Thursday, July 17, 2008


In Which I Reach A Pinnacle...

Wow, I done gots me another award.


Good ol' Dan, of Rockhoppers Daily Grind, was a participant in my supposed-to-be-but-never-quite-was-annual Giveaway of C.R.A.P. a few years ago. He got a bust of Gandalf the Grey from me in return for promising to start a blog that would make a wizard proud. Since then, Dan's actually gone on to maintain more than one blog, including Rockhoppers and the guilty pleasure known as Bitterroot Brakes, a kind of, um, visual theme blog, you might say.

Busy fellow that he is, you'd think that would be enough, but he also found time to tag me with the Arte y Pico Award, which I've seen other bloggers display, and which I've always thought of as an award for somewhat more visually compelling blogs. Aside from my swell logo (designed by yet another C.R.A.P. Giveaway participant), I don't feel like the Masthead has a ton to offer visually. The best I can do, the pinnacle of my art, such as it is, is to use words to make scenes and pictures in the heads of other people, and I'd like to think that's the spirit in which Dan intended the award. So I thank him most humbly.

There are a few conditions to the award of course, not least being that I need to post a few rules about it and then pay it forward. But for today, I'm just going to cheat a smidge, acknowledging Dan's kind gesture and promising to devote a future post to my five picks. This needs some thinking about, after all. So we'll mark this one "To Be Continued." And I promise to follow up sooner than I did the last time I got an award.

And thanks very much indeed.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

It's not about blog design -- we're using Blogger, after all. It's about blog content. I'm a firm believer in function over form, and with a blog that means consistently having great content.

You meet that standard, and then some. Every post is worth the time to read, and induces a longing to read more. So thank you, and you're welcome.
So you're even too busy to twitter, huh?! Oh well, it's our loss.
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