Monday, April 13, 2009


In Which We Offer Up Some Odds and Ends...

Egad, what a week. Well, actually, it was only the end of the week that felt like a full week. Like a full month, come to that. So you'll forgive me if I just make this a short post. And not merely short, but also a largely unconnected glop of doings (with some pictures--we're overdue, don't you think?) in the Magazine Mansion.

It all started early the morning of Good Friday, when Thomas awoke us for what I called Vomiting Vespers (oh, no pictures here, in case you were snacking). The poor little shit (and, sadly, I mean that all too literally) was exploding from both ends and had tried to deal with it on his own from the time he woke up at 3:30 to the time he woke us up at 5. By then he was so weak, he couldn't even climb back to his bunk, but just fell asleep on the floor. I feared dehydration and made him drink water and stuff, but he spent the rest of the morning shuttling between the sofa and the bathroom.

And then, about an hour before lunch, we got a call from school that the Brownie had taken a dainty little hurl into the teacher's waste basket, so we had to go get her, then bring her back and prop her up against Thomas. I know they were both really sick, because they didn't caper around or play with toys or videogames or do anything they normally do when they're stuck at home with a head cold or strep. Neither one really stirred from whatever spot they happened to collapse in after their latest trip to Great Porcelain God.

Her Lovely Self ordered me to stay away from the older kids--she knows how lousy my immune system is--and put me in charge of the Éclair for a chunk of the day. I tried to argue with her that from a logical--indeed, from an epidemiological--standpoint, we'd all already been exposed to this bug. Generally, it's very hard to spread a flu bug to someone else when they're already showing symptoms, because most people don't want to be within the splatter zone of a flu sufferer. Viruses know this and have adapted over millions of years to infect well in advance of making you sick. It's a survival thing.

Her Lovely Self doesn't believe my logic--or possibly believes that I am incapable of logic--so she ignored this little nugget of information gleaned from my health-reporting days and let her orders stand.

Not that I mind. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the day with this charming container of pure, undiluted cuteness?


But by evening, I was feeling decidedly worn out--23 month-olds are intensely demanding of your time and attention, which I guess I remember from the two earlier kids, but not to this extent. So I was more than happy to get to bed early. Only to wake up around midnight and find myself impersonating Thomas from the night before.

Man, that night was nothing I want to repeat in a hurry. Easily the worst stomach flu of my life, even worse than that time I aspirated bits of--well, you know the time I mean.

The silver lining in all this is that the Éclair seems to have missed the bug entirely (knock wood, dear God, knock a forest of wood). While at the other end of the spectrum, I'm still sipping broth and staying within five steps of the can.

Despite the outbreak, we had a decent Easter. The Brownie and Thomas bounced back Saturday morning and by Sunday, they were ready to color eggs and devise an egg hunt for their little sister (the first I knew of it was when my new boss toddled over, shoved a basket in my face and said, "Daddy, we goin' egg look. Hold on to this!")

Later, since we were getting all Catholic about it anyway, the Brownie decided to model her new dress from Communion (which will occur in about a month).


I have to say, it was one of those rare moments in the Magazine Mansion where everyone was speechless. Even the Éclair couldn't say anything; she just stood real close, gawking at her big sister (whom she worships like a wise goddess).


I always knew my elder daughter was a woman--even when she was just a 4-year-old woman--but seeing her this way made me understand afresh that she was only going to get bigger and older and more independent and (because it's all about me) less in need of her Daddy.

I understood that this would happen--it was in the original parenting job description--that you were to love and protect and raise kids so that they could go off in white dresses--the daughters, anyway--and leave you. And it was that last part of the job description that really hit me on Easter, because there's a very strong likelihood that the next time I'll see her in a white dress, it'll be...

You know what? Let's move on.

(hey, I said it would be short)
From Somewhere on the Masthead

Oh my God. I read you often, lurking in the shadows, and it seems like just yesterday Brownie was clinging to Blaze's fur and praising him for saving her from crows.

She's a young lady already! And a very beautiful one at that.
Don't worry MM! There is one more white dress before the big one! She gets to wear white for her confirmation too.

I'm glad to hear everyone is feeling better.
Man they do grow up fast.
I will put money that she will look like HLF and more.
I envy (and pity) the guy that will walk her down the aisle.

Take care and may the force be with you.
Yes, we were overdue for some pics! Very cute. Though I must say, I almost lament the days when we also got pics of tootsie roll dog vomit, goldfish hickeys and spider bites to the ass. And I'm not sure whether I should be embarrassed about that.

Good health and happiness to everyone in the Magazine household.
Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big your kids are getting! Thank you for sharing with us and allowing us to watch them grow into beautiful young people! Hope everyone starts feeling better very soon!
I hope you're feeling better soon, MM, and that the rest of the house returns to/stays in good health.
That last photo is about as good as it could possibly get. In that future that you don't wish to contemplate at the moment you should attempt to get them in the same relative positions for the next white dress moment. The photo set will be treasured by all.
Beautiful ladies you have there.
I remember getting a nice 24-hour bug right after I moved to Wisconsin. I always thought some bad seafood may have been involved, but it happened on my only day off. Oh, and I had to switch hotel rooms the same day it was happening, which made for great fun. Anyhow, Brownie does look quite the little lady there, and I hope everyone at the Masthead Mansion is feeling better even if the run up to Easter was a ruff one.
The Eclair is adorable! And wow, what a lovely young lady the Brownie has grown into. I agree with Jim; taking a companion shot later on is a great idea!

Get well soon, MM!

(My word verification is "xesse"...sounds like a porn star name, if you say it "x-esse")
So glad the MM family has finished purging. Terrible way to spend a day.
I too am a long time lurker. The picture of Brownie looking over her shoulder is amazing. Where did the Blaze hugging toddler go? She is beautiful and so grown up.
And Eclair, I remember when she was head rolling infant. Time needs to slow down. She is so sweet looking, it makes your teeth hurt. Really good photography. You are a lucky man MM.
I'm so jealous. Work has blocked flickr so I'm unable to see the pictures. I have a great imagination though. My step-daughter is growing up so quickly. I have empathy.
holy smokes, she's growing up! she's beautiful, mm, thanks for sharing. and i'm glad everyone is feeling better.
So sorry you haven't been well. And man are your girls beauties! I'll be the Brownie felt like a princess!
thanks for sharing a few snapshots of your life. and thanks for not sharing the less-than-savory shots (you know what I mean). lovely girls you have. and yes, they all grow up more quickly than they should. hope you guys are all super-healthy for the remainder of the spring. we'll continue the prayers for super-lucrative job offers galore for you, MM.
What beautiful girls you have~ and hope you feel better real soon :)
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