Tuesday, November 01, 2005


In Which Crap Turns to Gold...

Well, by now, most of you--certainly those of you in the US and Canada--have received your crap. Many thanks to those of you who wrote in to tell me. And many thanks to those of who are still waiting for some things (like my stories and, uh, my stories) for not flaming me. And of course a really big, semi-sarcastic thanks to those of who did receive your stuff but haven't bothered to acknowledge the fact (you know who you are). Thanks aren't required. I just like to know that my crap got where it was going.

I told you I'd update you on what folks are doing. Here's a random sample. If you blogged about receiving your item and it's not mentioned here, don't assume you were deliberately ignored. Just email me with the link and I'll add it.

Babs at Less Traveled By... gets top billing for a couple of reasons. For one thing, she doesn't even have the stories I was supposed to send her (Your Honor, let's stipulate: I SUCK!), yet she still held up her end of the bargain. And what she did was donate her gorgeous hair to a non-profit organization that creates wigs for young kids who've lost their hair to chemotherapy. Well done. I feel like shit twice over, first for not sending the stories yet and second that in return for such a generous good deed all you're getting is a sheaf of my crappy writing.

Normally, I'd save the best for last, but I have to put him fairly high up. AJ Gentile, Viscount of Vlogs, Baron of Blog TV, Caesar of Crappy-Mation, has a highly entertaining video of his attack on a squirrel that's been harassing him. I sent him...something...from the incredible Basement of Crap to deal with the problem. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. I wet myself (and so did he). I especially enjoy my cameo role as one of the voices of his conscience (am I the angel or the devil?).

Alissa Clare bid on the Green Lantern ring of power. She didn't get the one I offered--that went to Mandy (who is understandably too preoccupied with another ring to even let me know whether or not she got the one I sent). But as I was moving boxes around, I uncovered another Ring of Power, this one belonging to the Golden Age Green Lantern (she explains the difference in her blog entry about it). And she is taking it everywhere.

Evan, who Alissa has dubbed The Logo Genius, got the DVD I sent and promptly sent me a very entertaining questionnaire to help him design a new logo for use here at the Masthead. Evan, I sent that back to you a week or so ago. I assume you got it and are hard at work trying to decipher my nonsensical answers. If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll it again, this time with even dumber answers.

My man Johnny C. had to wait months to get his goodies, and like Babs, before he even got his stuff, he did his good deed--sending toys to a little kid who's going to be missing out on other goodies for the rest of his life. I love his write-up about getting the package. With no return address on the box, I guess I'm lucky security didn't open it on ya, huh, Johnny?

Alpharat got another digital camera I found and he will be using it to highlight interesting things going on in his fair city.

Aux Mem got his crap, and is in the process of doing his deed, which involves a skirt and size-11 man-pumps. Still waiting for the photos, man.

Kef also got his crap, and is already planning to do his good deed, which involves making sick kids just a little bit happier this holiday season (and it's fine with me if you need to wait til then). On top of this worthy endeavor (sorry, endeavour--he lives in Canada), he's engaging friends to help him, so the good-deed virus is spreading.

I was dismayed to learn, however, that Kef had to pay some kind of customs tax and handling for what I sent him. I feel awfully bad about this, as I didn't want any money to be involved in this giveaway. I certainly didn't want you guys out of pocket. I owe ya something else, man. And if there's a way I should fill out the customs form next time so as to avoid them drubbing you for money, let me know.

Lillie got a crapload of LEGOs for her kiddo, who seems very pleased to have them indeed. In return, Lillie is going to bite her tongue on certain matters. I have great admiration for those who make an effort towards self-restraint. I myself have not mastered it.

Flip, Art Lad's big sister on the Web, got a DVD and an Art Lad original. In return she's going to paint the bedroom of a little girl who is a friend of the family. This is the first time the girl's had a room of her own and she wants it to look special, of course. If anyone can make that happen, my money's on Flip, who is one extraordinary artist.

That's all for now. If I overlooked one of you, email me and I'll make sure to update the entry or post a new one. I've been trying to keep up on everyone's blogs, but it's been a wild time here at the Magazine Mansion. While I was distracting you all with tales of romance, my parents arrived for their twice-yearly visit, Thomas turned 7 and had a party (details at his place) and also got sick. So did I, which crimped our weekend big time. Also, we heard mysterious scratching noises in our garage for two nights running. Was it another October Moment? You'll find out soon. As soon as I have a moment to sit down and tell you all about it.

(Here is where I'd normally put my dots of ellipsis, but I seem to have used up my last ones further up in this entry. Have to pick some up on my way home tonight.)

From Somewhere on the Masthead

You realize by posting this I now have several other blogs I have to start reading? Think my boss will mind?

On another topic entirely, you may be interested to know that someone in Canada has stolen your "Yummy Mummy" title for a new magazine: www.yummymummymag.com
Your loot is spreading across the whole net! It's Magazine Man panspermia!
Happy Halloween.
I love my Green Lantern Ring and Evan was so jealous he had to get a Sinestro ring for himself! I'm still planning of fulfilling my "comic book day bid". Stay tuned!
I did get to wear the Green Lantern Power Ring briefly, which was rather exciting. And I do believe that I'll get to be part of its 10-year high school reunion adventure. Exciting.

As for the stories, I actually just got some childhood ones (courtesy of mom, who I saw in D.C. last weekend) to post. One made me laugh so hard that I nearly...well, it made me laugh a lot.

Hope Thomas feels better. And you, too - but I'd imagine that having a sick kid almost sucks worse than being sick yourself.
I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to receive something or not. I know I didn't win a bid, but you had mentioned that "everybody gets something." Wasn't sure what that something was or if I was actually entitled to it. If I am receiving something, I will definitely let you know when I receive it. Don't want to come across as rude.
Hey Mr. Mann. Please don't worry about the measly fee that my stinkin' government made me pay. It was in Canadian dollars so like I said, the books you sent WAY more than made up for it.
And, AJ is right, your stuff is spreading and so is your fame. All my friends, (ok, some of them) were sooooo jealous of the crap I got. I just told them it came from my favourite Magazine Man!
I didn't get my crap. I was just thinking about that yesterday.
I'm joining the next MM Crap Giveaway, deadlines be damned! So much fun!

My crap hasn't arrived yet, but since you were kind enough to include me in the giveaway via an alternate awarding of (rather large?) crap, I can patiently wait until it does show up. I assume that it may be the largeness of the crap that is delaying delivery. In the meantime, I'll think up my good deed.
My son was still having loads of fun with the leggos when I told him I had to pack them up this past weekend. See we are moving and most anything that doesn't move or isn't a necessity is being packed to save me the rush in the end. He was angry with me but I know once we are all moved and he has his very own room with his brand new loft bed and a place to showcase his leggo collection well... lets just say he will be in heaven once again! Thanks again for sending them to us! Oh and biting my tongue was much more difficult than I had anticipated, dammit!
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