Sunday, May 21, 2006


In Which We Draw Your Attention...

Two things happened this weekend:

1. I got my 100,000th visitor. That is, I noticed that I got my 100,000th visitor. It actually happened sometime Friday but, as with the odometer on every car my family or I have ever owned, I wasn't around--or more likely didn't even realize it--when the numbers flicked over to all those zeroes. There's something kind of anticlimactic about seeing a digital readout of 100,009, you know?

Still, I went back to Sitemeter because I thought in the back of mind I might try to do something cool or special for the 100,000th customer--maybe reveal my secret ID to them, or send them a wad of cash or something. But according to Sitemeter, magic #100,000--from Southfield, Michigan, incidentally--had a visit length of exactly ZERO seconds before they clicked on to something more interesting. Sigh. So much for that.

But then something much cooler happened to take my mind off it...

2. Art Lad has returned. Out of nowhere yesterday, Thomas just up and decided to do an entry--and my, did he want to cram it all in to one post.

So, fresh Art Lad, for them that's interested. Enjoy. I did.

Much more than watching the numbers on an odometer turn over, that's for sure.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Congrats on your 100,000th visitor :)

I read the new Art Lad this morning; it was great! Glad to hear from Thomas again :)

I already commented on your previous post regarding the balls.
Trust me, "100,000" is not something you want to Google for. Art Lad on the other hand is way, way, WAY cooler. :-)
Congrats and turning over your odometer, MM. I get quite a few visits similar in length to yours, btw. I'm not sure how someone can visit for zero seconds and even leave a "hit" on the sitemeter but oh well.
You get lots of one second hits from me. If I see you haven't put up a new entry, I sometimes quit before it finishes loading. that visitor may be one of your biggest fans checking for updates.

I hope you have recovered from pulling your ball out fo the fence.
Wow, congrats.

As for 0 secs, I've heard the various stat counters aren't that reliable in that regard. Also if your site shows up in a search engine's results, that gets counted as a hit whether they visit your site or not.
You haven't mentioned your recent injury that Art Lad shared...

"The other day, I knocked Dad's balls into the fence and one of them got stuck! It took Dad a long time to pull it out."

Ouch! Best wishes for a quick recovery.

I was all alone driving the mini-van Saturday, when I noticed the odometer looked funny. I thought it was broken, it said "IIIIII".
Then it hit me, "Doy, it's still miles. How cool." I had no one to share the moment with. No camera with me to record it.

Congrats on your odometer moment!

Now, I'm off to visit Thomas!
100,000 is still pretty cool. I don't live in Southfield (that's a Detroit suburb and I'm 2 hours west of there in the middle of a cornfield), so I'm glad it isn't me that got gypped out of that wad of cash. :) Nice to get some Thomas news this morning, though.
That may have been me. Sometimes my interweb routes through Southfield, sometimes Royal Oak.

At any rate, One problem I've heard with those stat counters is that if someone pops into your site and reads what's on the front page, then leaves, it rgisters as a zero second, because they didn't reload anything to get a second hit time to get a visit length.

At any rate, Congrats!
My sage advice: Keep your balls AWAY from the fence. DO NOT stick them in there! Didn't you ever see the sit com where the person gets their head stuck in the bannister??? Have we learned NOTHING from television?

That is an incredible milestone to achieve. Sorry it wasn't me. I tend to stick around a little longer than that. Heck, it takes about 15 minutes just to read a post.
100,000 best wishes to you, Mr. Man. C'ent Anni times a hundred!!

Thanks to AlphaRat for the zero seconds explanation.

Thanks to CatPants for the huge laugh.
I grew up in Southfield. Still live nearby, but I wasn't 100K. I always stay for more than a second!
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