Wednesday, April 27, 2005


In Which There Are Consequences...

Scenes from the Magazine Mansion

Her Lovely Self: What is that up on the screen?

Magazine Man: It's my blog entry on our annversary.

HLS: No, THAT picture. You put THAT picture on your blog?



MM: But...that's Numero Uno of my favorite all-time pictures. Remember how amused you were at my near-drowning? And it was exactly 11 years ago today that it happened. Boy, I wish I was in Barbados now...

HLS: (silence)


(gives The Look)


HLS: Delete it.

But why?

HLS: You know why. I don't even look like that anymore. That was 10 years and two babies ago.

MM: Oh please. You weigh less now than you did when that picture was taken. You look exactly the same, except your hair is shorter. You still wear the bikini and everything.

HLS: Not for the whole Internet I don't!!

MM: For Pete's sake! That picture was taken on a public beach. Hundreds saw you! And it's not like I posted pictures from the topless beach, ya know.

HLS: Delete the-- (squints) What are those?

MM: Comments from readers. Shane thinks you're hot.


MM: The Turbo Tax Guy. The one you crush on every tax season when the commercial runs?

HLS: Shut up!

HLS: (pause)

HLS: What did he say?

So, many thanks to that cute Turbo Tax Guy, and all the other commenters who effectively bailed my ass out of this one. They say flattery gets you everywhere, and yours sure got me out of the doghouse.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

That's too funny!!

I've been venturing over here from Shane's site, and you've now been officially bookmarked - I'm waiting to hear more about these comics!
Admit it. You knew exactly what would happen when you posted the PIC, comments et al, and how you would be totally forgiven. At least you didn't say something lame like "I wanted to share your beauty with the world".
Smooth, very very smooth.
Your gamble paid off - I think Sharfa is right!

I didn't know Shane was the TurboTax guy... I've ventured over there from here and Hoarded Ordinaries from time to time... but clearly I'm going to have to start paying more attention to commercials if they're gonna start featuring bloggers. :)
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