Saturday, October 01, 2005


In Which We Talk of Bids and Boobs...

Well, I know I was supposed to do a nice, squeaky-clean update of who bid on what, but you can read the comments as well as I. Got a few emailed bids, of course, and I suppose it would be fair to other bidders to announce what those bids are, but that would be a bit time-consuming.

And really, I'd much rather get right to this: Chelsea, she of 'brarian du monde wants my LEGOs in the worst way. Rather than offer to put on a mask and fight crime or lead a sing-a-long at a local hospital or quit a nasty habit or anything that might remotely be considered public-spirited, she instead went straight for the option of amusing me.

And boy, did she ever succeed.

I give you "The Magazine Man Rap." It's kickin'. Yo.

Not to be missed: her little dance video at the end. Once the tears of laughter have streamed down your face from reading the rap, seeing this video will cause you to accidentally snort those tears back up into your nose, causing much choking and gasping. Of course, your mileage may vary.

As promised, the Giveaway won't last much longer. In fact, I think I'm going to have to end the bidding Tuesday night, let's say 8PM EST. This will give me a chance to contact winners and get snail mail addresses before I head off to Ohio. Mailing will occur some time on Thursday or Friday.

Sound fair? Well, too bad.

Now I've got to get back to boxing up this stuff.

But before I do, one other item to mention. If you haven't visited Shane lately, go now. He's doing a little giveaway of his own, in the form of donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for those readers who participate (by "participate" I mean "submit pictures of their breasts") in the 2005 Annual Blogger Boobie-thon, a most worthy endeavor to raise funds (and a great deal else!) for Komen.

I have already made my donation, and not because I want access to the Boobie-thon's special uncovered, pay-per-boob site (well, not just because). Also, seeing as they do permit men to submit photos, and seeing as I have a little bit more to offer than most men (anyone who saw #10 here and read AuxMem's correct guess in the comments will know what I'm talking about), and seeing as how I had nothing better to do this morning after I got out of the shower, I, um, sort of went ahead and submitted a photo.

Not that any of you were rushing off to the site just now, but I should tell you that at this time, my photo has not yet been posted to Boobie-thon. I haven't quite decided whether I'm relieved or disappointed about that.

No, I've decided. I'm relieved.

Maybe they thought it was too freakish to post.

And if they did, let me say right now that I am not posting it here. You know what a private, shy sort of fellow I am.

Right, so you have plenty of options for doing good the next couple of days. Bid your good deeds to me. Send pictures of your breasts to Boobie-thon.

Or, you know, vice versa. :-)

Or maybe that smiley should be :-) 3

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Alrighty then......topping off my bid for the locked case with a boobie submission myself, later tonight.....after the kid goes to bed.......
Where's the water gun? Did I miss a post?

I may have to bid on the Trek dolls instead. Maybe I can just throw them at my squirrel.
Submitted my boobies last night! (*several* times, in fact...) (well, what can I say, husband had fun playing photographer...)
You are a bad man.
They finally posted your pic!

Yes,I must!
It is?

(he asked sickly)

Are you sure it's mine?
Oh Yes, I'm sure.

"Three cheers" for MM!
I should probably leave you my email, incase by some miracle I actually win my bid (I bid for the journals, promising to give them to a friend etc). Email is watsonk @ gmail (dot) com.

Thanks! Katie
Posted one pic last night.

I'll have to wait until Thursday when the kid stays at my parents before I can get artistic.

It's the least this American Girl can do.
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