Thursday, September 29, 2005


Giveaway of CRAP (Wave 1)

Let's get started!

Rules are here, in case you have short-term memory issues.


Okay, this time around, I've had to limit what I'm giving away to about 20 items. And, because it's the first time and because we're already going to my in-laws with a pretty full car and because I really don't need the hernia, most of these items are relatively small--nothing bigger than a bread box.

We'll do this in waves of 10. Here's the first wave.

Yes, if you see something in the second wave that you want more but you already bid on an item in Wave 1, you can transfer or change your bid to the new item.

In no particular order:

Item #1: Neil Gaiman Goody Bag A--No, there's no real bag, but yes, there will be a Gaiman Goody Bag B in the next wave. In this lot, you will get a signed first edition of Gaiman's brand-spanking-new book, Anansi Boys, plus a handful of Sandman trading cards from 10 or 12 years ago. The cards have been opened. Can't honestly remember if any were rare or special and no, I'm not going through them now.

crap 006
crap 007

Suggested bids (but don't feel obligated. I'm just trying to prime the pump): donating some graphic novels to your local library, offering to give away comics instead of candy this Halloween, signing up for membership in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (which Gaiman heartily supports. And why don't you?)

Item #2: Mr. Spock--Made by the legendary Mego toy company, this is my personal Mr. Spock action figure, produced during the 1970s and owned by me when I was just a little Magazine Lad. He stands about 8 inches high and is not-quite-fully articulated (after a bad away mission, his right knee was damaged and he was repaired with Federation-issue electrical tape). He comes with his regulation blue shirt (with extra "character" or "stains") and black pants. Am pretty sure his boots are actually fireman's boots borrowed off of Action Jackson. Cool belt with phaser and tricorder are, for all I know, still up in a gutter in Goffstown, New Hampshire, where my brother threw them in a fit of pique.

Also included is a more-or-less complete set of Enterprise blueprints from around the time of the first movie.

crap 009

Suggested bids: You heard what I said about the whole Orion slave girl/boy thing, right? Or come up with your own idea.

Item #3: Web Cam--Standard issue Web cam for PC users. Everything's here, so it should work. I should probably tell you that Caustic Bunny wants this pretty badly, but that doesn't mean I can't make him work for it. What am I bid, CB?

crap 002

Item #4: Crap-load of manga--Here's nine graphic novels full of English-translated manga. Includes What's Michael, some weird story about a cat; a couple of Usagi Yojimbo books, volumes 1-4 of Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind, and volumes 1 and 2 of Initial D, which looks to be some kind of strip about street racing. I'd like to say this stuff is for all ages, but I haven't read them all and you know how that manga stuff can be. If you want these, Flip, I think Wood better see em first.

crap 001

Suggested bid: Helping a kid start an art blog (ha!) or some other artistically inclined good deed, maybe?

Item #5: Mysterious Locked Case--Oh my God! Remember that episode where Sawyer and Kate went swimming and they found the locked case? And--OH MY GOD--was their kiss scene hot? I KNOW. I swear, my hair caught fire--all of it. And how about the way Jack has the key SO tight around his neck. Wouldn't you just like to...

crap 012

Okay, I'm pretty sure there are no guns in here, but this IS a locked case that I honestly have no idea what's inside. I've had it for several years. At one time, I did keep a laptop in there, then I used it as a briefcase, then it was filled with some vintage comics I took to sell somewhere. Then I moved to start my new job and while I was gone Her Lovely Self went through all my stuff and packed every empty case, bag or box with assorted crap. But she has a worse memory than I do and she has no idea what's in here. It is a high-impact laptop case, but for a small laptop--it measures about 17 inches long by 13 inches wide and about 4 inches deep. No discernible markings. Two very sturdy locks on the front. When I shake the case I can hear something clunky shifting around and also a kind of clattering noise, which makes me think that the key is, alas, inside (which I'm sure HLS placed in there for safe keeping).

NOTE: Winning bidder must agree to wait a month before trying to bust open the case or pick the lock. Here's why: my dad just found a jar of keys in my old desk and is bringing them to me on his next visit. He's always insisted that case had two keys. If the extra key is anywhere, it's in that jar.

Item #6: Elven War Helm--This is a 1/4 scale sculpture/bust thing. It was a gift to me and I've never opened it. It's from The Fellowship of the Ring and looks pretty neat on the box, suitable for display on the mantel in your hobbit hole, or perhaps as the coolest paperweight ever. It's made by Sideshow, which means our girl Dusty probably knows more about it than anyone.

crap 020

Suggested bid: Reading Tolkien to the vision impaired? Sending a LOTR DVD to pixelscribbles, seeing as she lost all of hers in a fire?

Item #7: Green Lantern Power Ring

In brightest junk
In darkest crap
Bad guy's gonna get a slap
Let those who sit on evil's lap
Beware--oh God will someone
Please shut MM's yap?

This is an authentic power ring worn by members of the Green Lantern Corp. When fully charged by its power battery* ring gives the wearer 24 hours of use (or 15 minutes, if ring is used to power an iPod).


Operated by will power, ring emits coherent green energy in any form the wearer desires: laser beams, shields, giant boxing gloves, you name it. Made of unknown material with flexible band that allows for convenient resizing to most any finger.

crap 029

*Power battery not included.

Suggested bid: For the most powerful weapon in the galaxy? You tell me!

Item #8: Land's End Blue Fleecy Ensemble--A very comfy-looking women's (Size Small, 6-8) powder-blue jacket from Land's End. Fleecy inner lining with zippered pockets inside and out. Comes with a L/XL matching hat and multi-colored scarf. Great for fall or winter.

crap 026

This was sitting on a shelf in a prop room for about a year and so it shows just the slightest shelf wear. Probably all it needs is just a good cleaning. So far as I know, it's only been worn once.

Okay, twice.*


But as you can see, powder-blue is not my color. If it's yours, this is your lucky day, because you know how overpriced that Land's End stuff is.

*Magazine Man not included (although HLS is willing to negotiate).

Item #9: Christmas Story figures
--You just might get these in time for Christmas. Here's a set of four figures from the beloved holiday classic A Christmas Story.

crap 022

Still in their packages, unopened, you get Ralphie w/Red Ryder BB gun (careful--you'll put someone's eye out!), Mom and Randy, the Old Man (with garish Leg Lamp accessory), and Flick, complete with frozen pole (hours of fun sticking his tongue to it).

Suggested bid: Hosting a Christmas movie marathon for your friends and neighbors? Hell, I'm running out of ideas. You guys are the creative ones. SURPRISE me!

Item #10: Original Magazine Man Stories--Is it obvious I was scraping the bottom of the barrel? Here are some unpublished (or lightly published) items from my personal archives. Stories may include a piece about an anthropomorphic snack cake, an unconventional response to trolls (suitable for blogging), or a mystery story I wrote when I was 10.

crap 023

Suggested bid: How 'bout an original story from you, when YOU were 10?

That's it for now. Let the wild rumpus start!

Wave 2 coming soon.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Wow, a High Elven Infantry Helm. We haven't had one of those around here for awhile... that's a great giveaway. (Not to give anyone ideas, but it originally sold for $25 and people consistently over $100 for it on eBay now.)

I definitely want one of those items. Still thinking on what I'm going to do to get it though.... I'll be back later.
MM, Honey, that's not POWDER BLUE, but more of a peacock blue. Honestly.

But on a more supportive note, you could have a career as a model!! You look fabo-dahling!
I'm almost scared to bid now, just in case Wave 2 is overwhelmingly wonderful. Pondering...

I'm waiting for a freaking web cam to show up in the mail and now I have to dance for my supper???

Wasn't my helping lay out Jenny P.'s feature a few years ago enough? Man, I thought that rather altruistic and wholly out of character.

How about the deal on the Lionel?

Ok, ok. Lemme think about what this could possibly be worth to you .

I'll ruminate over that Stan Lee autographed Silver Surfer GN.

hehehe (sinister intonation, please)
Wow MM, I didn't actually think you could be any more mysterious than you already are, but that black case... very mysterio....
OK, for the CHRISTMAS STORY figurines, I will quit writing my blog. This will unarguably benefit mankind.

Oh, wait. That would violate the rule about writing about the good deed on my blog, so I'd have to keep my blog going in order to write about not keeping my blog going.

(sound of circuits fusing, while sparks fly from my eyes and a faint wisp of smoke escapes my right ear)
Choices, choices! Hmm, I totally dig the Spock; he could hang out on my desk next to my right-awesome Bird of Prey from Shane's contest (which I still totally think the Transworfed man should have placed in!). Naussicaa is one of our fave movies; I could read the GN's to the kids. I am intrigued by the locked case. Practically, I could use the jacket set. Man, though, original stories??? Once I figure out just who you are, I could like buy your books, but this is even more fun.

Hmm, for Spock, I could do the Orion slave girl bit, no prob. ;) Let's see, for Nausicaa, Katy could start an art blog (though I shudder to further any more blush-inducing connections to Thomas ;) ), sure, but for all the art involved, it seems so uncreative. For the locked case, I could *not* reveal your identity. Or I could lock myself in a case for a few hours, and get people to sponsor me for like $10/hour, and donate the proceeds. For the jacket set (which I actually kind of need) I could knit a bunch of really long scarves and give them away at a party showing bootlegged copies of the new BBC Dr. Who (with the cooperation of my friends in posession of said copies)-or-(without their cooperation) I could offer up said handknit scarves to the first 10 takers on my blog (or your blog...or wherever). For the stories, hmmmm, how about a poem that I wrote when I was 11, "Unicorns" which I later read at a poetry slam in college and brought down the house? I'll even add in Katy's long ago blogged amazing poem "The Wind Poem" (Utterly gratuitous link to the poem due in its entirely to an overabundance of mamma pride on my part. My daughter rocks. Hard core. Yo.)

What to do...what to do...I simply can't decide. Ok, so I haven't really bid on anything yet, but you all know what I'm thinking about offering.
I somehow messed up my first post, so I'll do this again.

I'd like to place a bid on item #10, your short stories.

In exchange, I will haul out three hideous poems and a short story I wrote in ninth grade.

I will also throw in two short stories written in the last five years.

a/k/a Kathleen
Oh, and how could I possibly not mention the A Christmas Story figures! My Dad would disown me if he knew I missed those. That movie and my childhood are inextricably intertwined. For those puppies, I'd write a Christmas theme, sit on Santa's lap, show you how the piggies eat (VLOG!) or even write up the story of how I DID shoot my eye out at summer camp. Just like Ralphie did. No kidding.

Hmm, ok, even given how much I need a new coat, consider me bid. I will VLOG eating like a piggie, and BLOG about shooting myself in the eye (well, upper cheek, really) with a BB gun. As for passing on the Christmas, I mean schwaggy good karma cheer, I will finally gather up toys for the Children's Hospital ICU where Katy stayed a few years ago. We've been wanting to do a party where everybody brought a toy to go to the storeroom there that they let kids, and I'll commit to hosting it before the end of the year.

Bid. Done.
Since Naiah is now officially bidding on the Christmas Story figurines, I'll place my bid on the MM original stories. Naiah's original bid to contribute poetry on her own blog is tough to beat - I argue that anyone who has read even a single blog entry of hers would easily deduce that her poetry contribution will no doubt be liquid gold. So I offer this: my own poetry contribution, which will be the opposite of liquid gold (no, not solid gold) - total crap. And in the spirit of giving away your crap collection, I think I make a compelling bid in offering crap in return, in the form of my very own poetry.

Continuing in the spirit of everything crap, I'll also up my diligence in picking up my dogs' crap on our nightly walk around the neighborhood - just because Rover and Lefty leave steaming piles on the grass doesn't mean I should lower the standards to which I uphold Trouble and Rascal...

Address to come should you choose to accept my crap-themed bid.
Okay...I want to bid on the Neil Gaiman item #1. In addition to giving my boyfriend a membership to the CBLDF, I will give out a comic to each of my 18 students in my fifth grade class as a Halloween present AND I will allow any student who reads the comic to write his/her weekly reposnse letter (a way I keep track of the reading they do and provoke deep thinking as they read) on the comic. This is a big deal because they normally do not get to use comic books, although I have talked at length about my addiction to all things Fantastic Four in comics. :) As for the letter, that is a really big deal for them because they hear me talk deeply about comics and illustrations and the written word, but they usually can only write one letter every two months on a graphic novel or comic. Is that good enough to win the item??? ;)
your basement is full of cool stuff! that power ring ROCKS!

I like clothes and wardrobe.

If you send me that Lands End bit, then I will take a photo of myself looking awesome in it while doing a back tuck or a back handspring. Or maybe I’ll just be jumping on the bed.

Either way, it will blow your mind.

I found out about this entry when M.Sto e-mailed me to say that she will not make me an Orion Slave Girl outfit. BTW: I don't understand pop-culture references prior to TNG. (Or 1990, for that matter.)
This is tough. Really great stuff, plus the idea that you have to out bid someone who has put such a good foot forward allready to get something. But the Gaiman book is too nice to pass up. So, Mandy I am sorry but I am going to attempt to out bid you by. 1. Signing myself up for CBLDF, 2. Go through my own book collection and make a donation to a local library, 3. send Mandy's students comic books to review for Halloween (with Mandy's approval of course) and finally, use the book to give as a gift to very good friend who is even a bigger Gaiman fan than I.
Hey MM,

You truly do have a large assortment of crap. But how about offering something that's not so crap? How about offering (drumroll) an original signed Art Lad picture? They are very cool, most deifnately a collector's item. My favourites have been the T-Rex who is about to eat you and the prehistoric spotted small orange sabre-whiskered dog. What do you think?
Incidentally, I may need the power ring to complete my ensemble and to aid me in my flipping endeavors.

Also, I would like to up my bid: If you send me the full ensemble, then I will find a way to snag a photo of Nickerblog wearing it while throwing an Arabian.

(You’ll do it, Nicky. You’ll do it because you love blue fleece.)
Curse you Batongoa! I swear I think you did out bid me...even offering to send my students comics (which I will gladly take should you be the winner). It's not that I am admitting defeat, but the above mentioned boyfriend actually had an orgasmic reaction to the power ring and I think he also wet himself. :) I must give in to The Cursed Batonga's fantastic bid (MM, please let him win! It's the only way I can manage to get comic books in the classroom!). I am therefore putting my bid on the Green Lantern Ring of Power! And basically, I will still do all of those things I mentioned before (membership, comic books, etc) and I will also take picture of the boyfriend who will wear the ring. I will blog about it and even wear it to school for the day to show the power of the ring. The entire adventure, should I win, will be documented with a digital camera and displayed on my blog and in my weekly newsletter to the parents. If it helps, I will shamelessly put up the pictures in the teacher’s lounge to show them how dedicated I really am.
Wow! I feel like I'm at Jolly Jims Christmas Flea Market bidding on power tools for the kid!
I need to think about a worthy bid for that locked briefcase. Wink.
Can you get arrested for impersonating a member of Detectives Incorporated?
I need to sleep on it to come up with something MM worthy. Damn you MM, now I have to go and watch Pay It Forward again. One tissue box wasn't enough?
Oh and, did you have to reference the most totally hottest kiss of all time? Did HLS have to call the fire department when your hair caught fire?....all of it. Fine! I will pay it forward by bidding to re-enact the Saywer/Kate kissing scene with Sawyer.....right, that's not so much of a Pay It Forward spirit.....sorry, I couldn't resist.
Kate and Sawyer?
OK since Naiah picked something else finally, I am going to bid on the Manga. Naussicaa is one of my favourites as well.

Let's see, I will buy books for the kids at the Hospital for Sick Children here in Toronto. And to make it a sacrifice, I will use my weekly cof...ok, I will use HALF of my weekly coffee money to buy the books.
I want the stories.

I lost all mine, you see, in the fire. (I can't believe you mentioned that in a post! I was so shocked I actually started crying.) I lost the binders full of the adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck written when I was in elementary and middle school. And the more "grown-up" stuff I wrote in high school and saved to disk (but never finished).

I'd promise to try to rewrite all the stories I can remember, but I was going to do that anyway, and I'm not sure that stories about Krang swaying Donatello to his side (it's all that alluring technology, you see), or the Shredder stabbing the Turtles in their shells (what should have protected them was actually their greatest weakness!! ...What? I was like 12!) would greatly benefit mankind.

But I want the stories. I want to read them and remember how it was to be a young writer. (And, of course, to see what your young writing was like. That over-the-top piece you posted awhile back cracked me up.)

So...I pledge to begin a workshop for young writers.

This feels like a very ambitious project, not something I can just do and be done with, but the idea came to me out of nowhere and won't let me go. I'm already enthralled by your son's writing/dictation. I love seeing what kids can come up with. I want to help more kids to harness their creativity.

So, I'll start looking around for the best ways to start--probably through the local library. And once I've had a session (or two), I will (with the kids' and parents' permission) post some of the stories.
I want the Enid doll. I have a Gilda Radner RosannaRosannadana doll that is lonely, and they'd make a great pair. To get Enid, I promise to prostitute myself to the EHS Drama Club, helping with their Fall show.
OK, I've slept on it and here's my bid for the briefcase.
1. I will quit smoking tomorrow - October 1st. My son has begged me to, and I will. That's more of a payoff for me so....
2.I will do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer:
In Boston, May 21st & 22nd. Not only will I blog about it, I will blog monthly about the next 8 months of training to walk a marathon. Considering I am fat and totally out of shape - this could be very interesting. There will be pictures & possibly even a vblog or two??!! Of course entertainment like that isn't free soooooo....Once it gets closer to the walk I will post a link so readers can sponsor/donate. Fun will be had and dollars raised for a great cause! Since the payoff doesn't really come until May '06, should I have the winning bid, the briefcase will remain locked until that task is completed. (I'm hoping that there could be a bending of the 'end of the year' rule here.)
Oooh, Usagi Yoojimbo. I had dad give a look, and he commented that that was a good, mature anthro series, and I'm interested... But I think I'll hold off on this wave. :D

You have some cool crap though! My dad says he had that same Spock when he was a kid! :3
(Maybe I can get Dad to do a joint thing with me for that goody bag. I'll have to try and talk to him after Serenity this afternoon. >_>)
Have fun!
Dammit Heather Meadows. Dammit. That's an ambitious and admirable project you've up and committed yourself to - dare I say a trifle more noble than my offer to clean my own dogs' crap and spew forth crapoetry on my own blog... I give. As a young writer who would routinely amass 60 page rambling stories of outlaws on the run ("The Underbelly of the Law" remains a personal favorite), I would have loved an environment in which to learn such as the one you propose to create. My hat's off to you.

Maybe you could copy your three favorites and send them to me, along with a note about why you enjoy them. (is assigning other readers homework against the rules?)
I'd like to bid on the iddy bitty camera. I will take pictures of the following things and post or email them accordingly:

Things of beauty - yesterday there were three flannel-cald men heaving pumpkins off a truck, though a chain of arms into the prettiest pumpkin patch I've ever seen at sunset. If I had only had this little baby, I would have posted it on my blog. Pictures of my adorable dog would also fall into this category.

Things that make me laugh - becuase I'm a big promoter of public health, and laughing is very good for your health. I will post these on my blog and email them to anyone who is currently bummed over the grave state of our nation.

Things deserving of a public outcry - sadness, tragedy, and the like. Hopefully I won't have to operate in this category often, but as a dedicated blogger/former small town alternative weekly paper journalist, it is my duty to document!

I would like to bid on anything you have that is star wars-esque for my husband. He got in a car accident last week and his beloved truck is now totalled. I would love to cheer him up with anything star wars related since I know he would cherish it.

In return, I will go through my beloved collection of books and donate a minimum of 10 books plus magazines to a woman's shelter in my area so that woman have something entertaining to help them escape from the hardships they are dealing with. I love to read and/or open a good magazine when I want to dip into a different world and escape things for awhile. I will keep up the donation (at least with magazines) on a regular basis.

I've been reading your blog for awhile and truly love it.

-- Thanks, M.
I gotta have me the Green Lantern ring o' power! Can't believe I'm geeking out over this, but that's exactly what I am... a geek. Through and through.

Well, in exchange... it may not sound like much, but I was going to donate $25 to my wife's cousin who is running on behalf of the American Cancer Society in the Chicago Marathon. I'll up it to $35 or 40 (still gotta be budget conscious). C'mon the ACS should definitely be considered "paying it forward," right?
I think I know what's in the briefcase...

HLS's drunken ex boyfriend.

Am I right ?!
Sorry Kevin, but we REALLY want that ring now. :) I had to give in to Batonga, but no more! Boyfriend Chris says my bid will up to ALL the things *I* promised earlier, but BC will kick in $25 to your wife's cousin (you will just have to point us the way to write the check or donate online in her name). What can I say, the man is lusting after the ring and will not let me loose this one. :)
I'm really inspired by everyone's ideas of goodwill! Like I said in a previous post, I'd love to battle you, Sharfa, for the mystery case, but a) quitting smoking is admirable and b) I don't think the case would make it across the border anyway. So instead I'll bid on Neil Geiman's Anansi Boys. I will pay this forward by buying comic books to donate as Christmas presents to our local Boys & Girls club. (we get in excess of 100 kids at Halloween, so giving them out to the trick-or-treaters would break the bank!)

I'm also becoming involved with the partnership between our office and a local elementary school - we got an email today telling us we had 91 volunteers, each giving one hour a week to either help out in class or with the Chicken Noodle lunch club. Which reminds me, I have to get that police check completed...(in all fairness, I became involved in this BEFORE the Giveaway of CRAP started)

Oh, and here's one I encourage everyone who can, to do - give blood. I'm on the plasma program here - I donate plasma twice monthly.
Ok, so JSto moved on to the flashlight, and Lauren's interested in the ACS figures...
My offer of VLOG/blog/party/blog-the-party still stands--but send the ACS guys to Lauren (I want to read about her tour, myself), and send me the coat.

I have the flu, and I am in bed under a quilt, a down comforter, flannel sheets, and a fleece blanket, and I'm still COLD. This may be clouding my decision-making, but I really could use the coat. In fact I think I'd even like it more than the figures, but I was able to come up with a better bid for them. I'll use the same bid, only with the tail end of "giving them up for Lauren," and it still works.

SO, move my bid from the figurines to the coat/hat/scarf set.
MM- Well, hello. Per our email conversation, I am quite interested in the copies of your original stories, as well as the digital camera. FOr either (or both if you're so inclined) I will be donating the large amount of hair I had cut off on Sunday (my hairdressed has saved it for me) to Locks of Love to help make wigs for chemo patients. Muchos besos for the auction, MM!
I told you NAIAH was Awesome!!! YAY :-) I called my mother over the weekend and told her about this giveaway and we had more than a few laughs about the movie, and how her 3rd graders (she's a teacher) would react to my frozen tongue lesson if I win. (we also laughed about how my dad actually wore the bright orange pants...tee hee).
This site is great, nice job!!

I have a quit smoking help info site. It is about quit smoking help articles and stuff.

Drop by when you can, nice site here!
I want to bid on the #7 Green Lantern power ring for my boyfriend, who happens to be the biggest comic fan I have ever met and that's truly saying something!! He is blind and this would help complete his collection of superhero stuff. His B-Day is July 4th and that would be sooooooo awesome to have that as a suprise gift 4 him. He's trying to lose weight too. So if not 4 his B-day then for when he reaches his goal. One of his inspirations for losing the weight is so he can fit into his superhero costumes and go visit kids in the hospital with me as his side-kick!! So what I'm willing to do is make the man I love and a hundred children I've never met extremely happy! And help him be able to Overcome adversity and raise his confidence! Wearing his Superman shirt helps him feel the power he needs to break out his feelings of weakness and vulnerability, THIS RING would be even Better!!!
-So in a way you're not choosing me, but HIM!!
We may have even met eachother somewhere since he and I both live in OHIO too!!
I want to bid on the #7 Green Lantern power ring for my boyfriend, who happens to be the biggest comic fan I have ever met and that's truly saying something!! He is blind and this would help complete his collection of superhero stuff. His B-Day is July 4th and that would be sooooooo awesome to have that as a suprise gift 4 him. He's trying to lose weight too. So if not 4 his B-day then for when he reaches his goal. One of his inspirations for losing the weight is so he can fit into his superhero costumes and go visit kids in the hospital with me as his side-kick!! So what I'm willing to do is make the man I love and a hundred children I've never met extremely happy! And help him be able to Overcome adversity and raise his confidence! Wearing his Superman shirt helps him feel the power he needs to break out his feelings of weakness and vulnerability, THIS RING would be even Better!!!
-So in a way you're not choosing me, but HIM!!
We may have even met eachother somewhere since he and I both live in OHIO too!!
Hey, my names Jay and I live in merry ol' england. I work in a very sad and depressed little office, seemingly in the parking lot of hell. In exchange for The green Lantern Power Ring, I would use its cosmic power to spread a little fun and frolics to the misery gutses who work there! In brightest Day and blackest night, no boredom will escape my sight, let those who worship tediums might, beware my power: Green Lantern Light!
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