Monday, October 16, 2006


In Which We Recover the Baby with the Bathwater...

Talk about eating the whole thing...

...and then my computer drive totally crashed, devouring everything and I spent a week's worth of waking hours trying to rebuild or reformat or regurgitate the whole fucking thing.



EYYYYYY--ah fuck it. You get the idea.

I've been around for the crash of a hard drive exactly twice before in my life. The last time was 13 years ago, when I snuck into the office a certain someone and placed what looked like a large, round coaster on the top of the unit. Except it wasn't a coaster: it was a giant magnet. I'll tell you all about it some time.

The time before that, about three years earlier, my beloved MAC SE hard drive--all 8 whopping megabytes of it--vanished in the night, leaving behind only that horrid old bomb screen, followed by the Sad Mac Face of Eternal Gloom.

So, I guess these things come in threes.

The hell of it was, it happened as I was in the midst of transferring all my old crap to a brand new laptop. I was halfway through the task when I deleted something I shouldn't have and suddenly found myself asking the question, "Gee, I wonder how well those restore disks that came with the computer--and that I've never before opened or used--will work?"

The answer is: not very.

At last I got my old laptop back up and in running order, only minus lots of the stuff I was hoping to transfer. So I tried to run a restore from the last back-up I did.

Which, incidentally, was in 2001.

And that was, well, inadvisable would probably be the word. It reinstalled some old system thingies that it shouldn't have and put things on the hard drive that I had long ago removed for very good reasons, most of them involving the fact that I was no longer researching that series of sex articles and so didn't need any of the x-rated video games or grainy homemade porn, or pictures of...good God, is that a pony?

On the complete other end of the spectrum, the backup also left this gem on my desktop, which I remember experiencing but do not, for the life of me, remember filming.

The Brownie was just a few months old, and had only just started to laugh. As a baby, Thomas had to work up to his laughs--they began as mildly startled grunts, then became surprised little coughs before evolving into screeches that made dogs whine up and down the block.

His sister, however, went for the full-bodied belly laugh from almost day one.

And I'm pretty sure this is the only recorded instance of it.

So I leave this happy baby to distract you, while I return to the loathsome job of deleting the porn.

Oh, and rewriting 5,200 words involving my experiences with ghosts.

And I had just got to the part where Shawn and I screwed up the courage to go visit the witch man, too...

All together now:


From Somewhere on the Masthead

I was alittle worried. We all know what happened the last time you told us Blaze had been left outside.

Glad it wasn't anything worse.

A friend of mine once said "I hate cars. They're so fickle." pooters are worse. Is fickler a word?
sorry to hear that, but it has an upside, right?

Awwwwwww, what a sweet little movie! That's definitely worth having.

I am sorry to hear that you lost your post. I hate when that happens. I've never had to reconstruct 5000+ words (I don't think?), but I can still sympathize :> I used to do a lot of writing on the Anime-Manga Roleplaying Network, and back before it was database-driven the boards used to eat a lot of posts...
That is the best laugh I've ever heard, bar none.

I can only assume it will be replaced the moment my (future) children shoot milk out their nose for the first time.
What a SWEET little video!! I just cracked up watching it. I'm saving that so that I can brighten my day at any time by watching it. Sucks about the hard drive. :( We've missed you!

That felt good.

I've gone through the displeasure of hard drive failures and other errors quite a few times in my life. They mostly seem to happen at the most inconvenient time too, not that there's ever really a convenient time for it to happen.

I sometimes wonder if perhaps the computer is monitoring me (no pun intended), waiting got the prime moment to strike, and just when I have the most invested it elects to experience failures of catastrophic degrees. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
I work in a job where I get to hear customer complaints about how they lost all their data while our company repaired their computer. They even tell me that while they signed a form that said they understood all of their data would be erased during reformatting of their HD, they didn't REALLY think it would be gone. And I haven't backed up my computer, um, ever, so you've got me beat by about 5+ infinity years. I'm a bad customer.... :)
Loved the video - how completely adorable! So there was at least one benefit to your 'puter problems.

I think we should all learn from your mistake and get some blank CDs or DVDs and back up our own stuff asap! (I keep saying I will but haven't backed up anything of mine since my Honor's Thesis during university)

can't wait to read the rest of that October Moment!

cheers :)
That's a helluva long time to wait for the third in the crash trifecta.

Sorry to hear. Hope things work better from here on out.
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Well, MM, you know what happened the last time I lost stuff. I punched my desk so hard, I broke my hand. I certainly hope you've been smarter than me and you didn't do yourself a physical injury.
ah man, I'm sorry to hear that. I've been struggling with getting old files off an ancient PC of late and even without a crash it's a serious pain in the ass.

Speaking of backups though, sounds like a bunch of people are due for backing up their blogs. Here are some easy blogger backup tips. Very little effort required to save your posts from internet oblivion. (Of course hard drive crashes being what they are, backing up to CD or DVD as well is a good idea.)
How frustrating!

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was getting worried that something even more serious might have happened.

I hadn't realized how much reading your blog had become a part of my day. I've checked in each day, looking for an update, a little more disappointed each time there wasn't one.

Please don't feel that I'm trying to say you should write more often; we all have lives with more important things to do than blogging. Just know that the words you write here have an impact, and are often a brief (or not-so-brief) moment of relaxation in the midst of my over-booked days.

Anyway, welcome back. We've missed you.
And, just as happened in the story I mentioned above, I just LOST ALL OF MY GODDAMNED LINKS AGAIN. I am beyond apoplectic.
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