Saturday, April 21, 2007


In Which I'd Like You to Meet Someone...

My friends, may I present to you my daughter, born at 2:36 this afternoon?


That's her, at 52 seconds old.

She weighs a smidge over 6 pounds and came out purple and whimpering, then pink and screaming. Currently, she is bellied up to the snack bar at the Pregnant Self Bistro.

Her Lovely Not So Pregnant Self is positively exhausted, drained of energy and strength, as unbathed as I am. She's never looked so beautiful. She is my Amazon queen, that woman. She did the deed with no epidural, but plenty of back labor, followed by lots of tearing. I would be dead by now after such trauma, but she is merely lying in repose, telling me who to call next and working out the details of how her daughter will meet her big brother and sister.


There is so much more to tell--my God but did we have a week of pre-labor awfulness--but somehow it all just blends into the background of just another story.

With one hell of an ending.

More to come. But for now, I have to see to my daughter. Thanks to you all for you good wishes and support.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Congratulations!!! I hope that you enjoy this time together - the rest of us can wait for details.
Congratulations. You of course already know about the sleepless nights ahead. Good luck.
Congratulations to the whole family!
Wow. Congratulations! Even though you don't post often, I've been checking here every day, because I had a feeling... I would now say, be sure and take care of HLS, but, we all know that comes as naturally to you as breathing.
Congratulations! She's a real cutie!
Happy days. Congratulations.
Thanks for taking the time to post a picture!! Congratulations to the whole MM family!
She's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations and wishing you and your newest only the best.
Congrats, of course. Lovely pic, really.
Congratulations...I love them when they are so brand new and sweet. Since you have two children already I am sure you know to enjoy every single second because they grow so fast.

All the best to you and your family!
Congratulations! Hooray to all of you! Can't wait to hear what her name is (or her MM name anyway) and how Art Lad and Brownie did when they first met her. For now though wishing you lots of newborn cuddles and moments of quiet.

And, I know I've done it before, but please have one more, on me:

___________/- /_________________
__________/- /__________________
__)____/- /_____________________
_(____/- /______________________
__)__/- /_______________________
_(__/. /________________________
Congratulations! She's beautiful, and HLS looks great!
Congratulations to all of you, and well done to HLS. She is just gorgeous!
Congratulations!! I've been patient in my anticipation of HLEPS delivery today. And the newest Magazine Baby is just as cute as her Big Bro and Big Sis.

I can only imagine their excitement when they get to meet her.
Hooray!! Congrats to you and your whole family!

Welcome, cute kiddo!!
Congratulations! :) I wish HLS a month of foot massages and backrubs...and a few nights off for you, too, MM, because while it may not be labor, worrying does take it out of you!

Of course, with a new baby and two existing kids to take care of, those wishes may not immediately come true, eh?

It'll be hard to come up with an MM name for the new one! At least with Thomas and Anna you already knew their personalities, so the names Art Lad and Brownie came naturally. Maybe she'll be Magazine Baby until she's "earned" her name?

Regardless, this is very exciting. Thanks for posting to let us know!
What a little sweetheart!

Kiss that Little Cupcake for her old Auntie Thim! :)

And be sure to tell HLS how happy we all are to know that she and the baby are doing well.

Continued prayers for all at the Manor...

T. :)
Congrats, MM! I've been thinking of you and HLEPS (now HLNSPS) of late, so thanks for the expedient and excellent news!
Oh wow congrats congrats!!!!!!!
aww, lovely! congratulations!! :)

She is gorgeous.

Congrats MM! And thank you for sharing pictures with us so soon :)
Congratulations!! She's beautiful. I look forward to reading about your future shared adventures together.
Most excellent job Dude! (I had to say something other than congrats).

Wish I was close enough to get a whiff of that baby. There is nothing more soothing to the soul than the scent of a new baby.

Is that a wee bit of a double chin I see on you? Were you doing some sympathy eating with HLS? I think that's so precious and adorable and I didn't mention it to make you feel bad. Don't worry, you'll be working it all off with the running around you'll be doing in the coming months. Sides - you're just as cute as ever, just like your most recent project. Keep the pics coming!
Precious! The Bean is an absolute doll! Not that you guys need anymore right now, but loves to you all!
Welcome baby sister! Welcome. You have the bestest parents in the whole wide world.

We can't wait to hear all about your adventures. I am sure you'll have wonderful fun with your big brother and big sister, as they will have with you.
Warmest congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! The biggest of hugs to you and HLS for making such a sweet bit of goodness. And one each to the big brother and sister so they don't feel left out. And to the new baby, as a "hello, little one"!
Congratulations MM!!!!! Can't wait to see more pics of the new bundle of joy with her big brother and sister!!!
Congratulations on your new baby girl! She's beautiful :)

Looking forward to reading more of her story...
Oh wow! A hearty congrats to you, MM, and to the whole MM Brood.

Mmmmmm... "brood".

The Littlest One is positively awesome.

(And have I previously mentioned that the preternatural fortitude of women at birthing time scares the bejeebus out of me? Hell, I lose it if I get razor burn.)
Mazel tov, you magnificent bastard.
Congratulations! By the way, your wife looks gorgeous with the baby! :)
Hooray! She's lovely, and is it my imagination, or does she already look a bit like The Brownie somehow? Congratulations to the whole family!
A big welcome to another Amazon Princess. A well done to your queen...and a pat on the back for you!!
YAY!! Congrats! :)
Oh, wow! I've been waiting and waiting for this (but not as much as you guys have, I'm sure!). Congratulations to you and Her Lovely Self!
Best wishes to the whole Magazine Family! She's beautiful, but you already knew that. Can't wait to hear her stories. I think you should do a coming home post from her point of view.

BTW - I can't believe you were on the internet a few hours after your child was born! But I am glad you chose to share this special time with us. :)
Congrats!! What a gorgeous little baby and her lovely self is such a kick ass woman. Welcome to the world baby MM :)
I am incredibly happy for you! Enjoy it, Big Papi.
Hooray!! What a beautiful babe, a most brave and strong mom, and an adorable doting dad. Congrats to all at the magazine mansion!
Congratulations! She's beautiful!
congrats to all at the Magazine Mansion!
Does she have a name yet?
Rockin'! Congrats and happiness to you both!
A little late, but..
Dear Littlest One,
Your arrival was most anticipated by not only your loving parents, but by loving bloggers as well. Don't worry, your father and Art Lad will explain the old technology of blogs to you when you are older.
p.s. Welcome to planet Earth.
Yeah woohoooo!
Wonderful news!! She's gorgeous, MM. Congratulations to you and the rest of the Magazine Clan.
Go maire tĂș!
Thats Congratulations! or Live long! in Gaelic.

Welcome to the latest publication at the magazine mansion. Now get some sleep while you can ... we'll all still be here when you wake up, for the updates. pj
Your children are beautiful!

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