Friday, April 13, 2007


In Which We Say Goodbye...

Oh God.

I feel just awful about this.

Especially since I just cleaned the tank. Not nearly as disastrous as last time. But...why did she have to wait til after I'd cleaned it?

I know, I know, shitty thing to say. I guess she deserved to go out in a clean tank.

I'm just glad that straw-hickey on her fin finally went away.

And NO, I did not drop her in a pot of boiling water.

So...moment of silence, please.


And head on over to Art Lad for the memorial service.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

I don't think you made any mistakes, MM. Fish are tricky to keep alive, especially in a bowl environment. If you get a replacement, I think aquariums don't get dirty nearly as fast as bowls. Sorry about the bad start to your day.
Sorry :(
You have raised Thomas EXTREMELY right. That was a great piece he wrote.
Yes, it was a great piece.

Although... I have to say... where do you get "burial paper towel"?

(Bad, Jason -- BAD!)
MM- our friend Sharfa's daddy passed today- Thought you might want to know if you didn't already. I tried to email you privately, but could not find your address.
Ditto on Suldog's comment, wow.
That bowl looks like it would be really difficult to clean.

Poor Abby! On to that great aquarium in the sky...
If that's a betta, they LIKE dirty bowls. They come from dirty rice pattys (patties?) in Asia and they like muck.

The algae usually will stop if you keep the bowl far from any windows where it can be fed by sunlight...

I am an ok/decent pet owner and my kiddos have bettas... we have a female that is almost 3 years old and I only clean her tank about once every 2 months. She just has a bowl with a few live plants (a la rice patty) about 2 inches of small gravel and NO filter or bubbler. (Rice patties aren't bubbly. Stagnant=good.)

The bowl does get a little muckity but not bad... When I rinse the gravel it is a little gag-worthy, but not septic...

Try again. Your son deserves anudder fishy.
My sympathies to your family. My daughter's pet fish passed a couple of years ago and I blogged a similiar story:
In any case, thanks to you and Art Lad, Abby will live on...
Oh, the eternal swirling, swirling of that American Standard perfect storm! A tempest in a pee cup to carry a devoted fish friend to her final rest. No more straw hickeys. No more transfer trauma. Just as much peace as one sewer can provide. Godspeed, good fish. And farewell.

Yours in Monday punchiness,

Ah, man, so sorry to hear about Abby. Thomas' perspective was very, very mature.
Excellent post by Artlad. No doubt he's got the writing genes too. Not necessarily all the wild misadventures yet, for better or for worse, but certainly the creative and sincere writing ability.
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