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In Which the Siblings Have A Sniff...

Glad you enjoyed the images--the maternity ward has a WiFi connection that was working yesterday (but crashed today) which is why you and everyone else were able to get such breaking news. But the full story will have to wait until everyone is back under one roof and I have a moment to get some sleep. I'll need it before I revisit the events of the past 10 days again.

Lord, how time flies. It's been only a little over 24 hours, but already I've taken to calling my new daughter The Eclair, which as you all know, is a delicate little pastry.

Filled with messy goo.

In her short life so far, she has proven to be a prodigy in two areas. Feeding is one (our newborns have historically struggled to get the knack of breast-feeding, but at 15 minutes old, this kid latched herself on and has since showed no desire to break the seal if she can help it). Voiding her tiny little mint-condition bowels is her other area of personal excellence. Already I am sick of those tiny little cute diapers. To me, they're miniscule hand grenades. I grant you, there's a minimum of odor at this age, but that does very little to overcome the voice in my head that cries, Heavens! but that's nasty! at two-hour intervals.

Count on her brother to be impressed by her output, though. He and the Big Sister arrived last night with a dewy-eyed enthusiasm and nigh-reverence that almost brought me to tears (and if your own eyes aren't too brimming, you might spot a little hint as to the Eclair's real name, below).


I was expecting Thomas to be excited and in that regard I was not disappointed. What I didn't expect was that he would end up arguing with the Brownie over rights to hold their little sister. As I've indicated, and as last week's video demonstrated, the Brownie was at best reserved about the arrival of the creature who would soon turn her into a middle child. Evidently, one look at the Eclair was enough to change her mind.


Before they left, Thomas had the clever idea of taking some item of his new sister's clothing home to the one member of the family who couldn't make it to the hospital.

"I read where if dogs sniff a new baby it helps them get ready to have the baby come live with them," Thomas said sagely, as I handed over an absurdly large stretchy cap that contained Essence of Perfect Smelling Baby Head. "I bet Blaze will really like sniffing it," he concluded.

I guess so. According to Thomas, who took the photos, Blaze did this for about an hour.


Then he did this. And has been lying like that ever since.


Luckily, his vigil won't last much longer. Her Lovely Self and the Eclair are scheduled to come home from the hospital tomorrow. But for tonight, they're still there. And since I must be where they are, that's where I'm off to as well.

More tomorrow, once we're home.

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that's exactly the right thing to do re Blaze - Thomas is a bright young man

she's lovely
Congratulations again to the Magazine Family. Kudos on the child prodigy. Can't wait to hear about Blaze's first meeting with his new charge :-)
What a brilliant little boy you've got there - and so sweet that he was including Blaze in the excitement. Looks like Blaze will have two Girls to protect now :)

Fantastic pictures (and I think i did actually catch The Eclair's name...)
Oh my gosh! I just hopped on and saw the news! Ah, the Eclair is just gorgeous. Big blessings to the Magazine family. (The Eclair missed sharing my son's birthday by a day.) (A day...and a year. I'm not just now recovering from childbirth here.)

Oh! Forgot to compliment Thomas on his savvy big brothering. And the Brownie on her general awesomeness.
So. Sweet. All of them, Brownie, Thomas, and of course Blaze. The Eclair is beautiful!
I bet Blaze is just as excited as Thomas and the Brownie are.
Good thinking Thomas! And what a sweet, sweet smile on the The Brownie's face. Congrats on the The Eclair's natural knack for breastfeeding, too. That can make the first few weeks a whole different experience.
Thanks for thinking of us all out here during such a busy time.
I think I've read the Eclair's name right, although the writing is very small and I have never been able to click one of your pictures to see the full size, since they're private photos. Alas.

Regardless, congratulations again, and best wishes for the homecoming!

As soon as my brothers and I were home from the hospital the first time, our dad held us out for our dog Misho to sniff. He was instantly protective of us, which was good considering how rough the neighborhood was. We have a home movie (recorded on actual film, with no sound) of Dad bringing my brother AJ home--along with the sniffing ritual, you can see me running from the house to my mom as she staggered out of the car without assistance ;>
"the eclair"

best nickname EVER!! a delicate pastry filled with fitting! congrats again. hope the transition home goes smoothly :)
Lovely. Best wishes to all of you. I love that early stage, when they're just little bags of warm jello, so sweet and boneless.

Enjoy every minute. It goes so fast. My youngest baby turns 20 tomorrow!
CONGRATULATIONS!! I was MIA this weekend, so I'm just now catching up. She is so beautiful and tiny!! And the picture of blaze just hanging out with her little cap in his mouth almost made me cry! I'm SO excited for you, MM, and I can't wait to hear about the whole thing!
If that date on the crib is her DOB, then she and I have the same birthday. Beware of stubborn Taurus antics to come! :) I'm so incredibly happy for you. :)
I'm so excited!!! Happy Birthday, Eclair!
I just caught up on all the news, MM.

one word:

Oh MM how beautiful! Congrats to you all and may you get some rest!
Beautiful pics, especially of Blazey laying there with the cap. Overdue congrats on the arrival of the Eclair, but I've been in family crisis mode over the weekend. Enjoy the new life you have, and congrats to you and Her Formerly Pregnant Self!

E is beautiful. I'll tell you, though, I had a little tear in my eye when I saw the picture of the Brownie holding the Eclair. Not only because of the beautiful union of delicious treats, but because, my God! I cannot believe how grown up the Brownie looks.

Your family is stunning.
The Eclair? A delicate sweet pastry, yes. But also a flash of lightning! Let's hope she's both.

Can't wait to hear more, as always.
Congratulations! She's gorgeous!
The first name appears to begin with an E, though my pathetic old eyes can't be sure.

If so, I hope her middle name is Claire.

as in E. Claire Magazine
Congrats! She's beautiful (and so are the brownie and thomas -- and blaze -- with her/her scent).
Congratulations, MM!
So happy for you all; she's beautiful. xo, Marti Fear
Congratulations, MM! She's beautiful.
I wish I had the words to express how impressed I am each and every entry by the wonderful little people who live in your home,MM.

I don't know that I'd have thought to bring Blaze something to smell (and his resting his head on it, in anticipation of the Eclair's homecomeing is priceless). Bravo Thomas.

And The Brownie's expression of love as she cuddles her baby sister, is heartwarming.

Welcome to such a wonderful place to grow up, Little E.
Welcome little Eclair, so nice to finally meet you!

Congrats, MM to you and your ever larger and always interesting brood. Tonight TJ and I lift a glass to your family and the health of the Eclair.
Congratulations again. I think all the Magazine Kids are prodigies in their own way. The Eclair for the reasons you've already mentioned. The Brownie because she has always been able to see straight through to the heart of any matter. And Thomas not only for his drawing, but because he has now proven himself to be a genius when it comes to babies and animals getting along.

Your kids have always given us many reasons to be impressed, but I was floored when I read that Thomas knew to let Blaze sniff his new sister's things as a way of getting used to her. I did the same thing with my two dogs when I brought my son home. The dogs have since passed, but one of them was especially protective of the Monkey - we found him guarding the crib one day while the baby slept. When we walked in - excuse me, tried to walk in - he raised his head as if to say, "There's no way you're getting in here right now. The Boy needs his sleep."

Sounds to me like the new and improved Magazine Family is off to a great start.
You are a lucky man- Such a beautiful family :) Congrats to all!
Dang, every time I'm away from the computer for a week or so, I sure do miss a lot!

What a cutie. I see she also had the good sense to be born in the afternoon instead of the middle of the night.

Congrats all around!
Oh dear, what a cute little one. I sincerely think she looks like mom.

Not that you are not good looking ... but we do want the child to look like a woman ... right? :)

Congrates. Will await for all the newest tails from her end ... :P
I just noticed the name... its beautiful!!! but Eclair is so much better... Artlad, The Brownie and Eclair... a nice rounded family!!
My eyes didn't brim til I got to the dog.
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