Saturday, June 07, 2008


In Which We Flip Out...

So, just got the new Flip video camera and am testing it out. As I'm sure all the rest of you know (because I assume I'm perpetually late to the party with these kinds of things), the Flip makes it easy to post video online. I have to say, it definitely does all the heavy lifting: soon as I plugged it into my USB port, the Flip walked me through the process like I was an idiot--or my brother--and before I knew it:

so that part was definitely pretty much as advertised. Have to noodle with the onboard editing software next, but first, I've promised Artlad that he can play with it this weekend.

More soon, whether you want it or not.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Cool looking camera there, MM. I can take vids with my cell cam, although sometimes getting them to post to YouTube with audio has been challenging. That camera of yours is probably much easier to use.

I am amazed sometimes how easy it's become to create videos and share them over the internet...something I never could have imagined being possible even ten years ago. Technology doesn't just march, it sprints.
Correctly put MM, it would be post-industrial whanging and banging against the side of the house.

In this out-sourced, information based service economy, you are only getting the experience of the annoying flashing. The flashing itself is bashing against the side of an adobe somewhere in Mexico. The associated whanging costs are lower and NAFTA has mitigated any banging tariffs.

Enjoy the global pain in the ass.
Neat camera! I've been wanting to get into video. Does it come with editing software?

I knew, just knew, you were going to say that was a urine sample. Cracked me up!

Don't show HLS this video or she just might kill you for not making the bed first.
Wow that is the coolest camera!!! I hope this means more videos for us. :D
I shudder at the thought of you up on a ladder...but that's only because I've been reading for a few years. :) The Flip cameras, name aside, are really a great thing. I think my technologically-impaired mother could even post to the 'net with it.
Wow, that's awesome!!

Me and my friends love to take vids when we're hanging out. I'll have to save up for one. :)
By Gawd, I see another harrowing injury post in your future. Just make sure Thomas is filming while you're on the 30 FOOT EXTENSION LADDER!

You on an extension ladder gives me flashes of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation hanging Christmas lights.

I agree with Heather on the unmade bed. Me thinks HLS would be horrified.
Would love to hear how you like it for family videos that you want to burn on DVD or whatever. My traditional video camera is just not handy enough for those unplanned momentous occasions. With a soon to be 1 year old those occasions seem to be quite often.
*shudder* MM + 30 ft ladder = some sort of accident.

On the other hand,
MM + 30 ft ladder = really good story.

Can't wait~
I am sooo wanting one of those cameras. I have a tried and true trusty old Sony camcorder that tapes to 8mm digital tapes, and can tape for longer than 60 minutes (and at higher resolution).


It can't fit in my ever filled up purse like the flip could!

Too bad it's past mother's day.
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