Friday, October 14, 2005


An October Moment...

My car is in the shop so Her Lovely Self and the Brownie drove me to work very early this morning. Even though the sun was struggling to come out, the world outside was dim and misty.

We pulled up to a stop light not far from our neighborhood.

Suddenly, the Brownie said, in a very quiet voice, "Look, Dad. There's some people that aren't alive anymore."

I had that split instant of Ayiiiieee shock, then remembered where we were. I turned around in my seat to look at the Brownie. Out the window on her side of the car, I could see the field of white crosses and headstones in the mist behind her.

"Yes, honey," I said. "That's called a cemetery." I hadn't really paid much attention to the place since we moved here, but it was just in the news in our area because the whole cemetery was being moved to make way for a highway expansion project and some local residents were protesting it. I can't blame them. The idea of relocating the dead weirds me out. Seems totally against the idea of Rest in Peace, you know?

The Brownie blinked at me. "No, Dad," she said. Over there."

And she pointed to the other side of the street. Where there is no cemetery of any kind.

I swiveled my head so fast my neck popped like a gunshot.

Across the street from the cemetery, all I could see was an empty corner, dimly lit by a street lamp, faint tendrils of fog hanging there in the half-light.

No one was there.

"What did you see, honey?" I asked the Brownie.

She looked at me, this tiny 4-year-old woman with her dark, mysterious eyes. "I told you, Dad," she said. "People that aren't alive anymore." She looked back at the corner. "But they went away," she said absently, and with that, the Brownie went back to the picture book she had been looking at.

Eight hours later, the hair is still standing straight up on the back of my neck.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Ooh, cue the Twilight Zone music!
Children have that 6th sense... didn't you know that...

I guess I'll be the first to make the "Sixth Sense" comparison. I'm not going to quote it though. Atleast she's not afraid of them, right?
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Don't TELL me stories like that!!!!

GREAT! Now my husband will have to quit his job and stay home with me full time, so that he can keep a look out for ghosts while I am napping in the afternoon.
This is really going to hurt us financially.
You've mentioned some MM family magnetic powers - perhaps The Brownie inherited them?
I saw a ghost when I was around 6 as well. My family had just moved into an old colonial house built in 1832. My dad was out at the bottom of the driveway, messing around in the gardens. I walked out on the porch and saw a woman in white walking towards him and appear to talk to him at length. After she left, I walked down to my dad and asked him who he had been talking to. He claimed he hadn't been talking to anyone, that he had been alone. I was upset, though of course not because I had just seen someone who wasnt there, but because my father REFUSED to tell me that someone had been talking to him and I know I had seen her. A few weeks later my dad uncovered an old headstone a few feet under the soil in the same garden. It was marked with a 20-something year old woman's name who was born in 1832, the same year the house was built.


October is freakin' creepy around here!
Yikes! Now there's a Sixth Sense moment if I ever heard one...never have seen a ghost, myself, although I do keep an open mind about them. One late night in Key West I was walking back to my hotel and walked right past the cemetery there (which is all above-ground tombs due to the low elevation there) and that was spooky but I didn't see anything unusual.
got your uncle's magnet thing I guess -- glad she was so unbothered by it but YIKES!!!
In my family that's commonly referred to as "The Curse"---the ability to see what others can't and dream of what hasn't yet occurred. And oddly enough, The Curse touches only the female gender. Looks as though the Brownie may just have a bit of something similar.

I would have been a little unnerved. I used to see "things" too. It's one of the biggest reasons I refuse to live in a house that someone else has lived in. Thus my newly constructed home. Do I see things now? I won't admit it and always try to have a blind eye. Just freaks me out too badly. Although... hmmm, good story for me to write on the blog.
I remember seeing my first ghost at the same age. He lived in our house, and was fortunately family. People now freak out when I tell them about it, but it seemed so natural at the time.
They relocated a cemetery in Poltergeist. We all know what happened next.

They're heeere....

Out of the mouths of babes...

really creepy babes. (:

Happy Halloween.
Cool. Maybe she will grow up to be a Ghost Whisperer.

She may have downloaded "The Look" from HLS, but she downloaded & updated to "The Gift v4.5" from you! (and your uncle)
I'm with Michelle...major goosebumps.
Whooooooa. Creepy, dude. I've watched too many Discovery and TLC shows where kids talk to the dead (that the parents can't see) for this to not give me the willies.

You're going to have to get some exorcisin' done, clearly. If you think you have back pain, wait until you see what a 360 degree neck twist will do for the vertebrae.
Interesting side note:

This is one of your first posts in a while where you didn't title it with your classic "In which..."
You know, MM, I have a niece who was like that at one time. She used to have this "connection" with the spirit world. Everybody in the family recognized it and respected it. For my part, I got her to give me a winning roulette number before one trip to Vegas. It won. I gave her a cut.

She is now 16. She lost whatever it was she had, sometime around puberty. My advice to you would be to get The Brownie to give you some numbers NOW before the opportunity passes... :-)
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