Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mind the Gap...

Well, so much for that.

Last week and this I meant to get you far enough along in my London adventures that we would sort out my living situation and get me settled, then I was planning to post entries from my London log about once a week thereafter, so we'd have room on the blog to talk about other things.

But work, as always, has intruded. I had back-to-back photo shoots last week--one session actually featured my own photogenic offspring, the little hams.

bro and sis

And now this week I've been tapped to attend magazine focus groups, which are always interesting, as you get to sit behind a two-way mirror and spy on a small sampling of your readership as they tear apart (and very occasionally praise) all your hard work. The first group was earlier this week in Atlanta. And now I'm off to Kansas City, then back home just in time for the weekend.

Next week should be loads of fun, catching up on all the work I've been forced to blow off. But with any luck I should be able to steal a lunch hour or two to bring us all up to speed on my exploits of 20 years ago...and begin to clear the decks for a new round of October Moments.

Thanks as always for your patience and we'll see you next week.

Unless you happen to live in Kansas City or environs. In which case--who knows?--you just might see me tonight.

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My goodness... Thomas and The Brownie look like little adults. Is it weird that it makes me feel old to see them getting older? Ah well. OCTOBER MOMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with the focus groups... Cheers!
You are worth the wait!

More October moments??????

You just made my day!
Ugh. I can think of little I'd rather NOT do than sit there listening to folks give their candid (possibly uninformed) opinions concerning my work. Vaya Con Dios, MM.
October Moments are always a nice birthday bonus for me, since my big day is on the 21st. Looking forward to your new entries, as always.
Aww, I should have been in your Atlanta focus group...I have plenty of nice things to say :)

That is a beautiful picture. I hope you got to keep a nice big print!

Looking forward to more London stories. I have to admit to feeling a little trepidation about the October Moments, though...I'm not at all in tune with the supernatural, but people I know and trust seem to be, and from what I've read of your stories you are, so whatever you write should be true...and I don't know, that makes me nervous for some reason :>

Ah well, I'll get over it--they're always good reads, in any event.
Aahh...gracing the city of fountains are you? Good luck with the focus groups and enjoy some Jack Stack if you can. Or are you more of a Gates man? Either way, enjoy and get home safe. We're all ready for some October moments!!
If anyone gave you a travel mascot/companion be careful it doesn't get lost the way Jenny the boy fox did.

Will you be passing through the part of KS where you onc e lived?
Oh - I hope that KC is fun, but I can't get past that picture of the kids! They are growing up so fast!

They just look adorable! :)
When I read your title, I got all excited thinking a great story about the Underground would follow - that whole "mind the gap" thing is a pretty funny (and a great way to win "Spot the Tourists").

Good luck with the focus groups!

(... and YAY! October Moments!!)
You can always buy time with such sweet photos!
My god, they're adorable. Not that you needed me to tell you that.
You have such beautiful children :)

While in Atlanta, you were only an hour and a half from the Dell~ I hope you enjoyed some fine southern cooking and as well as the accents.
The kids are looking so cute. You sure do help make pretty babies MM.
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