Oh dear god, I'm crying at work. You are my hero. I hope you press charges. Sue the b*st*rd. I'm so glad the dog-fighters didn't get hold of him though the truth wasn't much better.

You rock!
...the FUCK?!?
Big big tears. So happy that Blaze is home. Like everyone else, I've been stopping by here every day (ok, just about every time I'd pass my computer or take a break at work), in the hopes of happy news.

The pic of Blaze is worth it all.

Glad to have him back. And you as well. The vigil can end, and the happy dancing can begin.

Now, where did I put my box of kleenex?
Blaze is so lucky to have you. Glad to hear that you both are back home.
Nice shiner and fat lip. But I like the bone bruise best. Told you a plane ticket for me woulda been cheaper.

And no, people, I did not send him a gun.

Dont want to say much more because I know to much, but I wish you owned a camera phone, so we could see the other guy. Two words: poetic justice.

Glad youre back.

yr. bro
WOW... and thank goodness you and blaze are home, congratulations!!
You're the best Dog Daddy in the world!!!

Yay for you for doing what you had to do to reunite your family!

You ROCK!!!
Oh my God, MM. When I first saw the title, I thought it would be bad news about Blaze, and I was dreading to read the entry. As it turns out, it was a painful entry to read, but only because those pics of you made me wince in symptathy. I am so glad you made it back safely, albeit banged up, and got your dog back. I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on that, and PLEASE wait until you feel better before telling us the rest of your story.
Like everyone, I've been (sorta fanatically) checking to see how this played out. Thank God our prayers were answered. I cried a little a the picture of you and Blaze.
Get well, get Blaze well and then PLEASE explain to us how his former owner, obviously a sadistic S.O.B., found you guys and why he would take Blaze, was it only to be cruel to him?
So glad how this turned out.
HOORAY!!! Thank goodness everyone is home safely. Get some rest and heal quickly!
You are an amazing man.
another lurker here...SO VERY HAPPY for you and all of the MM household. A few years back, my dog got loose from a sitter and was missing for 11 days (she came hope safe and sound in a taxi cab.) I wanted to send you words of hope and semper fi - but after reading your what happened to the neighbor's dog, I was shaken to my core and too worried to offer what I then thought might have been false hope.

I believe you are the best dad (and dog owner) ever. But, I think you already knew that. Now the rest of us have proof.

Please give Blaze a good scratchin' from a chicagoan and her jack russel.
Something tells me you should write a book about this.
Congrats on finding Blaze - you are definitely a hero! Hope you all heal quickly :)
Holy s$#t!

I can't believe all that happened to you, MM! I am so glad that you are still alive and that Blaze is back home with you!

Great friggin' happy ending!

Now we want details, but we'll understand if it takes a while due to the wrist.

GET BETTER! After a quest for love like this, you deserve it!
I find myself angry, relieved, and wanting to join a posse.
I agree with everything everyone else said. And while the law-abiding part of me hopes the bad guy would come to justice, it sounds from BB's comment that maybe the justice was biblical and the law might better not be involved. In any case, I hope this is the end and you can all get back to life. So happy for you!
Welcome home boys.

There's a special place in heaven for you both.

I'm glad BB hinted at poetic justice, looking forward to hearing all about it.

Big sloppy wet doggie kisses and hugs to you both from me & Julieta. Pass the tissues...
Wow-- thank God you are home WITH BLAZE safely, although maybe a little bruised. YAY MM!!
You are just all kinds of awesome!

Now I've got to call my girlfriend to tell her Blaze is home :-D

Recovery quickly MM -- you've got some playtime with Blaze to catch up on!
YAYY!! I can't tell you how relieved I am for you and your entire family. I'm so proud of your determination and thrilled that Blaze has been rescued. However, I'm sad for the injuries you and Blaze have suffered. Heal quickly.
Ah! YAY! I checked last night before I went to bed and was sad to see no updates, but this a different story.

I hope this bastard rots in hell, I can't believe he stole blaze, I hope we get to hear the whole story.

Damn, the look on your kids faces must have been priceless. I am SOO happy Blaze is back and you are back in one slightly beaten piece.

OMG! What a glorious day!
now that is some determination and love!!! so glad it was worth it and get well soon to you and blazey!
oh my god..oh my GOD. I don't even know what else to say...

SO glad to see Blaze again...and I know all those injuries don't compare to the pain of not knowing where he was at all. Bravo to you, MM.
MM- In short- you are my hero. And I know you are the hero to your family, including the furry one laying on you, and especially the little chocolate goodie. Trust me, after this, she will believe that Daddy can do anything. Bravo, and heal soon.
First, my wife and I are astonished and overjoyed at the good news of Blaze's return. We've been checking almost hourly, and then sleep last night. Woke up, checked email, and heard the good news from Chuck. Freaked out, whooped, and did a little dance with Leslie (my wife). So, so happy!

Second, we are impatiently waiting to hear the rest of the story. The journalist in me has many questions: How did you originally come to meet Blaze? What was Blaze's history before meeting you? What did the other guy look like after you were done with him? What's to prevent this from happening again?

Third, I agree with BB, you should have flown him into town. He probably would have saved you a trip to the ER.

Fourth, thank you again for making our lives so much richer. You are treasured beyond measure, for you bring us the gift of illuminating our hearts.
Everything stu said except his first paragraph:

me too.

Woke up at 4 ish, had a funny feeling, and crawled downstairs to check email. Woke up my husband to share the news-went back sleep.

such a huge relief.
I am just speechless. Thankful, of course! You really are amazing-- so glad to see Blaze back with your family.
I am happy to hear that Blaze is back in your home... But when I saw those pics I almost started crying...

I am just glad you got him back... but how in the world did you realize that it was the previous owner??? I know I know will have to wait until you write again... and please oh please dont' keep us in suspense!!!

Take care of yourself MM!!!
I never thought this would end well, given how long Blaze was gone. So it was with trepidation that I read this entry, and by gum!! You did it!! Well done!!

I was a total basket case reading your entry and am so happy for you all. I'm also a bit worried about those injuries, though knowing via BB that the other guy "got his" pleases me. Bastard. I admit to being entirely obsessive about checking your site, waiting for an update. I didn't dare to hope for such an outcome, but wept to see you enjoying Ass Strep. Although with those open wounds...ew. Heh.

The Magazine Mansion must be hoppin' today. Looking forward to seeing how you weave this tale. And to seeing Blaze wag his.
I'm speechless too - I just printed out the last 4 posts (the only ones I've read on your blog) to pass it around to my co-workers.

I am one of those people that reads the last page of the book. I haven't even read your post yet but I'm sooooooooo happy to see a picture of Blaze here and the last lines of the post.

I'm sooooo glad you and your family (including Blaze) have realized such a positive end to this.

It is such a relief to know that at least one dog was spared any further pain or torture.

Thank god.
Well, I am sure glad that you both made it home (relatively) okay.

I bet Blaze will probably show you a bit more respect from here on out -especially when he tells a story; it would be downright disrespectful for him to refer to you as "the grunting man" after the lengths you went to ensure his safe return to the Brownie & Co.

Of course, being that you are both men, the newfound respect probably won't ever be verbalized. Perhaps it will just be a knowing nod that goes unnoticed to the uninformed. Then again he is a dog, it could manifest itself in what he considers to be the ultimate display of love: leg-humping and crotch-sniffing. I know how much you love him, MM, but keep your nose out of there!

So glad you made it back (mostly) intact. Can't wait to hear the whole story.
HOORAY! oh, i'm SO glad to see this update. I'm sorry you were hurt, and blaze too but i'm so happy that you're both back and safe!

poetic justice? did you string the f*ck*r up with one of those spiky collars and beat him like a pinata until you shattered all his ribs? *sigh* probably not, but i'll enjoy the image until you can share what you did do.

what's happening to ensure that he doesn't come back? i'm thanking my stars that, while the brownie saw him take blaze, she didn't manage to confront him. lord only knows what would have happened.

take care of you, and yours - but please don't take TOO long to fill us in.
If ever there was, you, Mr. Magazine Man, are a knight in shining armor.

Sending precious pixie dust, healing thoughts and prayers to you and Blaze-
I canNOT wait to hear the rest of this story. But, in the meantime, I'm so glad to see that Blaze is home! Good job finding him. And prong collars suck, don't they?!
MM - You read about things like this in books, and can't believe someone would through all that to get back a dog, but it is true - you exist! I usually don't have potty mouth, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to make an exception in this case:


Okay, maybe that wasn't really BAD potty mouth, but it is rather harsh for me. :)

I suspect your injuries, and Blaze's injuries, will heal very quickly b/c you have done such a good thing.
MM, you did it.

I've got to go find some tissues now. Congratulations. First blog that ever made me cry.
Oh my God, that sounds like a horrible ordeal. Please post the entire story whenever you feel up to it. I've lurked here for quite a while, but never commented. That was a very moving post and I completely agree that you went to extraordinary lengths for your dog. Your family is lucky to have you.
I am SO glad that you made it home and with Blaze! But, but, I the only person who is worrie that if that guy isn't locked up he KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE from stealing your dog once already?? Please tell us that the police are on the case.
I've nothing to say that several others haven't already said, so I'll just add my "Bravo!!" to the chorus. You're amazing.
Okay, two things:

New Blog award catagory "blog most likely to cause you to cry at work"

Being only partially internet/computer savy I have no idea how to offer $$ help. Anyone have hints?
Thank Christ you're both back safe and sound (if a little worse for wear)!! Hugs to all and can't wait to hear how you tracked Blaze to that evil, evil man
wow, wow, wow

Came over from CMHL and am just blown away by the last three entries.

So glad he is home.
Well, nic, if I know MM, he's probably going to be too proud to ask for help, but a paypal link setup and I am sure a few of us would gladly help defer the $ it took to bring our Blaze home.

Just a thought.
Holy cow, MM. I'm so glad you and Blaze are home. I've been thinking about you and your family often. I hope you both heal quickly.

What a hero you are and what a great lesson you've given your kids...that family is family and how to take responsibility.

Now. I'm sure that some of the Fans of Blaze Irregulars would love to visit the 'former owner' and kick the shit out of him. I mean, I have a tire iron and I'm not afraid to use it. No sir.

I hope you got some good licks in...but that's not as important as you getting away with Blaze.

There's a special place in Hell for folks like that. Fucker.
Just got here after CMHL posted about you.

I read the whole story concerning Blaze and I have to say that you're a very brave and respectful man. And I hope that Karma would kick the guy who stole blaze an extremely hard kick.

All the best, for you, your family and Blaze!
Way to go MM. Glad to see you are not sporting any "permanent" damage. Part of me hopes that Blaze was the one who meted out BB's Poetic Justice. But cops...cops would be good too. :)
Take care.
This is fantastic news about Blaze! I'm so relieved you found him and got him despite at the expense of your own well being.

So I wish you well on a speedy recovery and much needed rest. Also, you are a remarkable human being.
MM, I hope you can still blog while you're in the Witness Protection Program... .My reaction is vastly different than that of the rest of your fan-base -- WTF were you thinking? I also love my dogs to the point of irrational behavior, but bringing your head-bashed self home to HLS and the kids may only be the preview of coming attractions on your own personal fear-factor series -- Fact: A dangerous, soul-less, cretin KNOWS WHERE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LIVE. Please take precautions, and I'm not talkin' condoms. xo Marti
Man. I, too, have been repeatedly checking your site and as each day passed I got more and more distressed for you all. Apart from the injuries you couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to this situation - sooo happy for you MM - we've all read about what that dog means to you.

I checked the blog this morning and discovered your amazing update...left for work with happy tears and a big grin.

And now since we have the luxury of knowing an eventual happy ending, we are ALL eagerly anticipating the (sorry) blow-by-blow of what the F*CK happened!!

By the way, tonight when I got home I read your post again...just smiles for that...but teared up a little again when I saw 74 comments were waiting for you. How friggin' cool is that?

Make that 75.


Just another stranger who has been obsessively checking the site for updates and is so glad that Blaze is back with his family. If I am relieved, I can only imagine how your family feels. Hope you both are feeling better soon. I'm eager to hear the rest of the story.
Thank goodness.
FYI folks: Untill MM is up & typing again if you want the blaze backstory, look slightly below the comments to "The Ones Everyone Asks about." Check out the 2 Hero Dog entries.
Like everyone else, I want to say how relieved I am that you got Blaze back where he is loved and where HE BELONGS. Like everyone else, I was checking back frequently for word on what had happened. On the one hand, you are my new personal hero...but as someone else said, now you have to protect your family even more vigilantly than ever before. It's almost like you're going to need a guard dog for the dog!

Hope you and Blazey heal quickly, and jesus, that spiked collar thing is cruel-looking. Hope that guy got what he deserved and then some.
Thank GOD!!

I was really hoping for - no PRAYING for - good news when I checked your blog today. (My boyfriend was too after finding me staring blankly at the monitor having just read your last three entries, blubbering something along the lines of "It's not fair!" and "How can someone do that to a doggie?" between nose blows and red-faced crying.)

I'm so glad you're both back...and mostly okay!

Give Blaze some extra sloppy kisses from me!!
Holy crap, MM! You're looking a bit like Marv from "Sin City." ("You should see the other guy.")

So glad you found Blaze and that both of you are back home.

It's been said before, but it bears repeating: You are a hero.

Happy days MM, Happy days....

I look forward to hearing the sotry of the rescue. Until then, rest up, and enjoy the time you have gotten back from getting your wonderful dog back!!
I just want to add my congratulations and condolences and if-you-didn't-kill-that-guy-it-wasn't-enough-isms to the pile. I've been checking your blog three or four times a day hoping against impossible hope that Blazey resumed pride of place. You know, in this day and age the word "hero" gets tossed around far too often--hell, it's even a sandwich. But you, sir, qualify.

Welcome back. Rest up. When you tell the rest of your tale, please don't neglect Blaze's reaction when he saw HLS, Thomas, and the Brownie.
--a faithful reader
Wow. You never cease to amaze me.

I'm glad Blaze is back where he belongs.
Holy s%$@, that's amazing. Honestly, I thought -- after the last entry -- that Blaze might be gone forever...but he's home, and I'm so happy for all of you. And like many others, this made me cry a little.
Thank God!

I'm so happy you guys are back together!
OMG--I've never posted here before, but I just had to say that Blaze is definitely the luckiest dog there is to have a "dad" like you! I'm so glad there was a happy ending to this story (bruises notwithstanding).
Magazine Man,

You're my hero.
I am sure it's already been said, but the chicken-sh!! who stole Blaze has a special place in hell waiting for him. Great job, you did something others only talk about...

Welcome home to you and to Blaze!
You, sir, are a hero. My hopes are for a speedy recovery for the both of you.
Are you fricken kidding me? You are cooler to me now than you've ever been. No, it's not the war wounds but the fact that you got him back! In a great pro-America movie the picture of you and Blaze on the couch would be where the music played to a crescendo. I cried!! I laughed!! I am proud of you and happy for you and your family. They're all (Blaze included) incredibly fortunate to have you watching out for them.
Big hugs to you and to Blaze...Welcome Home.

(I'm going to hug my pets now)
OH MY GOD! Holy Shit! Jesus H!




I don't even know where to start. Do I start with the great news that Blaze is safe and sound? Do I start with your mind-boggling balls-out bravery and dedication? Do I start with that unbelievable psychotic bastard who stole Blaze? Where to start or end?!?!

INCREDIBLE. Much fury and joy on your behalf, and on behalf of your family. You've all been through enough lately.
you know, i really need to go home and live my own life instead of sitting here hoping for an update. *sigh*

at any rate, something i forgot in the earlier thrill of your being not dead and all - the irony of your men's health shirt with you being all beat to hell makes me laugh. i'm sorry. i can't help myself.
MM = Hero!!!!! I can't wait to read the whole story behind this one.
Wow. I'm so glad -- for you, HLS, Artlad and the Brownie (not to mention Blaze) -- that Blaze is back at home. I don't know what the former owner was up to, but I'm glad that whatever it is, is over now.
I'm not a lawyer, but I have some ideas for charges that can be filed against the man who dognapped Blaze:

-Cruelty to animals twice: recent events and didn't your first post about Blaze say that the previous owners abandoned him?
-Trespassing/criminal trespassing
-theft/grand theft IIRC, the difference is in the monetary value. So add up the dog food and vet bills and see if Blaze qualifies as grand theft.
-transporting stolen goods across state lines Blaze, or Blaze's dog tags/registration, especially since you travelled 1000+ miles
-aggravated menacing any verbal confrontation with you
-assault/aggravated assault you have those handy pictures
-stalking how did this guy know where to go to get Blaze?
-destruction of property two counts: Blaze's collar & tags; your glasses
-child endangerment Thomas and the Brownie were home when Blaze was taken. (OK, this is a stretch, but I really want this guy to get nailed)
TJ woke me up when she climbed into bed last night (sometime after, oh, 1:29 AM). I said something erudite by way of greeting. "Nthrlgh?" I think it was.

"MM's back." she replied. "Blazey's home." Talk about your sigh of relief.

I am so glad you're both back safe and (mostly) sound and I can't wait to hear this one!
I'm so, so glad Blaze is home. I'm a sporadic reader, but have been checking obsessively since I first heard he was gone. You are an excellent dog-parent.
First off, soooooooooo glad that this story has a happy ending!! I hope you can nail that SOB in court or something. He deserves it for what he did to you and Blaze and your family.

Secondly, I don't know what the statute of limitations on looking back and laughing at an event like this is, but after seeing the pictures of you all bruised and battered, I couldn't help but wonder: Upon your return to the office, did you break the first two rules and tell all your coworkers about your new friend Tyler and this great club you joined?
I am beyond words, MM. There is a God. He answered our prayers.
I sincerely hope that bastard that took your dog is going to get what's coming to him. I'll be back to find out.

As a former owner of two pitbulls it makes me beyond angry to hear about people training them to fight and kill. I thought laws were design to protect those who cannot defend themselves, why are animals any different? Why is murdering a dog in a gruesome way any less deserving of severe punishment than a human? Sickening, heartbreatking and enraging.

I am so glad that both of you are okay. Perhaps by saving Blaze you can help your neighbor come to terms with her loss of Buddy.
I'd like to add to my previous:

You are, in the truest sense of the word, a hero.
That is GREAT! I look forward to hearing about your adventure. This is an awesome story. I', happy you got your dog back. Stories like this make me have hope for the human race after all.
Wow. I'm so glad you found and recovered Blaze.

But also, yikes. I hope you take it easy and get a few days off so you can recover. Take care of yourself, MM.
You should seriously send this entry to Mastercard...

and I hope you're going to have the guy arrested for assault.

and I hope, if Blaze ever sees the guy again, he bites his *#$%! off.

So glad you're both ok. Our household has been so worried. Both dogs gave you guys a sad look when they say the pics.
New reader.
You probably haven't seen the last of the guy.
Prepare for that.
Watch for him. Watch for a long time.
You have the right to defend yourself, your family, and your property.
If he does show up, don't depend on the authorities to assist you.
They'll show up AFTER the "incident" and take names.
Be the one standing when they do.
The longer it takes him to stand (as in days), the less likely he'll bother you again. Bullies are like that.

Even so, glad you did the right thing and so is Blaze.

God bless you. Sorry for your ordeal. Give Blaze a hug for me and for my Corgi Rosie.
I'm so very sorry to see the condition you are in MM! I am happy you got Blaze back and I'm in complete awe of how resourceful you are!
Man ... you are lucky your hand is still functional.

I am happy blaze is back.
But more so that you are in one piece.
Want someone to er, "visit" the guy that stole your dog? Perhaps Justice can be arranged.

There are two things I can't stand and won't tolerate: A theif, and anyone mistreating pets.

The guy is due an a**-kicking.
I am so glad you have your dog back! Someone forwarded me your link and I am going to read the entire story but I wanted to say. You have a front door a heaven with with Blaze by your side and I sure you are a hero in your family and in your dog's eyes!
You went alot easier on the guy than I ever would.
If anyone ever stole my dog, they'd never see the light of day again.

Bless you and bless your dog for having you as a member of his pack.
I found this entry while wandering through your blog and I nearly burst into tears in the middle of my college newsroom. What you went through to find your dog (a true member of your family, as all pet owners know) is unbelievable and possibly one of the most heartwarming things I've heard in weeks. Belated congrats on finding your dog and I hope that you never have to go through such an ordeal again.

:) artlad looks really happy.
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