Thursday, December 23, 2004


Family Tree, Teeny Tiny Epilogue

All photos copyright 2004 by
Hope you enjoyed my little story, and many thanks to those who've commented here and by email (so many New England ex-pats out there who have a Gorry-worshiper in their family!).

I just wanted to add that, yes, this really IS my dad, not some central-casting curmudgeon I plucked off someone else's Web site. The copyright link under each image will take you to the site of a dear friend who got snowbound with me. Lisa happened to be a photographer for a great metropolitan newspaper at the time and it was our good fortune she was on hand to capture this ritual, which I had always remembered fondly from my childhood (Lisa has gone on to be a leader in the digital photography arts, and her site is well worth a look).

Alone or with family, my dad still makes this journey to the hill every year. One of these years, I'll return to join him. And I'll bring his grandson along.

From Somewhere On the Masthead

Heck of a nice story, MM.

The ending reminded me of something I shouldn't ever forget, but I do, every winter. There's really nothing quite like having been outside, in the cold and snow, and then coming inside to a warm house, having something hot to eat or drink waiting for you. One of the supreme pleasures in life is defrosting with your family.
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