Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In Which We Bring It All Home...

Okay, here it is, the last part. You know what to do:

Oddly, Putfile ain't working, but I was able to upload to the Internet Archive again and there you should be able to download it or play it.

Let me know if you can't. Text is here.

Finally, a few more images to go with the story.

The station near Thomas' house.

Moxie's boy!

And once more, because he just makes me laugh, here's Tuffy. He REALLY DOES love trains.

When they're not busy hijacking trains, this is what our heroes do all day.

Thanks again for your wonderful response to this silly little (okay, not so little) story. Hope you enjoyed this as much as Thomas and I did.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Wanna know what's cute? Where I live there is an old-fashioned train station whose tracks only go about 15 miles...and once a year, every summer, we have Thomas the Tank Engine pulling the train to the next town and back. The kids around here go nuts. What's funny is I never made the connection of "Thomas" and "Thomas the Tank Engine" before. Bonus!

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Runaway Success.

Modern naration of a age old story.

"Lassie Comes Home"
I loved it. Thanks MM and Thomas!

I have really enjoyed listening to your story. And please tell Thomas that he did excellent sound effects!

You definitely need to publish this puppy! It's really fun!!

You put a smile on my face, which has been hard to do lately.

That totally rocked. No wonder Thomas loved the story so much.

Once Thomas finishes all the drawings perhaps you could seriously think about publishing it, with the audio CD.

Of course, that would mean sharing the bestseller kudos with him too.
Nice story, MM. I especially liked the HLS coffee line.
You went above and beyond to present your story to us. Thank you. Thank you, very much! I truly enjoyed both versions, text and audio. Thomas may have a future in sound effects...
I will just echo everyone else, this needs to be published.
I loved this. My favorite parts included Thomas's train whistle, Tuffy's voice, Thomas's greeting to Moxie upon her return and the various mentions of granola bars. I can imagine the development of the story. Whether you publish the story or not, it's awesome that your family has it.
Finally got to listen to all the parts and LOVED IT! Tell Thomas he did a wonderful job. (His sounds made me giggle every time!!) And you were not so bad yourself, MM. I think it's time to find a publisher...
I just now (12/12/05) finally got a chance to listen to the story :) Very nice! I really enjoyed it :) Everyone's right, it would make a great children's book + CD!
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