Friday, December 09, 2005


In Which We Get A Card in the Mail...

Well, I guess I should consider this the first card of the holiday season. It came in a next-day FEDEX package. Inside was a simple envelope, which contained a simple card.

A gift card.


And an actual note from the VP of customer affairs for the place that sold me the faulty window. Not sure how much this card is for, but I guess I'll find out soon.

Almost makes up for not getting an apology from the store manager.

And the card comes in handy in more ways than one. When scraped against my 24-hour stubble, it could be used as a musical instrument. Should have audioblogged it, but this will have to suffice.


Beard: Day One

Heavens, but I feel ridiculously self-satisfied today.

Anyone else having a problem with a store? Let me at 'em! I feel like I'm on a roll.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Smug little so and so,
Aren't you?

Now get out here and help me replace my garage door from hell.

Not so much with a retailer as my apartment management office. The always cool "balcony window" has a seam that isn't very tight, so these wintry winds are blowing right into my apartment, a little bit at a time. Oh, and I've yet to take a shower that stays hot the whole time.....
Man, I wish I had a problem with a store! I was wishing it during your whole story.

I wish I could have a Magazine Man that I carry in my purse and then I would whip you out at the first sign of consumer trouble. You'd burst out of my purse suddenly all life-size and ready to rumble and I'd be like, Ha HA! Take that, f***balls!
Hey, any gift card that you can buy hardware with ain't too shabby. Wish my family would send me Home Depot cards instead of Nordstrom's. They don't have a tool department there.

Of course I'd rather skip on all the bullsh*t hassle with the windows and skip straight to the gift card. That thing had better have a good amount on it is all I gotta say.
I have a love/hate relationship with friendlys. I go and have horrible horrible service, so I write and complain. They send me a gift card, so I go back to use it and I get horrible service.
I think the Really Big Home Improvement Store gets the last word with the image on the gift card.

"Dear valued customer: go screw!"
Where were you when my Gateway nightmare began?!? I could have used your "persuasive wordsmithing"...

I wholeheartedly endorse your philosophy of going straight to the top. It's worked for me, too. (I feel like I'm doing an ad for Hair Club for Men.)
MM, when it comes to getting results from pushy megastores, you are a true artiste. I gaze in awe of your superior skillz. You should do an update if you ever meet the local store management in person...
OO, OO,OO ( in my best Arnold the sweathog impression) I've got a problem ... come help me!
You're my hero.

My last quarrel was with a cell phone provider in the spring. I managed to resolve the issue, but it took weeks and lots of phone calls and emails. Your "go to the top and cc: the competition" technique might've resolved the whole thing much faster.
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