Thursday, May 29, 2008


In Which We Start Rolling Down the Hill...

As I Tweeted last week (yes, I'm now on Twitter, as you may have noticed over in the margin), my family kidnapped me Friday afternoon and took me off on an adventure that had us traversing the highways and byways of the heartland, rummaging through antique shops and slaying local dragons. We ended up at one of those indoor water parks (the kids love them and, after all, the birthday weekend couldn't be ALL about me), where I became rather moist.


(Yes, I wore glasses into the pool. What? I can't see a damn thing without em.)

Yet another surprise was waiting for us when we got there: Some old friends and their kids came to meet us. In fact, their room was next door to ours and our kids get on like a house on fire so there was great fun and no sleep.

There was also some cake eating. I managed to blow out the candles without passing out from lack of oxygen, although I had help. Having seen cake in large quantities at her birthday and then at her sister's, the Éclair became highly animated at the sight of the lighted candles, and insisted on accompanying me for the rest of the evening, more or less putting me under cake custody.


(Yes, it's a Superman cake. What? You never saw a 40-year-old man with a Superman cake before?)

After she put away a little piece of her own, the Éclair had designs on my slice of cake, and won through, mostly by doing the Cute Baby Girl thing, but also by pointing very deliberately at my plate and uttering, with perfectly clarity, "That cake, Daddy. That cake. My have? Peeze-peeze?" I tell you, it was not speech; it was an incantation. Impossible to resist.


I was still charmed by the whole moment even 12 hours later, when she abruptly puked all that cake back up on me and on her long-suffering pal, the Pink Bear. Hey, it's not a party until someone throws up on your rug.

Then it was home and more back-road adventuring along the way. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and so bought stacks of old magazines and comics and came this close to making a deal on an old-fashioned comic spinner rack--you know the old metal display spinners like they used to have in every drug store and newsagent? Well, now they're impossible to find. I had a chance to buy one a few years ago for about 50 bucks and now I wish I'd done it. I'd put one of those racks to great use in my own home, putting it in the family room and filling it with my old tattered comics and letting the neighborhood kids come and read. Who cares about the condition of the comics?

So, consider the word put out, my friends: If you find a genuine, good ol' metal comic spinner rack at your local flea market/antique shop, and can get it for $100 or less, yer ol' pal MM is good for it, and will gladly pay to have it shipped, plus he'll work out a nifty goodie box for you as a kind of finder's fee. I'm serious. If you find one, you e-mail me and we'll discuss the details.

And with that, I must leave you. My adventure plus the holiday weekend leaves me in a bit of a time-crunch and I've got to finish editing a couple of story pages for shipment this week. But I just had to say "thank you" one and all for your kind birthday wishes this past weekend. Best time I've ever had turning 40.

Except for the vomit.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Hi MM,

Not exactly what you're looking for - but check out or It's close, and might work if all else fails....mags
Great Wolf Lodge, outside of Kansas City, right?
Happy belated MM.

That Eclair is adorable! And already wicked smart, ;).
Glad you had a fun time, MM. You look about as deeply tanned as I do.

I do remember those old comic book spinners. I hadn't realized that I haven't seen one in years until you mentioned it.
You're being featured on Five Star Friday:
Happy Birthday! Sounds like great fun...well except for the cake-vomit.
It's not so much the glasses in the water, MM, as it is the groovy footwear :-)
Thank God - I do not have the palest skin tone in the US!

I could eat that little Éclair with a spoon! Gawd! Those cheeks are soooo pinchable.

You certainly deserved a wonderful birthday. At least you learned the Éclair has a one slice limit.
Oh wow, what a blast! It looks like you all had fun, glad to hear you had a nice birthday. That family of yours knows how to throw a party!
I used to wear glasses when I swam (or contacts). Used to because I had LASIK and now only ever wear sun glasses. Because I want to!

I had birthday cake vomited on me too. Unfortunatley the vomiter turned out to be allergic to all things in cake (wheat, dairy, soy, egg). Bummer. Hopefully the Eclair just had too much frosting and her tummy rebelled!

And lastly, my dad had a spongebob squarepants cake for his 63rd birthday, so I see nothing wrong with a superman cake for a 40 yo guy!
I love that you had a Superman cake.
My internets have been broken. Belated birthday wishes. It really does begin at 40, you know. :)
Oh man, I'm finally succumbing to Twitter by subscribing to your feed. Not sure I can thank you for that. ;)

Looks like a great birthday, huzzah!

I'll gladly keep an eye out for a comic spinner rack. Do let us know if/when you're able to acquire one.
Hi MM,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can you post a picture of what you are looking for?

I would recommend ebay as well, here are a few things I found but I have no idea if it is what you want:

Good luck, I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya.

There is an old comic book store here I can go around and see if they have any they want to sell if I know what I'm looking for.

Happy Birthday,
Happy, happy birthday MM! You've accomplished so many amazing things by 40 and I've no doubt there's much greatness yet to come.
Hey tweeter! :) I just signed up on twitter mostly so I could follow the Mars rover, Phoenix, and the soon to launch Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. :)

I live and breathe geek stuff. :)

but now i can follow you, Will Wheaton, Nickerblog, and stu on twitter. :) How Hawesome is that?
Happy 40th. Your celebration sounds perfect. Have a wonderful year ahead!
been outta town, but wanted to come by and wish you a belated happy birthday, MM. Looks like it was a good one.
If in my travels I find what you're looking for, I give you a hootie-hoo.

Happy belated birthday! 40 huh? Looks like a wonderful time had by all. I've always said there is nothing sweeter than baby spit but... :)
That first picture of you on the raft is priceless! Thanks for sharing! -kriss
ps. I am a new reader
Happy, happy day (late :) )!!
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