Friday, January 13, 2006


In Which It's All About Me (Again)...

Good God, I should have blogged about the crazy neighbors as soon as I hung up from Her Lovely Self yesterday. I can't tell you how much better it made me feel to have everyone venting and offering support in comments and via email. I feel like, if I decided to confront these people, it's like I have dozens of folks who've got my back.

Which, in the actual event, would be completely untrue. So I guess that makes me just as crazy as the crazy neighbors. But I'm Good Crazy, dammit.

Anyway, your heartwarming response was almost as gratifying as the number of people who've emailed me to ask how/when the hell they can vote for me in the Best Daddy Blog category of the

(oof, how's THAT for a lame transition?)

It looks like that part of the contest is up and running now, so click here or the button above and you can go to the main BOB page for links to voting pages, updates, rules, you know.

Anyway, even I can only be so self-serving, so unless something unexpected occurs, this is the last time I'll stump for this honor.

However, there may yet be a guest blogger who has been, er, itching, to say a thing or two about this. We'll see what happens over the weekend.

Thanks again, everybody.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Come on, guys; MM's in second place! That's inexcusable :> Get voting!
I'm voter #35. But if you don't win, by some unfair perversity of all that is just, it'll just mean the story about eventually winning will be longer. And that is good for the rest of us. Not that I don't want you to win. I do. Really! I voted!
I'll vote for ya, but it's gonna cost ya.

You have to take my beagle for the weekend.

He likes Q-tips, doggie doo and Ivory soap, though not necessarily in that order.
He's also keen on sucking on blankets.
Let me know where I can drop him off for you.

I just voted once on my computer, once on my husband's PC and once on his laptop. So now you definitely have to take my beagle. I may just insist on my greyhound for good measure. You can send Thomas over though; I'll let him run rampant in my studio...I've got LOTS of paper and paint.
I voted for ya. But only the once, 'cause that silly website keeps track of if you've voted or not. :/ I did email my brother (who is not a blog reader--though I'm tryin', I'm tryin') and told him to vote for ya too. In all fairness, I have to admit I've been checking out dadgonemad via his archives, and he's a funny guy, though he'll never be my favorite blogger. You and Shane are tied for that position. ;)
Elbow and SEND. Good Luck MM!
Definitely good crazy ;)
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Long time no blog, well for me atleast.

Just wanted to let you know I cast my ballot for you!

Have you seen the new Saga Collection Star Wars Toys?

They're awesome!

I picked up Vader and R2. I hope you got some freebies for yourself!
votes will be in soon.

As for the darn crazy lady. Just wait for the cops to come and then send them her way for harrasing your wife.

dogs crap. human picks up crap.

that is the current general order of things.

so asked the nice lady to pickup here crap and shove it back into herself.

ok ... now I feel better too.
Yup, I voted! I'll be checking back to see how we all did. :)

Good luck MM.
I don't see why anyone would need to know how to vote. I mean it's not as if there were technical difficulties in the slightest.:)

Congrats on your nomination!
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