Sunday, December 30, 2007


And What Did I Get For Christmas?

That's right: pneumonia!!

No, I am not kidding.

I believe this has happened often enough now--once for every year of this blog's life--that I can safely make a label of it.

Don't worry. I'm okay. It's just in my right lung, and it was only a smidge of fluid. And that was almost a week ago and I'm already tons better, even after the few twitchy nights that I sat up riding an unearthly wave of prednisone.

Best of all, I've been telling everyone it's only bronchitis. The "p" word has a galvanizing effect around the Magazine Mansion, owing mostly to the fact that the last time I had it (see snazzy new label below) I ended up hospitalized for the first time in my life. Yes, I feel a little guilty for deceiving my lovely and long-suffering wife. But then the other day the Brownie watched me engaged in my thrice-daily ritual of toking up on nebulized albuterol--the crack cocaine of the pneumoniac world--and said, in her most earnest and heart-breaking I'm-not-gonna-like-the-answer voice, "Dad, the last time you had to breathe in that, you had the water in your chest and had to go to the hospital. Are you gonna have to go in again?"

I pulled the mask off my face. "Oh no, honey!" I assured her. "That was a much worse case. This is nothing. I'll be fine. And I'll be staying home."

At this, she relaxed visibly. "Oh good," she said, after the most extravagant exhalation of relief. "Because Mom made us come see you, like, every day."

Hey, whatever I can do to ease their minds.

Of course, this little holiday surprise put rather a damper on the many things I planned to do: blog every day; sort my comics for my semi-annual donation purge; blog every day; write a timely reply to my aunt after receiving such a lovely card and letter from her that it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me--as if I needed reminding--that I am the world's worst nephew. Oh, and there was something else I was going to do. What was it? Oh yes: blog every day.

Well, we do these things one breath at a time. And as soon as I get mine back, I'll start on all of them.

Til then, I hope you had a peaceful and joyous holiday. Thanks to one and all for your good wishes here and via email and know that I look forward to being, in the new year,

From Somewhere on the Masthead


Ack! Think I'll quit complaining about the Seattle weather now.

They should put you in a plastic bubble with some white confetti and then you could be a snow globe. =)

Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Definitely a snazzy label you have. I've never got pneumonia but I did have my first case of bronchitis about a month ago, followed by a throat infection, and then a cold which I just got over. Fun! Hey, don't they have a vaccine for pneumonia? You should definitely get it if they do.
Oh Chuck, they practically wouldn't let me out of the hospital without making me swear on a stack of bibles to get the shot (which I did). Alas, shots only work on viral pneumonia. This baby is pure bacteria, and I've got the phlegm to prove it...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Weezie, I mean, Magazine Man!

Stay out of harm's way.
oh geez. well, that sucks. i'm sorry you're sick.

take care of yourself!
Mr Gator says the following will happen in about 20 years:

"Dad, I never said that!"
Oh, MM. I was crossing my fingers that there would be smooth holiday sailing at the MM Mansion. I hope you and HLS are feeling loads better. (And that's not just because daily updates would be ridiculously welcome.) May 2008 treat you and yours especially kindly!
Here's hoping that 2008 is filled with clear lungs and smooth sailing for you!
Dang. I voted for someone else in the "Blogger most likely to use pneumonia as a label" contest...

Seriously, get better soon, and don't try to be superman. Your adoring public will wait. :)
[Rocky the Flying Squirrel] A-GAIN?!? [/Rocky the Flying Squirrel]
Get well soon. We miss you.
King of the germs rides again! I hope you are feeling better again soon.

Wishing you and all the family smooth sailing in 2008.
Well, at least the universe is consistent with it's "You are not Superman" memos.

Jennifer has the right idea. I can easily visualize you as "Bubble Man, Bubble Boy Grows Up". Many a script lies within Somewhere on the Masthead.

Poor Baby, I hope you feel better soon and that 2008 brings good health, prosperity and happiness to all at the Magazine Mansion.
Gah! Life knows how to pack it on, doesn't it?

Here's hoping you recover quickly, and HLS feels better too :)
Heh - last time I had bronchitis, in September, it turned into pneumonia, and I've just developed another bad case for New Year's, so I'm waiting to see if I'm going down the same path again. Nothing like harfing up a lung for rockin' New Year's Eve.

May the new year bring you and your family good health, happiness, and much contentment. Cheers!
I;ve never had pneumonia but I';ve had severe bronchitis many times. I share your ouch.

The main reason I get flu shots is that every time I get a minor respiratory bug it turns to bronchitis. I dont want to know hwat actaul iflu would do to me.
OH golly MM, here I thought your lack of posting was do to the bun you were having with BB. I figured you were laughing so hard you couldn't type! I'm sorry to find out you have been sick and once again with pneumonia. Get well MM and happy new year!
Happy new year, and I hope you're feeling better, MM!

I rather like Neil Gaiman's hopes for others in the new year. May his encouraging thoughts be part of your 2008.
Sorry to hear that you are not well~ Sending healing thoughts and best wishes for you and yours in 08 :)
Feel better!!
Did you write to your aunt yet?
Ugh. This is totally a bad sick season. I know a few people who have had pneumonia already this year and I feel like I was close. At the very least, it was The Worst Cold Ever. Hope you feel better soon!!
MM, I miss youuuuuuuuuuu!!! I hope you get to feeling better really soon.
Miss your posts.
It's been a month and day, please let us all know you are okay : )

Miss you MM and hope you are just too busy to write.
I am home with my youngest, who has a strapping case of strep throat. I am home anyway, however, because I am recovering (feeling sorry for myself?) from rotator cuff surgery.

Here's hoping all are in fine health in the magazine mansion---- take care..
Where are you? Your fans are worried.
Worried, worried, worried. Please let us know you're ok.
I very much miss reading your posts. I hope you and your family are well.
MM, hope all is well with you - let me add my name to the list of people who want to know if you're okay.

Miss your posts...
Me too! Hope everything's okay. Looking forward to hearing from you.
I'm with the rest of the worried well-wishers. I hope the blogging silence is because everyone at the MM Mansion is just having too much fun. Hope all is well.
Is there anyone here who knows MM personally and can ask him to let you put an update here?

Between his pneumonia and HLS' crohns I'm worried too.

I sent a note to his blog emial and got no reply, which seesm out of character.
I'll add my voice to the worriers. Hoping all is okay - miss your voice.
2/14/08 I keep checking the comments on this post just to see if there's any news. Count me worried, too :(
Dude, seriously.

What they said.

LTL (Long Time Lurker)
{sniff} He's NEVER COMING BACK! He hates us all. Have we not worship the Eclair enough? Have we displeased the internet gods?!

Oh. And we still miss you, MM. Hope all is well!
fingers crossed that all is well, but our prayers are with you if it's not.

just another worried fan...
Add me to the growing list -- don't want to guilt you into updating, but sure wish I knew that you were okay. *hugs*
checkign in on 2/15/08 and I wanted to add to all the we miss you sentiment.

Hope that the pnemonia has cleared up (however you spell it). We've been passing various colds, head and stomach, around the family this winter. So I understand if you're better one day only to be sick the next.
Okay, add me to the list of worriers too. We realize you have a life MM, but ours are now in limbo every time we sit down with the internet and you aren't there! Just an "I'm alive!" would be good. Anything.. Please????

Hope all is well and you've just suffered internet memory loss with all the fun you are having with family.
Add me to the list of concerned, MM. We all miss your posts, but more than that we hope you and your fam are doing well.
I shall add my voice to the list of well-wishers. Hope all is well.
Hope you're feeling better. I miss your writing.

-Andrea (LTL)
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