Tuesday, July 05, 2005


In Which I Stall For Time (and vice versa)...

So I'm on the road.

On the Ohio Turnpike, to be specific.

In the last stall of the men's room, to be way more specific than you want me to be.

I'm here not out of any biological necessity, understand. It's just that this is the only place in the ENTIRE FRICKING REST AREA that my stupid laptop seems able to make use of the Wi-Fi. What's that about?

And my laptop has a really loud clackety keyboard. What must the guy in the next stall think?

I'm on my way back from a 4th of July visit to the in-laws, who live in Ohio. My in-laws decided to host a family reunion, our reason for going, and it was pretty fun.

The drive out was interesting because we decided to convoy it. We were going to drive out in one car and then I would fly back, which is what I usually do. But man, I could not find a flight for less than gas money, plus the bargain flights had layovers in completely out-of-the-way and unlikely places. In the end, we decided to take two cars and I would drive back on my own. HLS and the kids will follow in a week, after having ample chance to catch up with her sisters, and give the kiddos a chance to hang with the cousins.

The most important part of all this, of course, is that it will give me and the dog a week to ourselves in the house. My God, it will be an orgy of slovenly behavior: two unwashed, hairy, drooling males lolling on the couch snarfing treats straight out of the box and watching really bad TV. I can't wait.

I also can't wait to get out of here. The guy next door sound like he's trying to push a piano up a flight of stairs.

I'll be home tonight. More later...

From Somewhere on the Ohio Turnpike

PS: Oh, and thanks to a certain post I caught this morning, traffic here today is triple what it normally is. In fact, this place is on fire. Better find something to put it out. Hey, Shane, HAND ME THAT GASOLINE WILL YA? Sheesh...

Now all those people will be trying to figure it out, but since he's not paying, they'll have to come to you for blackmail money.

We like Stella too, and hubby liked all those beers - I got him that for Christmas.
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