Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In Which I Almost Forgot...

I've said it before, but really, I wanted to thank everyone who has commented or emailed me the past few weeks as a result of my misadventure with Blaze. When he was still missing and I had no idea where he was, I got lots of good advice about conducting a proper search, and while that info turned out not to be necessary, it was VERY much appreciated.

I'm still twinging with guilt over the fact that some of you actually sent me money after my post in which I listed all my expenses in trying to find the dog. I'm a big fan of money, and with a grandfather who wasn't terribly emotional, but who always slipped me cash when I needed it, I've always come to associate money with love, and that's how I looked at it here. However, I had to refuse. I just couldn't accept, although it was very sweet indeed. You know who you are and I don't want to embarrass you (unless you want me to), and I certainly hope I didn't offend you by refusing your lovely gesture. But please, folks, no money. Save it for the book. Or give it to your local animal shelter. They need it more than I do.

Finally, a big welcome to the sudden and surprising influx of new readers. I'm not sure where you've all come from, but I'm awfully glad you're here, even those of you who have privately advised me not to write such long posts. I'll be glad to give you the email addresses of those who have blown numerous gaskets over my gratuitous use of cliffhangers, which are less for dramatic purpose, and more to keep posts short (in this case, "short" means "2,000 words or less"). They would rather I post entries in gigantic 10,000 word glops, you see. So I'll pair you folks off and you can have cage-style death matches over this issue. Whoever wins can just email me, okay? Okay.

UPDATE: I've been informed that I've been nominated for another blog award, so maybe that's where you're all coming from. That award, by the way, would be this one:

I don't normally consider myself worthy of awards, but this one is hard not to want. I mean, when you think "really fucking stupid" I know a lot of you are thinking of me.

What do you want to bet my Big Brother is the first one to comment on this?

Thanks again, one and all, for taking time to come here every day or week. Means a lot. Really.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Great idea for those who wish you would change your writing style. I'm on the "Don't" side - it keeps us crazy! Also breathelssly awaiting the book - make that pural!
As for the award,I can't imagine there could possibly be anyone else in the world who deserves it more than you! A hero to your dog and family, but who else would actually do what you've done and succeed. RFS Hero - Priceless!
Another long-time lurker, Lizardmom
Oh, don't change your style at all! The cliffhangers may be infuriating, but they keep people coming back, don't they? :)

Again, so VERY glad that everyone is back safe and sound. *hugs*
Just so you know, I submitted a couple of your Blaze posts to carnivals, so that may account for some of the influx.

As for those who want shorter posts, screw 'em. Friggin' Evelyn Wood refugees.
Personally, I was directed to your site from cmhl when it was still thought that Blaze had been kidnapped by dog fighters. I love your long posts, but then again I'm a fan of multi novel epics (Volume 10 of Terry Goodkind's series is on its way to me now)

I'm trying to read all your former entries and am looking forward to your book.

I've been a reader/fan/sometimes commenter of yours for a loooong time now, but I'd bet a good chunk of your new readers came from Shane's very lovely post about you and Blaze. If I wasn't already an avid reader of yours and I read that post of his, I would certainly check out this MM he spoke so highly of!
Hahaha, nice award nomination. Is it odd that I'm actually jealous?

And I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with your current blogging format. The cliffhangers just serve to get us worked up into a frothing frenzy for those follow-up (look, alliteration!) posts.
Oh shit. Where do I vote?

PS--Can you send the vest and stuff back? Not that I need it; you just suck at returning things. Don't ask for examples, you know I have them.
Just as I was about to note how there was no comment from BB... alas, there he is.

Now that's what blog awards should be all about.
"Don't go changin' to try to please" anyone! You write because, you must. We are just lucky you take us along for the ride. Thank you!

I would love to buy your book. Hmm, I'll have to buy one for my daughter too...

Going to try to vote now...
I've been reading your blog for quite some time, I am also a Nickernut, and found my way here from there. I love your stories and although I was on holidays during all your high drama, I just recently got caught up. Glad to hear you and Blaze (and the rest of the MM family) are all well.

So when can we look for this book here in Canada?
Just The Way You Are
with apologies to Billy Joel

Don't go changin'
To try and please us.
You never let us down before.
And don't imagine, you're too circumlocutive,
That we won't read you anymore.

We would not leave you
In times of boredom
We never would have read this far
We love the good posts
We'll bear the sad posts
We want you just the way you are
Gotta love that Stu. Heh.
Little Gator inspired me to write another one, found in the comments of Fetching Blaze, Postlude....
Good one Stu.

But seriously, who even knows what circumlocutive means, let alone be able to work it into a song.

MM, if you're going to write a book and tell us who you are, then you should probably come up to the Tdot for a signing as well ;)
my hero. :P

Just win the darn thing and make us all proud.
Hi MM!

I nominated you for the RFS award - as Blogger of the Month because you're awesome! You are not RFS at all - the awards are, as are all blog awards.....but since I was asked to recognize a blogger, it had to be you. You're wonderful and I hope you win.
Haha, great song covers Stu. You seem to have a propensity for these sorts of things :-)
I'm sorry to be nasty but unless you have the attention span of a knat I can't imagine why you would complain about the length of the posts on this site. I think it is safe to say we come here for a story, to be wisked away and entertained. Sure youcould have summed the facts up in about 95 words with regard to the abduction of Blaze but where would the STORY be in that.

Please don't change. Let the Knats work on their attention spans.
Hah! That award is great. When I think of you and your blog, the furthest word from my mind is "stupid"... but I was so upset when you didn't win the Best of Blogs earlier this year, that I think I'll vote for you anyway, just because you deserve an award, dammit! And it would be a very Magazine-Man-esque story that you won the RFS Blog award.
You're welcome MM, but honestly and truly, the pleasure is all ours- Hope you win!
One of the new kids around here, and THRILLED beyond belief to read such an amazing story.

Many thanks to all the saints, angels and Universal goodness that brought Blaze to a home like yours. Thank you to you for going and rescuing your dog.
MM, you should let Stu write a foreword to your book, devised completely of songs. A filkword, if you will.

Okay, that name sucks. But you should still do it.
Hey! I co-authored one of those songs!

Stu, could you work in the line

"MagMan you should have seen him kick you, armor broke his toe."
just got back from two and a half weeks "down under" where I said prayers every night for blaze. (also a good...ok..really bad cathoiic..) I've traveled 17 hours today...yet still had to see how it all turned out. I am thrilled for you...That's all I can muster..

I can sleep more peacefully tonight. I'll snuggle with 2 of my 4 dog menigerie...And wish and pray that all, both man and beast alike...sleep safely and well fed tonight.
Ok, I voted. Hope that we've got enough here to swing it. I'd love to see "award winning" somewhere on the front page. :)

You're already a "winner" to us.

Ok, that was corney. But well meant. I lack Stu's ability with words.
I found your blog via Suldog, and the story of your search for and recovery of Blaze has me hooked.

Not that you intend to, but add my voice to the crowd saying, "Don't change." The cliffhangers are great, as is the amount of detail that your provide. You're clearly a great writer, and I'm enjoying your style.

Keep up the great work, and keep giving Blaze lots of hugs from all of us!
With all deference and respect to the Mighty Magazine Man, I believe it's the award that's "Really Fucking Stupid" and not the blog.

Syntactical problems like this are why I prefer to communicate telepathically.

The story about Blaze just sends cold shivers down my spine. I was so relieved to read its conclusion! Thank goodness--a happy ending.

I personally love your blog posts, lengthy or not. People who want 100 words or less should go read ingredients labels, not storytelling blogs. I'm here for the stories! :-) Love you just the way you are.

who thinks a novel about all that would be awesome, if scarey
Nickerson pointed the way, but your writing is what keeps me coming back. You had me in tears for Blaze - so glad it turned out well.

Write what length suits you, the right folks will get it.
I've been a fan for five whole minutes! If I knew where the heck to nominate you for something, I would.

Yeah, I won't even read my OWN posts if they're over a certain number of words.

Gotta go send you some money...
*snort* i continue to read because of the quality of your writing, and because even if i've never met you and have no clue who you are, you've made me care what happens to you and yours. if you started dramatically shrinking your stories, they'd still be damn good, 'cause you're a rockin' writer, but the detail you provide would be sorely missed. if others don't like it, they can read their own blogs. so there.

so, what ever happened to jenny? (jennie? jenney? *sigh* you know what i mean, hopefully.)
I like the long posts. if it is well-written, it is worth reading.. and yours are always well-written..

mine, on the other hand, short and sweet. ha. I am frequently grammatically incorrect, and my name is cmhl.
My week is incomplete without my visits to your blog. Don't change your style! Not that I think you would no matter who wins the death match. We come here for your style and we tell others to come as well!
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