Saturday, November 12, 2005


In Which I Tell A Story...

All right, kids, gather 'round. Ol' Uncle MM has a story to tell you.

But first, some visuals to help with the story:

This is Moxie.

This is Tuffy.

And this, of course, is Thomas and his trains.

I think that's enough to get you started.

Click on the train when you're ready to listen to the story.


Oh, and one more thing. I seem to remember some folks having technical difficulties with the audio last time, so just in case, here's the text of the story so far.

From Somewhere on the Hairball Express

Cool story so far, MM. I guess doing the ... thing isn't really possible in an audioblog.
So Tuffy is from New Hampshire by way of, Bed Stuy?
CB beat me to a smart remark about Tuffy. But it sounds to me like he was born under a train platform in South Boston. My uncle, who lives in Southie, sounds just like that. --MH
Hurry, hurry I want to hear more! Please!
Great story! Especially loved the choo-choo sound effects: "Wooo wooo! Wooo wooo!!"
I love it so far! I can't wait to hear the rest of it :D

When I heard Tuffy's accent, I couldn't help keep the huge grin off my face. :D That is just too awesome. ^^
What a nice reading voice you have.

And I can't believe you left us with a cliff hanger!!!!!

Want more, soon!

(And wonderful story too!)

All I got was a rock! Seriously, I'm on a Mac and I tried to load on four different browsers, all to no avail. Hey, but that's cool, I read the beginning first installment, and I cried. I'm a cat guy from way back and the story of Moxie is just so sad. Not that I mind at all, in fact, bravo for touching my soft inner core. :¬)
in which I go AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

a suggestion mind you.

You don't really need to speak to the microphone.

The thing is quite sensitive and is able to capture your voice nicely.

Speak normal and just say it out a bit louder but with the mic further away.

all in all ... GOD!!! Do we need another cliffhanger?
Was so disappointed when the audio didn't work on my mac! Still, the story, so far, was excellent. =)
What a great beginning to a story! I am with all the others, eagerly awaiting the conclusion. (Or, if you hold true to form, there will be at least 2 more installments.) I do think you should look into publishing the story. I think LegoBoy would love to read something like that.
Great storytelling voice! I look forward to the next installment.
Another Mac user here. I have yet to be able to view/hear anything you've posted to that putfile site, MM. Sorry. I wish I could be part of the fun.

Maybe you might conside making an mp3 available somewhere else?

Until then, I shall read the text and enjoy that way, while reading the comments to get a feel for what I am missing.
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That was great! Tuffy sounds a bit like Cliff Clavin to me.

Seems to me you could make some $ on the side with audiobooks!!!!
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