Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Road Trip Report #8: HOME

I've been asked to tell you that MM made it home alive and well. In a manner of speaking.

He wandered in around breakfast with presents for the kids. (and a bag of laundry for me. How romantic!) Then he ate a whole loaf of banana bread, then fell into bed.

That was 15 hours ago. He's still out.

He's a great one for showing photos here--bikini pictures and whatnot--so I thought I'd post a few too. Just to prove he's home safe and sound, of course.

That's him. Drooling on MY pillow, naturally.


I went to the store, came back and he was still out. Only this time he was not alone.


Then he hugged the dog and started talking in his sleep. Who's Patsy?


I just checked on him again. The dog is gone now. I guess he couldn't stand the smell.

(I'm burning that bag of laundry.)

He also has some weird rash on his forehead and both his eyelids are a little purple, like he got punched, which I guess you can't see so well in the pics.

Can't wait to hear how that happened. He's very accident-prone, something he probably doesn't talk about very much. Or maybe he does. I have to admit I don't read this very much.


He looks so harmless and innocent when he's asleep, doesn't he?

Well, I've embarrassed him enough (hopefully). I'm sure he'll talk to you when he wakes up.

Which should be sometime this weekend.

His Wife

hahahahaaaa!!!! I lost half my coffee while reading this!!

Oh man - I'm eagerly anticipating THE REPLY......
Welcome home MM - that poor dog -
Hmm. I note that even asleep he has the remotes at close range. Kind of like somebody else's husband that I know.
He looks remarkably clean shaven for someone who has been asleep for 15 hours. Suspiciously so.
What a great post. Great to hear from Her lovely Self.....
Pablo is dead on. I most certainly did NOT slog in bed for 15 hours straight (I got up at one point, showered and shaved, THEN went back to bed).

I swear, some people's wives have a real weakness for exaggerating...
Dude ... its comes with the occupation (I mean being a wife).

All wives exaggerates.

Ask mine.
too funny... Glad to see that you are still alive and kicking... must have been some trip!!
That was......awesome. You go girl.
You know it's a great vacation when you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.
Bwahahahahahaha! That's great. Especially the dog. What's the rash from anyway? Did you have an allergic reaction to the absinthe?
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