Friday, February 22, 2008


In Which We Are Bazed and Confused...

One more thing to add to my list of the nothing much that I'm doing: testing toys.

My earliest professional experience revolved around reviewing products--I was a field tester for Outside and man, that was a lot of fun. Over the years, I've tested gear and reviewed books and movies for a variety of magazines and newspapers, and one time I came this close to taking a job as the equipment editor at Men's Journal. I'm glad I didn't take it in the end--it's one thing to try out gadgets and write about them every so often; quite another to sing that song every day for your supper.

As some keen-eyed readers out there already know, I handle the Christmas Toy Guide here at the Really Big Magazine and that's about as regular a gig as I want to make of product testing. That one's fun because it's a family affair--Art Lad and the Brownie are my senior toy testers (their cousins and friends also pitch in to help, and my, what a sacrifice it is for everyone). There are other incentives too. While the kids certainly don't get to keep the toys, this past year they did spend a couple of days getting paid as models for the story's photo shoot. Several of you wrote in over the holidays to say you spotted them in our December issue.

But all of you apparently missed Blaze's cameo appearance:


Here's a hint:


Well, it's not Christmas anymore, but in magazine time, it's almost June, and so now I'm assembling our top picks for a new Father's Day Gift Guide. This week I'm mostly testing cameras--still cameras with video function and vice versa. And as I was noodling around with this particular model, I remembered a few folks asking for fresher images of the Eclair, so here she is, along with her best buddy and unshakeable shadow. It's just a little slice-of-life moment, but I think it totally captures what goes on with these two, all day, every day: He's never far from her, he never misses a chance to have a taste, and she never fails to smile when he's around. And now, just lately (if you listen very closely), you'll hear that she never fails to say his name.

Or at least try to.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to finish up with these cameras and move on to video games. Guitar Hero and about 10 other titles are waiting for me to try them before the end of the week.

This job, I tell you, it's killing me...

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Cuteness Overload!!!
So gorgeous - both of them!
Totally adorable!

(And can I just say I'm totally jealous that you get to play Guitar Hero for your JOB! Just be careful - it's highly addictive and you might find yourself humming "Rock and Roll all Night" or "Paint it Black" in the grocery store...)
I'm with Blaze, I could just eat her up!
Oh what a little darlin! You (and I guess you don't need telling) are one lucky man.

Sharfa: not if I get to her first :)
OH she is so adorable! It was good to see Blaze too~ :D
Completely adorable! I didn't even get a chance to comment on yesterday's before you posted another entry. Hooray!

Yeah, tough job. I might be able to suck it up and trade you, though. Really Big Chemical Company could use your sense of humor, and I could use a really big break from Really Big Chemical Company!!
Dude! You're back! You kinda snuck up on me.

I have all my magazines since OCTOBER all nicely stacked up waiting to be read. I'll get to them one of these days... :)

What cute kids you have. Is Thomas as tall as you now???
I can't believe how big she is!!

That job sounds like so much fun... especially if Guitar Hero or Rock Band is involved. I think my dream job would be one that requires me to ride around on a Segway all the live long day.
OMG! She is so adorable!! I love those little baby giggles and the way she (sort of) says "Baze!"

Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
While your lovely Eclair is precious and all of that, the highlight of the video was you singing, "The Man They Call Jayne" with the Blaze substitution. :)
Bryarly--OMG, what major geek cred points you've just earned!! I've been singing "Blaze, the dog they call Blaze" with increasingly ridiculous lyrics ("He licks all the poor and he pees on the rich/I guess you could call him a son of a bitch") for about two weeks, wondering where the hell the tune came from. Truly, I've almost been losing sleep over it. Firefly! Of course!! THANK YOU!!!
Wow...with a dog and a baby, it's almost an overdose of cute, there. All you need is a kitten or puppy and I'd be going into cuteness shock. :)
Looks like Blaze does take his protector role very seriously.
oh, I love Blaze. I love Eclair.

Love you all. :)

Good luck with the toy testing. Our eldest is totally into pokemon, but Legos are coming back into the forefront again for his attention.

Welcome back and keep us posted on all the books. I'd buy them, for sure. :)
Aw, Bryarly beat me to it. Love the expanded Blaze lyrics!
MM - Your kid is cute and so is your dog. But your singing totally just made my week. Ha!
How old is Baze now? His chin's getting white.
I am so glad you are finally back. And those two together is absolutely adorable.
Aww. That Baze...he's the best.

Glad to see the Eclair so healthy and gorgeous!
good grief, could she get any cuter?
ooohhh ..... chewies .... :P

good to see you writing more these days.

More eclairs please?
The band-aid on your left thumb did not escape my notice...

"stories of...self-injury" etc.

She is just beautiful!
Gorram it! I'm now (finally) almost caught up on your archives and what do I discover when I finally get to February (after *weeks* of reading and chortling by the way; thank you for suppling me with hours upon sleepless hours of entertainment)? What do I discover but that (in very first post that I saw glimpses of whilst constantly returning to your site) you your gorgeous baby...about your cute as hell the tune of "The Man They Call Jayne".

Man, if I had known that I mighta got here sooner!

Thanks for the hawesome video by the way! (Also, you introduced me to hawesome, and my friends curse you for my new found expression of choice. Heh. Deal with it, peeps, MM is HAWESOME.

Oh, God, make me stop...)
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