Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In Which We Break the News...

Last week, Suldog asked:

How are Thomas and The Brownie handling all of this? With grace and aplomb, no doubt, but just wondering.

Funny you should ask, Jim. Over the weekend, while we were searching for home video of a recent school recital to show to neighbors, I came across this, which I enjoyed mostly because of Thomas' excitement--he's beyond excited about a new sib and his reaction is so damn sincere, you can't help but laugh and cry to watch it.

(Indeed, Thomas is SO enthusiastic about his sister's arrival that when I told him I was posting this video, he suddenly found the energy to compose his first new blog post in months. So, fresh Art Lad, for them as wants it.)

But even funnier, upon second viewing, is the Brownie's near absence of enthusiasm. Her expressions and her body language--note the slumped posture when Thomas lays out his plan for the sleeping arrangements. For the record, she HAS recovered from her shock and talks of nothing but her new sister and how forward she's looking to teaching this angelic child ALL of her tricks and secrets. God help us.

For your edification (after watching the clip): Jenny is the name the Brownie gives to every single one of her stuffed animals. All Jennies, every damn one of them.

We have NO idea where Thomas came up with his choice for the baby's name. And perhaps that's just as well.


From Somewhere on the Masthead

Yeah, the Brownie does look a bit shocked there at the news. :) Glad to here she's over the initial surprise. The clip of Blaze at the end was a nice way to end it.
Anna is quite the little diplomat. I think she held back a lot there.

Blaze munching on the bunny was priceless.

Absolutely no babies in the bean bag!
Very sweet! Did he say "Hammy"? Maybe they were still thinking it was really a sandwich. It could be worse though... a friend of a friend's kid wanted to name their new baby Leroy Crackhead Brown.
Maybe Hammie?


Congratulations MM! That was a fun video to share.
I've been put in charge of finding a middle name for Baby Boy E.C. if Thomas has any more ideas.
that video was WONDERFUL! I made the Hubby watch it too...and I love that you ended with Blaze, just chillin out, chewin' on a toy. :) Congrats AGAIN!
That's great video, MM. Having been an only child, I can't imagine what MY reaction would have been to such news. Probably would have thrown a tantrum, to be honest. You've got great kids and they've been raised right.
Poor Brownie almost lost it when Thomas suggested the baby share *her* room.

So MagKid 3 might be born on her birthday of first Communion day? eep.

My father wanted to name me after his former girlfriend, but my mother woudln't allow it. As a result, I got a name which is unique in my family.

Thomas was very diplomatic about the "is Mommy fat" question.
Poor Brownie!

My boyfriend's youngest brother was born a day before his middle brother.. his parents said that Aren was his birthday present. He was so excited when the day came-- and the Brownie will be just as psyched.

Your kids are so great~ thanks for sharing the clip. :)
Wow! What a sweet family you are to sit the kids down and really make them a part of the new baby's arrival.

So, when does Jenny join us? And she did name all the toys, boy or girl, that right? I think i recall Jenny that you left on a business trip not too long ago...

Love no babies on the bean bag. :)

Marking my calendar now!
That was a sweet video. I love the excitement Thomas shows and the honest reticence the Brownie seems to have. I don't blame her; it's important to think these things over. I'm glad she's decided to be excited about it.
My older daughter recently asked for a new sibling. I told her that I'm not getting her another one because she barely plays with the one she has now.
That was absolutely precious. Especially the speculation surrounding the ultrasound photo.ht
That video was just all kinds of adorable. Brownie seemed tentatively excited, although justifiably stricken when Thomas offered up her room! Big brothers!!! :D

Congrats to the MM gang!
Thomas is a sharp one! He figured it out right away.

I love that the ultrasound looked like a sandwich :D
Glad to hear the Brownie has gotten excited about becoming a Big Sister. I thought it was great how you and HLS included them in thinking of baby names - it's clear that your family is very close and will be a team during this new adventure.
(And of course - How over the moon would the Brownie be if her little sister was actually named Jenny?!)

Now that we've seen Blaze's first reaction - does he have anything to say about the impending new arrival?
Great video MM- simply heart warming. I'm so excited for you all :)
I can relate to the brownie--- too much enthusiasm on the front end would be rather gauche. she is saving it up to dole out a little at a time.

perhaps some live blogging from the delivery room would be in order?
I notice you guys counted the females as Mommy, Brownie, and Abby the fish.

males were Dad and Thomas.

Why didn't anyone think of Blaze? That makes you even till the baby gets here.
Actually, I think the Brownie pointed that out in a bit that I edited out, so that was some excellent observation on your part. Although, if you want to get technical, Blaze is gender neutral, the poor, bunny-chewing bastard.
I feel like i put a curse on Abby or something.

But Blaze still has a you-know-what and Y chromosomes, so I consider him male.
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