Saturday, August 05, 2006


In Which We Pose One of the Timeless Questions...

Am I having fun yet?

Only if it's fun to tear down logging roads in a pick-up with your Big Brother and your Dad, just like you used to when you were 8, only your brother had better taste in hatwear then.


Only if it's fun to walk two miles up a slippery overland trail to a lake of such pristine beauty it mutes all speech...


...until your daughter starts crying and you discover she has a blister the size of a fried egg on her heel.

Only if it's fun to carry your daughter on a two-mile piggyback down the slippery overland trail, listening to her tell you that You--Not Anybody Else Ever But YOU--are the Best World's Daddy EVER (even though she is oblivious to the heart attack the Best World's Daddy is suffering at that moment. Note the Merrimac of sweat pouring off him).


Only if it's fun to spend every day chasing, panting, gasping, uttering strangled cries to keep up with your son, who is absolutely besotted with New Hampshire wilderness, and who only comes back to where you are to show you the latest animal he has caught barehanded.

Such as this newt:


Or this toad:


Or this snake (keep looking, you'll find it, just like he did):


Only if it's fun to tuck your son into your old bunk bed and hear him say, "It's good to be home, huh, Dad."

And realize later that you're hoping he had not been asking a question, but simply stating a fact.

For the both of you.

Am I having fun yet?


Oh. Oh my, yes.

From Somewhere in the Wild

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Beautiful. The scenery, the family, the story (especially Jennie the Fox on the video conference!). Not only are you a great writer, but the life you're living almost forces you to put the digital pen to the digital paper. Enjoy the've hella earned it.
Okay, seriously, was Thomas mimicking a Norman Rockwell painting?
It looks like you all are having an AWESOME family trip, MM!! Thanks for sharing some of the great moments you are all experiencing!
What a beautiful home you have- looks like a piece of heaven to me. Glad you are having fun :)
What fun...really! I'm glad the weather turned for your arrival: today looks just about perfect, a sea-change from the yuck we had earlier this week.

And yep, the rain & cooler weather brought out the newts: I saw three yesterday, after not having seen one in weeks.
Hope you're having a wonderful vacation...if a bit exhausting! You may have close to a heart attack but you guys sure looked happy!
So that's what BB looks like...I never knew how to picture him in your stories, I guess because his character (or the way you describe it) is absolutely priceless!
So beautiful. So peaceful. So right for a family vacation. Amazing!
Yup, as you knew already, I would say the answer is definitely yes. I did a lot of hiking in my time in NH, and it is one beautiful state. Thanks for the pictures!
I love the pic of your dad and Thomas together by the lake... beautiful...

Thanks for sharing these pics!!!
That is exactly what family vacation should be. I hope you did some swimming in that lake!!
Thomas is a brave man. I'm kinda ok with lizards and frogs/toads, but snakes can bite! They scare the everlovin' stuffin' outta me.

Really great to see that smile on your dad's face. It's real.
Cool hat, MM (yours, that is).

Glad to hear you're having such a good time. Thanks for sharing the pics.
I'm glad you're enjoying the visit home. You and the family have definitely earned it. That is some beautiful country though. It reminds me of growing up with my grandparents at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I was a lot like Thomas at that age. I loved catching fish in the creek along with any other wildlife nearby. The best were all the baby toads in spring though. I wouldn't walk in the woods for a week or so at the onset of Spring as not to squish the little things. Seriously, there were just so many that would go scattering through the leaves.

And those are wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. :) You're a damn lucky guy. BB is real!


Wow, what a great trip. It makes me want to go back to my Great Uncle Lewis' old house by Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. My dad used to take us there on the weekends when he was off work, and we'd get up in the morning to greasy eggs and bacon and then go hiking and swimming. The place was beautiful.

Unfortunately, Uncle Lewis' house passed out of family hands after he died. I think my grandma may still own the lot across the "street" (gravel road), but since we never actually went into her house there it wouldn't really be the same.

You are so lucky to have so much pristine land in your family! And I'm glad Thomas and the Brownie are learning the importance of that land early :)
Wonderful, MM, as always.
All I want to know is ... WHO TAKES THE PICTURES?

Its like Peter Parker taking snap shots of Spider Man ... :P
your dad is so cute...
HLS is the photog, 'natch! As she's not in any of the pics (which is a damn, damn shame), she's the likely culprit. Well, she and MM, who is my bet for the dashboard shot-taker, as well as the snake, newt, and toad shots, and maybe the lake shot.

With regard to the Saturday Evening Post photo, that is a keeper. If I could, I'd find a painter who could turn it into a Norman Rockwell homage. It really is a brilliant shot of Thomas.
Wonderful photos and story: it brought back many fond memories. My brothers and I used to catch garter and bull snakes and keep them as pets. My mother reluctantly tolerated that, but the last straw was when we managed to catch a snapping turtle and gave it a home in our bathtub. 8-)

Thomas will cherish this experience for the rest of his life. Enjoy
sorry for the brownie's blister. sounds like the rest of you are having a wonderful time though. yay for vacations! and yay for silly vacation hats!

you know, there are places that'll turn photos into paintings. it'd be a great christmas present for your parents.

heather - really? cool. we used to spend 2 weeks every summer on lake cumberland - right across from general burnside island. it was wonderful. i miss it there. :-)
MM - I used to attend Walden School during the summers, housed in Dublin at the Dublin School. We'd climb various mountains, usually finishing up with Mt Monadnock the last weekend, and the country was absolutely beautiful. I do not, however, miss the immense mosquitos.
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