Monday, April 04, 2005


In Which It Has Been THAT Kind Of Day...


Yep, pretty much my Monday...

(Oh, this was taken on my honeymoon, when the Bell's Palsy was still in effect. Which means that I ended up with about 5 pounds of sharp coral sand in my drooping eyelid, my slack, gaping mouth and...pretty much every other orifice not afflicted by Bell's Palsy. Also I almost drowned. I was dragged ashore, gasping and flailing, by Her Lovely Self, who was laughing so hard, she almost didn't recover me from the surf. I took my revenge on her about 2 minutes later by snapping a picture of her in her bikini (and she was STILL laughing!), which happens to be one of my favorite pictures of all time, but which naturally she hates.)

(I have threatened to post that very photo here--Johnny C. you listening?--if she won't relent and let me install a secret door to the attic (see earlier post). Yes, dear reader, there is no level to which I will not stoop to get my secret door. For all the good it's doing me. So far she's not budging.)

At any rate, now you can't say I never post pictures of me here...

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Haha..that's great! I feel like i'm reading the blog of Wilson the next door neighbor on the show "Home Improvement". Remember? They would always hide his face in every scene he was in.

Anyway, goodluck with the secret door. I want one of those as well. I still day dream about old episodes of "Webster" when he would sneak about the house through all of those secret passages.
WILSON! How perfectly poetic Johnny C.

MM - now you are just being a TEASE! :)

Is that secret door worth your life? That is what you are risking if you post that photo of HLS without her express permission.
Trust me on this one.
If you can convince her of how seamlessly it would belnd with the room you will increase your chances.
Perhaps you should try always fits.....and what woman can resist some one kneed begging?
The same thing happened to my brother, 2 minutes after arriving at the beach in FL. Just be glad you weren't wearing your brand new never-paid-so-much-for-sunglasses like he was... he wore them proudly for all of one day before what's now known as "the surf incident".

Now about that secret door. You are taking the wrong tack. It's not a secret door at all. No. Rather, it's the cleverly concealed entrance to the PANIC ROOM that will protect the family (especially the poor vulnerable children) in case of burglars and homicidal ax-wielding maniacs. Oh yeah and it's an ECONOMY panic room door, being only cleverly disguised instead of all expensive and vault-like.
I'm trying to decide if I'd rather see a successfully installed secret door or a picture of Her Lovely Self in a bikini.

Wait. That was creepy and weird. Especially coming from someone who knows neither MM nor HLS. Strike it. I'll just take a picture of the secret door, thank you.
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