Thursday, February 11, 2010


Special Guest Star: Me (Art Lad)!!!!!

Well, Dad says I can write something here so I did.

He got a new job and we moved out of our old house. I still miss it. It was a good place and my friends lived all on the street and in school. I’m pen pals with a couple of them now, but it’s not the same.

We had to go to a new school right after Christmas and that was WEIRD. It’s a school where you have to wear a uniform but not like an Army soldier or policeman, but like black and tan pants and a shirt with a collar and stuff. Everyone is nice but it’s not the same.

I’m in 5th grade now and that means I have to go to different classes. My homeroom teacher is nice, but on my first day there wasn’t even A DESK for me so I had to stand up in the back with all my books and coats and things, and everyone was looking at me.

I’m supposed to be in 5th grade, but when I went to math class, they were doing stuff I did last year and it was boring. So Mom talked to the teacher and now I have math class with the 6th graders, so I’m like this total baby of the class. The same thing happened in science. And I don’t even do spelling anymore. I can spell everything. Onomatopoeia. See?

And we work in teams now. I have three boys on my team in science and one of them is always making fun of me for being just 11 (but I am taller than him). He doesn’t do any work. He just copies off what me and the other boys do. Dad calls him Captain Dingleberry because he just hangs off your butt and doesn’t do anything. Dad says you have to work in teams for the rest of your life and Dingleberrys are everywhere so he says it’s good to learn how to deal.

He told me a really funny story about a Dingleberry he had in high school that he pulled a good trick on. It was funny. He said he’ll put the story in here soon.

I looked at my Artlad blog the other day and it was weird. I remember doing some of it. I remember all the pictures and talking to Dad and him writing it down. I read all the comments and people making a big deal, but I don’t know. I was 5 or 6. I guess I just got interested in other stuff. But I get the Uranus joke now! I was a funny kid.

Dad says I can put some stuff over there today, so go look. I need advice on my new video ideas.

We have a new house to live in, but it’s owned by Dad’s boss. She lives down the street and is real nice and is letting us stay here all winter. Even Blaze got to go. Whew! Dad thought at first dogs were against the rules because there are already a couple of big ones outside, so we thought Blaze would have to stay with Uncle BB. But he worked it out. I’m glad because I was nervous sleeping in our new place and Blaze sleeps on my bed every night. He used to only do stuff with my sisters but now he’s almost like my dog. It’s good because I wake up at night and think about stuff and can’t go back to sleep and he’s always there. He is a really GOOD dog.

But there’s a bad part. I have to SHARE A ROOM with my sister. She got the best bed (it’s big and it has buttons that let you raise it up and down like on that sleep number commercial) and she hogs the bathroom and closet so all my clothes go on the floor. Mom says I leave them on the floor because I’m a boy BUT SHE IS WRONG. Girls are way messier and leave stuff everywhere. Combs and hair stuff and wet towels and all kinds of stuff. I just have shirts and pants and a toothbrush.

Here is a picture I took of my sisters. Anna wouldn't smile because she says looking at me doesn't make her want to smile. So she does THIS with her face.


Mom says that is smirking. I call it a SMIRN because it is like a smirk and frown together.

My baby sister has her whole own room. She is a lot like Anna was. All bossy. Except she likes me sometimes. She calls me Brubby or sometimes just Brub. It means Brother. I pull her in the wagon and help her go down the stairs so she won’t fall. I have to carry her sometimes, but it’s okay because she hugs me and pats my back. It’s gooshy but kind of nice all at the same time. Here is another picture. Mom took it.

Boy and Girls

I was sad to move here but it’s getting better. I like having Dad around because it was just me and Blaze against the girls before. He was the baby in the class too and he tells me stories to cheer me up. I made a couple of friends at school—a nice girl named Hadley who is REALLY tall (Dad calls her Hagrid, like the giant in Harry Potter, but I don’t call her that.) And a boy named Hunter who wants me to sign up for sports with him. I like that. We have more sports we can do. Before it was just baseball, but they have track and field here so we signed up for that. I can run pretty fast.

I’m reading a lot. They have a great library here and I am reading the Percy Jackson books and want to see the movie when it comes out. I have a book that I write stories in. I am doing one about robot spiders that travel back in time to steal dinosaurs. We have to write a lot in school now. For homework I have to write two pages both sides about moving here. So this is my homework. It took me two whole days to write. You can hand write it or print it. I’ll print it out and hand it in.

But I’ll take out the Dingleberry and the part about Hadley being called Hagrid.

I just read this all to Dad and he says I am getting good at writing. He’s going to show me how to do links over to Artlad.

Wow. I wrote about 1,000 words! That is a world record!

Well, bye!

Your friend,

Very interesting post, and I enjoy your writing style. I hope to see more of it here!
Thanks for sharing your homework, Thomas. It's good to see your perspective on the move. I hope things get better at school for you. I have a sister too and some parts of your relationship with Anna might not get ironed out until you're in your 20's! That's just the way things go.

It looks like you're dealing with all your life changes pretty well so far. So keep it up!
Good hear from you Thomas. That's a well written report. Thanks. I'm sure your teacher will like it.
Bravo! - You write with an emotional candor that is appreciated by this reader, who is tired of folks who make themselves out to be bigger than they actually are.
Great job, Thomas! Really enjoyed reading your point of view of the move. I'm glad they let you move up to the 6th grade math and science classes instead of forcing you to stay in a class where you'd be bored with the same stuff you did last year. Keep up the good work, you're an excellent writer!
Moving around is a tough deal for people of all ages to deal with -for the most part. But, it sounds like you're adapting well to your new school, new surroundings. Probably is for the best that when you re-write this for your teacher that you drop the "Dingleberry" and the other name your Dad uses for your female friend as well. That's just some humor best shared between family members and bloggers in the great blog world. And I can relate to how having your dog sleep with you is comforting. When I was about 7-8 years old, my Grandparents and I had to move and our dog went with us but she was never allowed to even go upstairs where ever we lived, much less get up on the bed. And there were many times then when I wished she could be there, by me, to give me comfort. But now that I'm old -very old -and it's my house so I can make some rules, our dog sleeps on the foot of my bed and even an old lady of 65 gets a lot of comfort out of that too!
Keep writing!
It takes a while to get used to a new place, no matter how old you are. It sounds like you're making progress, though. Younger sisters can be a pain sometimes, but then they grow up and you can be friends again (I have 2 younger sisters too!).

It's way cold and snowy here in Hawkeye land. We have drifts at my house that are 20 feet tall. It seems like we're always shoveling, and we're supposed to get more this weekend.
Boy, I hate dingleberries! I had one for a partner in 7th grade science. We were doing a project on the properties of light. I wrote the whole presentation and created the visual aid, a nice poster. When it came time to do the speech, I surprised my slack partner by saying, "And now S. will explain the poster!"

Unfortunately I had made the poster so well that she had no problem describing what was on it. So much for revenge!

I'm looking forward to hearing your dad's story about dingleberries. I'm sure he was able to deal with them a lot better.

So you're enjoying Percy Jackson? I had never heard of the series until I started seeing trailers for the movie, but I keep hearing good things, so I will probably check it out.

Anonymous is right; sibling relationships are weird. I didn't properly reconcile with one of my brothers until after I'd moved away from our hometown. I was well into my 20s by then. I think it has something to do with trying to figure out who you are, and feeling trapped by what this other person knows and thinks about you. It seems like they know too much. You just want to start fresh and try being someone different for awhile, but you can't really pull it off while they're still around.

I'm glad you've made some new friends at school, and you have someone to do track and field with. That should really help you get settled in. Sorry you didn't have a desk at first, though! That had to be awkward.

Thanks for writing, Thomas! It's great to hear from you. Your writing really has matured; this post made me very thoughtful, as you can see. I hope someday we get to read your story about the robot spiders.

Best wishes,

Hey Thomas!

Sorry you had to move, but at least you get to keep The Mighty Blaze handy.

I ran across a link that I think you may want to check out when you have a minute: Get over your shyness by expanding your comfort zone a little at a time. I don't know that it's totally appropriate, but maybe it'll help you feel more comfortable in school.
I agree with Anon, it's good to read your perspective. Thanks for sharing so much with us! And, as a younger sister, I can say that sometimes it's just fun to tease older brothers. But remember that someday, when you are older, you and Anna will always have each other's backs. It's a good feeling to have someone to rely on!
It's so good to hear about the move from your point of view. Moving can be tough. I went to a new school every year from 4th grade to 11th grade. I can remember always being the new kid & trying to make new friends. Hang in there. Your dad is right, you have to deal with dingleberries all your life. Just do your best & don't worry about what they do. It will work itself out in the end. You're getting so tall, I bet you are a fast runner. I'm glad you have Blaze to sleep with. He's one special dog, you're very lucky to have him. Thanks for the update & post here again soon. We love hearing from you.
Good to hear from you, Thomas, as always. I see the 'baseball' shirt. Do you still play, or have plans to play? I'm playing again this year - at age 53. Good luck to you, if you play this year, too!
And now I need to explain something, Thomas. I always print out your Dad's blog to read it. I did the same with yours. That's why I asked the question about baseball when you had already mentioned it - I saw the photo, but hadn't read the words yet. I just now finished reading your blog and realize that I made a dumb comment. Sorry!
Very nice guest blogging, Thomas, and I'm amazed how fast time goes by. The first time I read about one of your paintings here I think you were only six. Good luck with your new school and writing and sports and everything else...glad Blaze is doing well, and I'm sure you'll have your own room again before too long.
Welcome back to the writing/blog world Thomas - off to watch your videos now :)

Alice the Brit,
in sunny Florida
it is strange to live in a new place in a beggining- but as soon as you will *invest* some soul into things that around you place will be yours, you will feel comfy there)) and ty for great blogging
excellent writing!
Thomas, that was a GREAT report, and 1000 words is a lot! :)

You know, I had to move a lot when I was in school. It's hard at first, but you will have new friends in no time. They won't be the same as your "old" friends (and really, that would be weird, right?) but you will come to enjoy them just as much.

And, your Dad is totally right about the dingleberries of the world. Learn to deal now, and your blood pressure will thank you later! :)

Old Auntie Thim :)
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