Friday, February 02, 2007


In Which We Foment Fiction Friday...

I don't often do this. In fact, I never do this, come to think of it. But it's Friday, and because it's Friday I wanted to draw your attention to something. To someone.

In the past, I've remarked that there are much better writers than I in the blogosphere, and some of you have paid me the indirect compliment of accusing me of having an overdeveloped sense of humility when I say such things. But this is not modesty. It's true.

And as proof, I offer you Jack Fear's Fiction Fridays.

Jack is one of my Motivations and Inspirations, one of the Reasons I Do This. But he is also one of my oldest and dearest friends. He was well-established online and in the 'sphere when I came along, and when I shyly informed him of my first tentative blog postings, he welcomed me wholeheartedly and was the first person to blogroll me. He didn't do this because he was my friend. Jack doesn't play that way. He did it because he thought my efforts had merit (or at least might aspire to merit one day). It meant a lot.

It meant a lot because, between you and me, Jack is quite possibly the most creative person I know. He's a writer. He's a musician. He's an awtist. He's a force of nature. I count him as one of my family, and also at the top of a very short list of Bestest, Favoritest Writers.

And so I send you to Fiction Fridays, where Jack is in the third week of "The Honeythief," a very promising and engaging fantasy tale. As you will see, Jack's prose is easy on the eye; it will take you no time at all to catch up on what has gone before and once you have, you'll be hankering for more. I particularly enjoy Jack's turns of humor. The man is a brilliant punster and is able to slip in the best jokes and turns of phrase without drawing undue attention to himself ("Lookit me! Lookit me! I'm writin'!!"), as in his scene with the main character and a pair of gate guards. "Soldier aunts" indeed! Great stuff, which you'll see when you read.

I don't know if Jack meant to attract attention with this effort, so I hope I'm not embarrassing him by turning you on to his work. On the other hand, he recently re-engaged the comments feature on his blog, and I can't believe he'd do that if he didn't want to hear some feedback, which presupposes a desire for--or at least a tolerance of--an audience.

Start here.

Then go here.

Then here.

Enjoy. And tell him MM sent ya.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Hoo boy. Batten down the goddam hatches.
(And thanks, BTW.)
Thanks for the heads up. I always enjoy a new read :)
I went over and read the three installments of "The Honeythief" and had a good time. I left a short but nice comment. It was a fun read, and loaded with wonderful word play, but I'm not a big fantasy guy.

Then I went to his "Electronic Gig" section. Wow! Now THERE'S a person writing (well) about something he loves. I was enthralled.

Thanks for pointing me there, MM.
Hey...thanks for the link. I found a new 'daily read' AND a cool band...a twofer!
You’re such a good blogosphere neighbor. Seriously. ;-) Zooming over to check out his work now…
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