Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What really matters...






After two grueling weeks in New Hampshire and a hideous 36-hour drive to and from Indiana (of which more later), I awoke this morning sick and crying, but in my own bed, surrounded by my family.

And right now, that's enough to make me content.

Indeed, that's all that really matters.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

She's so beautiful. What am I saying? You all are.

It's good to see you home.

I'd been wondering if the Eclair had hair yet. Is it brown or dark red? It's hard to tell from the photos,
Welcome home.

Baby Boy EC sends his love to the Eclair.
That is one beautiful baby, MM. I'm glad you are home with your loved ones. You all have been and remain in my prayers.
And what a beautiful family is it.
You have so many blessings-- what a gorgeous family.
Thank goodness you are all safe, well and together. What a beautiful family.
And when you wake up from the nightmare, what a blessing to find your beautiful family at your side. Be good to yourself. (Eclair is a doll!)
Welcome home, MM. Glad to see that you're surrounded by love, peace, and the whole family - including Blazey. Trust me on this, dogs are GREAT therapy. Much warm thoughts and love from the Hoff family to the Mag family.
Beautiful pictures, I am so happy for you that you're home.
The picture of the Brownie holding the Eclair brought a few tears to my eyes. So very darling.

Welcome home!h
Welcome back MM. You were thought about and missed. The pictures of you and your beautiful family are a balm to us as well.
You do have a beautiful family. And the sheer cuteness of the wee Eclair has penetrated the wall of gloom that surrounds me this week. Hell, all of your children are adorable though. I love how Blaze is already guarding his new little mistress too.

You are one lucky man, MM.

So welcome back.
The Eclair is just gorgeous, and obviously doted on by her big brother and sister. Glad you are home and have found some contentment.
Almost can't type through the tears. Eclair is an angel, as are her big brother and sister. You are very blessed to have them.

Welcome home, MM family. We missed you and love you all.
Good to see you surrounded by love. Now is your healing time and your family is just the salve you'll need.
I'm glad you can still see all the beautiful things that surround you and I thank you for sharing some of those moments with us :-)
MM, I just wanted to send some big hugs your way. We all love you here, and you and your family have been in many, many prayers these last few weeks. We'll keep you in our prayers, through both the difficult and joyful times to come.
Beautiful, just beautiful.

MM and family, welcome home.
I'm glad you are back warm and cozy in Casa de MagazineMan. It's time to enjoy your new baby and the loveliness that is your family. The grief will come and go in spurts for the rest of your life, but the Eclair will only be this newborn baby right now. Enjoy her.
That pictures of the Brownie and her beautiful little sister is amazing.

Glad you're back with your wonderful family, MM - I hope you start to feel some peace soon.
What a beautiful family! So glad to see you home.
What a beautiful family you have - thank you for sharing those gorgeous shots of the Brownie and Thomas with the Eclair. I'm so glad you are home with the family - that must be a real relief for all of you.
My, your new arrival is a cutie, MM. Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
You are so right!
What a perfect cutie! You can just see all the love surrounding you. Welcome home.
what a truly beautiful family... your wife is so incredibly beautiful and you two have the most precious children. I'm glad you're healing. :)
All of those pictures are precious. I especially like that the 'family' pictures include blaze, and the love in all of them shines through.
Strenght and healing vibes still being sent.
You're surrounded by love, MM. Enjoy!
The Eclair is beautiful, and this is form someone who thinks newborns can be unbeautiful. But not this one.

I can't say which picture I like best. They're all so wonderful.

I see there's a sequel now to that great picture of a tiny Artlad laughing with joy as he looks into the Brownie's crib.
Yay! Glad you're home where you can be with your lovely family. Reunions are sweet. Love that you included everyone, even Blaze!
Well said, senor. And good to see you smile again.
It must be such a relief to be home, and surrounded by your beautiful family.

Thank you for sharing the story of your parents' funeral. It was beautiful and sad to read about it. I am sure they would have loved what you said at the service.

Hugs for that darling new baby.
Oh what a charming baby. So glad you have this brilliant bit of joy in otherwise sad times.
one big happy family.
Beautiful MM
Yep. It doesn't get much better than this...
Love the moniker Eclaire. It is the same one we annointed my eldest daughter with 18 years ago.
Welcome home.
I'm happy to hear you are finally home with your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the photos and please get better soon- :)
The Eclair is gorgeous, MM.
Thank heaven for little girls.

Take care,
uhhh... what the fuck? (regarding the long anom post). the crap people will post on here... sheesh.

Anyway, seeing your family again makes me feel a little better inside.

Cindy in CO
Boy, you can say that again...and if you did, you'd still only use up a fraction of the space that doof did.

Of course, I've already deleted that long spammy comment, so no one will know what we're talking about.
You guys all look great.
And big, squishy, suffocating, internet-lurker-style hugs to all of you. (Sorry 'bout the mulch; it should just wipe off.)
Welcome Home, your family is lovely, I was late checking in on your blog and was totally gobsmacked by the entire events since Apri 26th - sobbed my way through it all - thank you for allowing us to share your story, it's hard to make oneself so vulnerable to 'strangers' even if we feel we aren't :)

now go hug those kids, nibble that adorable baby girl cheeks, kiss your wife and let the dog lick your face!! you are surrounded by love.

Alice the Brit
A belated birthday ((hug)) from a lurker. Your family is lovely and from your archives it is apparent family is everything to you which is why have continued reading. May your parents rest in peace in the knowledge that your birth and life and the family you have created continues their legacy of love.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-9

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