Friday, May 29, 2009


Road Vlog #3...

Still alive, still vlogging.

Sorry for the jiggly camera, the changing perspective, the surprise study of an unexpected portion of my face. I figured out one secret to successful road-vlogging: keep it to surface roads, or freeways where the traffic tends to force you to maintain speeds below 50 miles an hour. Well, that, and also be a talented and handsome performer, which I am neither.

You know how they say men tend to get better-looking as they get older? I am, sadly, the exception that proves that rule. I thought I could just train the camera on my good side, but--turns out, I don't have one. Also, I have that drooping left eyelid. It falls lower and lower when I'm tired, a feature that my tussle with Bell's palsy only seemed to accentuate. It's not the sort of thing, alas, that elicits sympathy from an audience, makes pretty girls go "awww" and involuntarily reach for a blanket and pillow. Instead, it makes people think Why does he look so wall-eyed?

But hey, that didn't stop Claudette Colbert from a career in pictures, and it won't stop me, unfortunately for you--the seven of you--who are still watching.

And since a weird proportion of you emailed or asked, I give you:

Which shows clearly, I hope, the detrimental effect of driving cross-country with no one to talk to but a dog (a real one. I think) and a camera. Don't let this happen to you, kids. You've been warned.

Oh, and for those who wondered last time: the music WAS The Waterboys (as someone correctly guessed) but was in fact the title track from the newer 2-disc "Fisherman's Blues" set. Perhaps my next vlog will be wholly devoted to what I'm listening to.

Ooh, excitement.

From Somewhere Along the Mohawk

Left you something at my place; please come by to pick up.
MY post got lost so here goes again:

If you're on the Mohawk, dare we hope you might let us locals visit you when you get closer?

And please don't do any vlogging on The World Famous Hairpin Turn.

I used to have some sympathy for your Bell's Palsy till I got trigeminal hemifacial neuralgia. ouch.
As interested as kids tend to be in bodily functions, you'd think Clifford's bathroom habits might have made for a good book in the series. "Clifford and the Sewage Treatment Plant" or something.
Well, I had never really stopped to consider how much crap Clifford could put out, but now I have been enlightened way beyond my need.

Very funny, actually. One of the first things that comes to my perverted mind, whenever I'm watching a movie wherein some person or group of people is trapped someplace, is why none of them have any bodily functions to take care of.

Anyway, I'm also enjoying the progression of beard growth being recorded here. I think that you should let it keep going for as long as you vlog, then have a grand shaving episode.
I LOVED Clifford when I was little. For me, I think, it was that with a dog that big, no one would mess with you.

I also really dug The Incredible Hulk which my older bro didn't. For him, I guess it was scary that you could turn into a monster if you got mad, but I thought that was awesome. :)

Drive safe, MM!
These vlogs are SO fun! I am anxious for them to continue nearly as much as for your myriad story cliffhangers. And if you ever have issues while on the Ohio turnpike south of MI, or just need respite from the road, don't hesitate to let me know! (I'm a mere 18 miles from the turnpike.)
Hilarious! Thanks for telling us of Clifford the Big Red Dog and his Big Craps.
Claire-of course it was awesome. That's why I love werewolf stories.
I think I was about 12 before I understood that the old Universal horror films were supposed to be scary.
"That's a big pile of shit" (Jeff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park).

Exception, my ass. Have you seen recent pictures of Val Kilmer or Jack Nicholson? Don't sell yourself so short.

Mohawk Trail? Are you by chance heading to Big Bro's? If you have time, I believe your New Englander readers would thoroughly enjoy a meet and greet at Bickford's or sumptin.

Keep those Vlogs comin', they're a hoot. I'm with Suldog on the grand shaving episode.
Sonufabitch, that was funny. I'm sure my neighbors wonder why I was laughing like an idiot (and probably louder than usual, since I have headphones on.) Thank you. I needed that sage commentary on Clifford tonight.
This is by far the best vlog! Too fun. Thanks for posting these :)

"The tale--as it were--is a cautionary one." heheheh.
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