Wednesday, March 22, 2006


In Which I Get Hawesome Fever...

I know that many of you found your way here from Shane's place, Nickerblog. Those of you who haven't--the two of you--you need to go now (but come back). Quite aside from being one of the best blog writers I know, Shane is an inextinguishable font of creativity that extends in so many different directions, it frankly leaves me gaping. I'm pretty much a one-trick pony: I can write stuff, and that's about it. But Shane writes, entertains (in the form of his famous vlogs and more recently, a podcast) and is forever coming up with interesting ways to bring his vast readership together (the Worf Album contest would be a prime example).

If I had to sum up my feelings about Shane in one word, that word would be "inspirational." He's one of the reasons I blog. For that alone, I owe him a debt of gratitude.

And now he's inspired me again. Well, not just me, but another Nickernut too. Those of you who follow Shane regularly know that he has more or less championed the usage of a new word (or championed the alternate pronunciation of an old word; I'm not quite sure on that point). That would be the word "hawesome" or (as it is usually spoken) "HAWESOME!" Well, not too long ago he inspired a reader, Rich Menga to create a site entirely devoted to the word. is still a young site, but already impressive (I defy you not to refresh the main page over and over just to hear the telegram part).

And now a moment of brutal honesty: At first, I never really gave the word "hawesome" much thought, and I'm just enough of an anal editor to be ever-so-slightly dismissive when these "new" words crop up. Sure, I was plenty amused when Shane would go off on a "Hawesome!" riff because, well, he's Shane, and he can sell it.

But something strange happened when I actually did visit As Rich was inspired by Shane, so I was inspired by Rich. On one page of the site I found an old photo of, ostensibly, a member of the Hawesome family (who looks astonishingly like Teddy Roosevelt, but never mind). That image got my gears turning. I got to wondering where the Hawesome family came from, and how their lives affected the way their name would come to be a part of Shane's vocabulary and, perhaps eventually, everyone else's too.

So I wrote a few (thousand) words about the history of the Hawesomes, then emailed Rich to see if he might have a use for it on the site. With great grace and good humor, he not only accepted my rambling, but has today begun featuring the history on the main page of the site. This was a fun collaborative effort. Rich made some key edits (I do tend to run on, you know) and added hilarious images that provide the ultimate counterbalance to the text. And he had the whole thing up and posted in about 20 minutes (or so it seemed to me). My hat's off to him.

If you're a fan of Shane's or are amused by the whole hawesome phenomenon, or just want to see what happens when I try to write like a history professor, I urge you to visit Now, I understand not everyone is into it. Instead of being inspired by the word to do something pointlessly creative, they're inspired to be pointlessly annoyed by a little bit of lexiconical fun. If you're one of those people, then you should of course avoid the site like death itself. No one wants you there anyway.

I'm not sure ultimately what Shane will make of it all (except perhaps to wonder how I can find time to write things like this but have yet to deliver him the guest blog I promised). But I can only hope that he will consider it not merely an homage to him and his creative fire, but also proof positive that, in a world full of hawesome people, he is, like, whoa, the most wicked HAWESOME dude of all.


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I hate to be the one to say it, but, oh dude, that was fucking HAWESOME!
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