Friday, October 21, 2005


The Mighty Blaze!

Unfortunate Update, 2011: Blaze may be gone, but he will never be forgotten, and these posts, I think, make a fitting monument that speaks to the special brand of love, devotion, and general awesomeness that he brought to our lives. I wrote every one with a sense of wonder and gratitude (and often with a smile on my face) at my good fortune to have such a dog. I hope reading them elicits the same response.

Original Intro:

Due to popular demand, my dog has gone from being an occasional supporting character here to a co-star, much like the Fonz did on Happy Days. And much like Henry Winkler's character, Blaze brings a certain level of style, elan, and general coolness that this blog would otherwise lack, since God know I am incapable of generating any of the above. That Blaze is also furry and cute and brave and faithful doesn't hurt either. He appears often in my posts, but these are the highlights. If I've overlooked a favorite, let me know:

My Dog the Hero

A letter written to my dog, after he was diagnosed with cancer (a diagnosis that, happily, turned out to be completely incorrect). A certain writer of my very close acquaintance wrote a different version of this story (which ended up winning an award) for a magazine, which is why the link here will take you off the blog. Warning: May induce simultaneous laughing and crying.

My Dog the Hero (Again)

Blaze really is extremely protective of my children, especially the Brownie. This news story recounts an exciting morning at the Magazine Mansion wherein Blaze raced around like Lassie on crack, trying to warn me that my daughter was in danger, before taking it upon himself to save the day.

My Many Head Wounds

Another extremely popular entry. Readers wrote in using words like "guffaw" and "coffee" and "spewing" so it must have been funny. This is the second part of a story in which I had to take the Brownie to the ER to get her head stitched shut. Along the way, I distracted her with stories of my own numerous head wounds. Bonus content includes a moment when I manage to numb myself with the one topical anesthetic on the planet that I'm not immune to, and my dog speed-dialing my mother. It's got something for everyone!

The Noise in the Night

What if you woke up in the middle of the night and thought you heard someone rummaging around in your garage? And your dog snoozed through almost the whole thing?

Speaking My Dog's Language

Our brief and surreal attempt to speak Dog, and the hilarity that ensued. Also includes a link to a bonus audioclip.

The Wild Rumpus

You'll find the full story of this weekend in "The Ones Everyone Asks About" but I include the first installment here for the hilarious if unfortunate picture of poor Blaze, who put the "rump" in "rumpus."

Guest Dogger--er, Blogger

This longish post features a story told from three different viewpoint, but it was the last of these guest bloggers who stole the show.

Return of the Guest Blogger

Three guesses who this is...

Patrolling the Mean Streets

What happens when some dink in a car tries to jump you, but doesn't realize you have a dog who will rip your leg off the moment you yell "LOAFER!"

Two Words: Ass Strep

Nuff said. In fact, the less said, the better.

Fetching Blaze

The longest saga in the adventures of me and that damn dog. It starts here, near the very end, and continues for several days. Even I can't believe it, but it happened.

A Long Walk, Shortened

Blaze may be kind of a one-note dog when it comes to heroics, but I'm not complaining. Here, and not for the first time, he protected one of us (me) from a dog attack, standing paw to paw with two ravening German Shepherds. He came out of it a little worse for wear.

Then again...maybe not.


From Somewhere on the Masthead

You've written more posts about your dog than you have about your Dad!

It's understandable though, you don't see your Dad everyday.

Glad you and the dog made it back safe!
I'm glad ole Blazey has a proper spot on your blog. I can think of no dog who deserves it more. The banner looks great! When is the book coming out? Christmas is just around the corner you know :)

I also noticed (and swallowed my coffee sideways, choked and etc..) that you had put me on your FNS. That just made my day-I only hope my little ramblings bring you a smidgen of the happiness you bring me with yours-
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