Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In Which We Surface for a Moment...

Hey there. Just coming up for air--one quick gulp and then back down into the murky depths.

Nothing's wrong, just busy at work. For reasons I can't really go into--because I don't actually know what they are--the production schedule here at the Really Big Magazine got all squinchy, so that we're producing two issues roughly simultaneously. I'm not happy about it. In fact, I'm being kind of a crotchety old guy about it, crabbing about the general unfairness of it all to anyone who will listen.

Unfortunately, the only one who will listen to me is the Éclair, and then only in the middle of the night, after I've rescued her from her crib. And whenever I finish a rant, she just waggles her eyebrows at me, pokes me in the cheek and say, "Daddy, you a BUM!" "Bum" is one of her favorite words. She doesn't know what it means, she just likes the sound of it. I hope.

She's coming along fine, our lovely Éclair, who will be 16 months old next week. Although she's only in the 7th percentile for height and weight, she's in the 112th percentile for cute babyness. Her vocabulary grows daily, and now includes, in addition to "bum," such gems as "stinky," "don'twanna," "nuh-uh," "yo baby," and "doofus." For a while there, she was doing a wonderful job of sleeping through the night. But then her incisors came in and suddenly she was up, rattling the bars of her crib and screaming in that strangely muffled way that babies do when they have their hand jammed halfway into their mouth.

During daylight hours, when her mother is conscious and within eyesight, the Éclair wants nothing to do with me. Gone are the days when she would greet me as I came through the door (now, she just shakes her head at me, in a way that seems to say "Don't even think about coming near me."). But at night, oh, at night, she remembers what a fine fellow Daddy is, and she calls to me in her sing-songy siren voice:


I know I should just leave her be, let her gnaw on her hand for a while and then pass out. But I'm a weak man, and so I go in and check to make sure she hasn't somehow wedged her 7-percentile head between the bars. And when I reach into the crib to lay her back down, she goes all Ultimate Fighter on me, jamming her fingers into my mouth, fish-hooking me, then yanking me helplessly forward, where she gets a grip around my neck that would put a howler monkey to shame. Too late, she's got me.

She finally took her first steps last week, which was cause for great celebration at the Magazine Mansion as we were beginning to wonder if she was ever going to try out those legs. Unfortunately, when she did take her first steps, I was at work--working on those two simultaneous issues I was telling you about--and so I missed the whole thing.

This fact has weighed on me more than I'm generally inclined to admit. I didn't miss any new developmental milestone of Thomas or the Brownie, so it gnaws at me that I missed this one. I know I need to get over it--what's done is done--but it's hard. She's our last baby--the little caboose at the end of our family train--and I don't want to be left out of anything. Of course, I don't want to be left out of gainful employment either.

Soon, maybe, I'll post some video of the Éclair walking and talking. But not this week. And maybe not next. Because in addition to trying to produce two issues at once, I'm trying to get that work done far enough ahead of schedule that I can duck out of town for a week and go see my Big Brother. We were supposed to get together earlier in the summer, but it never happened, so now I'm going week after next. And when I do, I hope to be able to resume a somewhat more regular blogging schedule.

That's about all I have for you today. Sorry, folks. What can I say? I guess I am a bum.

From Somewhere on the Masthead

Thanks for letting me know that you are not beset by any new disaster!
Yeah, thanks for the update. I kinda figured the first 2 weeks of not posting were end-of-month/new issue magazine related. But the third one got me making up my own stories and none of them had happy reasons for not posting anything anywhere. I'll look forward to a new post in another several weeks :)
Nice to know it's not one of those painful-but-amusing illnesses or injuries that have kept you away. So, two issues at once, that means you get to skate some month, right? Yeah, I know, I'm a dreamer. Hey, have you checked out It could be a good stress reliever. My favorite quote from it is "This world is a mess, and I just... need to rule it." OK, now my comment seems like a spam comment, but seriously, I'm just trying to share the fun.
Best of luck with everything!
Glad to hear you and your family are doing well, even if you're too busy at work. (I know that feeling myself, sometimes.) Looking forward to your tales of adventure with BB.
Thanks for the update. I was beginning to wonder what horrible disaster had happened. Glad to hear your family is well and hope you have a great time visiting your brother. We'll look forward to reading more from you when you get back.
Silly Boy.

You aren't a bum. You are a Daddy who is trying to do his job (and do it well enough to keep said job) and help Your Lovely Wife raise your three incredible children and The Mighty Blaze.

This (blogging thing) should always come last; all too soon that precious little Eclair will be fishooking some little Kindergarten Romeo.

Never apologize for putting your family first; as you well know, everything else in this world is replaceable, but your family is not.

All our love to everyone at the Mansion...

Old Aunty Thim :)
PS: not supergirl is right. Dr. Horrible is HUGE fun. Who knew Doogie could be evil? ;)
amazing what older siblings can do for a little one's vocabulary...
All is forviven. As if that needed to be said. This was far more then the "hey I am still here and all is well" that I was hoping for. :)

Always love Eclair stories.

Now back to work with you, you bum! :)
Anytime you surface is a good time, ya bum!
Glad to know that you and yours are just fine. I was, to be frank, quite nervous. Any disaster scenario I could dream up seemed like it actually *could* happen to you. (My theory? God lets you get in all sorts of trouble because He loves reading your blog.)

And AHHHHHH! PLEASE post a video (or two...or three...or so on...) of your little caboose. IMHO, we don't get enough videos here, and seriously how can you not have too many videos of a baby so advanced in cuteness she's in the 112th percentile?
Good for the Eclair! My little Cherry didn't walk till around that time as well. She didn't have to~ She just pointed, grunted and her older brother would go get it for her :)

PS~I have her first steps on Super 8 How about that blast from the past :)
fyi: I've become a reader of the RBM (bought the last 3 or 4 issues at the grocery store), and I'm loving it--and we've talked about my usual feelings about the mags. So, squinchy schedules aside, you guys are doing something right.
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