Thursday, July 07, 2005


In Which the Hits Keep On Coming...

Have barely had my morning coffee and already traffic here is off the chart. Now what's Shane up to? I wondered.

Whenever I think to write about blogging, it's always on the tip of my tongue to talk about Shane Nickerson, whose blog I discovered about 40 seconds after discovering Wil Wheaton's, and whose writing--by turns touching, thoughtful and frigging hilarious--pretty much made me an instant fan (his Superfriends memory is one of the best things I've ever read, in any medium. And he has no idea how close I came to offering to buy it for a Father's Day editorial thing I was working on at the time. Oops, I guess he does now). More than that, it inspired me to finally take the plunge into blogging myself, in a form of emulation that bordered on hero worship. The day Shane added me to his blogroll was as memorable as seeing my first story in print. It felt like I had arrived. It still feels like that. That's just the effect he has on people.

But then I realized that telling you this would be like preaching to the choir. More than half of the 100 or so people who come here everyday found their way from Nickerblog (need to come up with a good name for Shane's fans. "Nickerblogophiles" is too long and sounds like something you could be arrested for. "Nickernuts"? Nah, that's just wrong).

The other day, that number jumped into the 400s just because the great man himself briefly wondered aloud about my identity (a constant itch for him, which I regret. Just as I regret that he can't seem to ever post the mysterious Vlog #6, but never mind). I was thoroughly bemused by the flurry of activity and then touched by the considerate email Shane sent me later, just in case I was perturbed by the increased attention (Me? Never). That's just the kind of guy he is, and though we've never met, it's that sort of thing that makes me count him among my friends.

Anyway, back to this morning's traffic (which is so far through the roof I'm gonna have to call someone to come and reshingle the Magazine Mansion). Turns out it's not Shane's doing, but rather the writer of the estimable "Clicked" blog over at MSNBC. There's a little mention of this humble site in the letters section. It's a long scroll down. But evidently one folks were willing to make, especially since it involved the blog entry about being nearly shot by my own father.

Sigh. Not exactly the way in which I hoped to garner attention, but I guess there's no such thing as bad publicity.

So welcome, one and all. Come for the dysfunction, stay for the humor.

But as the numbers climb, the big question on my mind is: Who has more juice, Shane or MSNBC? I'll be curious to find out.

Between you and me, I'm betting on Shane.

In all the ways that really count.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

For those who are visiting the first time. Please feel free to roam his list on "The ones everyone asks abouts". Those are the one that will hook you totally on to this blog site.

I read nicks blog as well, but I am more of a MM fan.

So take your time. Go through the whole thing from day one.

I did.
I could live with 'Nickernuts', or Shane Supporter', or 'Nickerson Groupie' - but that's just me.

Doesn't matter how they get here MM - it's you and your writing that keep us here.

What would you call those that have become adoring fans of Somewhere on The Masthead?
you know how you felt when Shane blogrolled you? that's kind of how I felt when I saw your comment on mine --- HUGE fan!
Well Nickernuts is pretty funny. But the important thing is, what are we here? MMophiles? Mastomaniacs? Mastians? Masthead-Heads?

Maybe just Mast-Heads.

Anyway congrats on the recent attention - couldn't happen to a better guy.

And BTW I'm sure I'm not the only one who cruises over to Shane's from here.
Ibid. to Kathryn when I wound up on your links.

No, not funnier. Just a different brand of funny. Whereas you, from time to time wandered into the patently absurd, I hover at the edge of accepted behavior, poking holes at it's pretense.
Just for the record, I linked from Shane's site, but got hooked after the "My Dog The Hero".
Holy crap, I'm blushing.

Thanks for all of that, but I'm afraid my storytelling doesn't hold a candle to a well-spun MM yarn.

Sharfa's right, I may link some of them here...
but they stay because you are a master of your craft.

Oh, and next time? Buy the damn thing. ;-)
Holy crap it's a small world. That's the same exact MSNBC blog that linked to me a couple of weeks ago!

You totally deserve to be linked to from anywhere and everywhere. On that note, I still need to update my blogroll gosh-darnit...
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