Tuesday, May 17, 2005


In Which We Thumb Through The Catalog Of Woes...

I love spring but I hate it too. Spring used to be that time when I would seem to ignite the moment I stepped outside the door or cracked open a window. My head was filled with dreams and spring just called to me to run out into the green and the breeze and make those dreams come true.

Nowadays, spring still ignites me, but it often as not fills my head with possibilities and those possibilities translate into projects. Which end up on my to-do list along with all the chores and promises and other Things Yet Undone.

Here's just a sample of what's on the list:

Move compost pile to back yard
Clean back deck
Sand and re-treat playfort
Move compost pile to back yard
Make appointment to see surgeon about the thing you're not ready to blog about yet
Turn 37
Move compost pile to back yard
Finish the goddamn foxhole already!

We can't quite strike that last one off the list, but we're close.

You may recall, the Project when my Dad was here last month was to build a walk-in attic, an endeavor quickly hijacked by The Brownie, who determined we should instead create The Foxhole, a private lair accessible through a secret door in her closet.

Well, after many delays and work-related injuries and labor shortages and lost weekends visiting in-laws, I am pleased to announce that it's finished.

Well, the walk-in attic part is.

Here's the Before and After.

100_0239Ancillary walk-in attic

As for the Foxhole, it will be in that back part of the room. I just need to finish the secret door (including the installation of a "magic doorknob," as specified by the contractor), and install a reading light and a bookshelf and 10,000 glow-in-the-dark-star stickers, and move in 467 stuffed animals, and hang some kind of curtain that mimics trees (?!?) and undertake the Sisyphean task of transporting the World's Largest Beanbag from the basement, up two flights of stairs and through three doorways, a job that my own father wouldn't touch. "Be easier to move a dead g'rilla or bale snot than move that goddamn thing," he said encouragingly.

So just one or two things and I'll be pretty much finished, I guess.

And soon, so will spring.


From Somewhere on the Masthead

My brother and I use to have beanbag chairs when we were kids. They were awesome.

You better getting snappin' on the bean bag move. I'm sure the Brownie is dying for it.
Since it appears three times on the list, it warrants the question why? Has the compost pile been needed to be moved for so long that it now appears three times on the list? Is it relative to how many times HLS has asked it to be moved?...curious...
And just what is it you need to see a surgeon about that you aren't ready to tell your devoted readers about? I hope it's nothing serious - though any surgery is serious.
The Foxhole looks pretty darn good! Great job - love the carpet! I am sure it will be just as the Brownie invisions her cozy reading hideout upon being furnished. "Be easier to move a dead g'rilla or bale snot than move that goddamn thing," (Where o where does he come up with these gems?) snicker..
When spring is inspiring you to do home-improvement projects instead of the thing it inspires the birds and bees to do, it is official...
You've reached adulthood.

But still cool.
Have fun with the home-work.
Be careful about that beanbag or you'll wind up seeing the surgeon sooner than you planned!
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