Monday, October 30, 2006


In Which We Go to the Video...

For those of you who wondered what my old house looked like, esp. the carriage step and the attic window.

Yeah, it's a couple days early but...Happy Halloween, everyone.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

I couldn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary :( Maybe the whole spiritual receptiveness extends to photos and videos too.

(Can you see a ghost in this picture? I sure can't. Supposedly the people Wesley tormented like to hang around his statue, but I didn't see anything weird. I also heard that if you take a picture of someone standing in front of the statue, the person doesn't show up in the picture, but no one was willing to try it for me. Alas.)

In other news...I hate to say it, but it almost looks like you're preparing to spring to the side with the way you enter that last step. Playing a joke on the friends you were with?
I couldn't see anything weird either... I don't even know how many times I replayed that, paused it frame by frame...

I am perplexed as well. Stop action, frame by frame, listening regular speed, all of the above. I hear what sounds like a Semi truck slowing down that has an eerie sound to it, but I don't see anything. I think the pixels are getting the best of us all.
Ooh i know this one!

You can hear the attic shutter slapping. unfortanately in this video it fades just as you hear the noise but i remember in the full video you hear it thruout, and above the noise of the traffic. Believe me, my room was up there it was a noise i heard a lot.

and i think there's someone in the window of the back door. but the quality of the vid is really crap now. It is almost 20 yrs old.

as for the "holeeeey shit" sidestep moment, wasn't there just a big pile of crap there?
I couldn't see anything either - the only thing that kinda caught my eye was one of the windows in the beginning part of the video - looks like there is a person standing in the upper window to the far right.

other than that, I have no idea.

happy halloween :)
Apologies for the poor A/V quality. I had to take it down in resolution in order to be able to post it.

But BB is right: throughout the original video, you can hear a shutter banging--in fact here you can hear it while the camera is focused on the attic shutter, and maybe one other time in the video I posted. I walked all around the damn house and never saw a loose shutter, though.

And the last shot is just a goof: As I was walking I came within a foot of stepping on a HUGE ASS snake. Auditory phenomena were common in and around the house, but there were very few cold spots in the place.

Later, someone DID say they saw a shadow in a window, but I personally have never spotted it, which is why I threw the question out there.
While I didn't see a think "odd", I have to say that I am totally digging your 80's do and getup!

I am of the same generation as you, so I recoginized that jacket you were wearing and the acid washed jeans that so many of my male friends also wore way back when.

So, who did you take with you to the old farmhouse?
so what does the plaque by the door say"

"childhood home of Magazine Man"?
Hmm. And here I was thinking the miniature gallows structure you walked past was odd. Maybe it was just a lamp or sign post, but I didn't see either of those attached to it.
I didn't realize that you actually had neighbors, for some reason. I had pictured the house as being out in the middle of nowhere. I didn't notice anything odd until BB said it, but I was afraid you were going to pull a whole 'screaming girl' thing like some of those internet memos.

Claire, the 'gallows structure' is a pole to hold a laundry line. The other side was either another pole or the lines attached to the house. It's so weird to realize that many people have never seen such a thing...
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