Friday, November 21, 2008


Four little words...

...and I'll only say them once:

Art Lad is back.

As always, the frequency of my son's blogging is something he has dictated. He never actually stopped blogging, you understand. it's just that there was an 18-or-so-month gap between posts.

When he told me he was ready to blog again, and told me all of the things he was planning to do with his blog, my only intrusive act was to tell him to think about it for a bit and be sure he was ready to blog again. "A lot of people really enjoy your work," I told him. "And if you go back online and promise all kinds of big stuff and then don't deliver, it'll be kind of an insult to them. You'll be like the boy who Tweeted 'Wolf!' Understand?"

Obviously, he did.

So if you are inclined, go on over and welcome him back. I think you'll notice my boy has grown, and so too has the way in which he will post future material. Basically, he will still pick his own artwork to display. He will take his own pictures and video when it makes sense (and when it doesn't, Dad or Mom or the Brownie will man the camera at his direction). I'll handle the tech-support end of things, which means that while I am busy cropping or uploading, Thomas will be busy writing his post.

At 10, Thomas is a scarily solid writer, way better than I was at his age. The words you will read are entirely his own. My only contribution was to take the text out of the single-block, minimally punctuated format he prefers, correct some spelling, and make a few indents for pacing. Everything else is his.

Except for the pride and excitement of having him back online. I've got the lion's share of that.


From Somewhere on the Masthead

In the video I heard you mutter "6 months." snerk.

So the Brownie gave up the Fox Hole?

I am about 5 ft tall so I enjoy it when kids grow taller than me and have an adult they have outgrown. Art Lad only needs a few mor einches of height to get there.
Woo hoo! Heading right on over to Art Lad as we speak. cannot wait to welcome him back.

I admit, I check from time to time, every few months or so, to see if he's got something new up.

Maybe Thomas will be my inspiration to finally start that blog of mine. :)
I sat up last night and read several of your post. I marvel at how easy it seems for you, well all except being the home alone dad. I really am impressed with your daddy skills. I am also now a faithful reader.

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.
Sweet! I'll check out his video when I get home from work.
Yay! I am really thrilled to see Art Lad is back - I have a feeling it is going to be really interesting to see/hear/experience the world through his eyes!

And I'm glad to know that Blazey is going to be OK - just in case I ever need to "borrow" him... (still twitching every time I see the "BF" hug Twinks. :::shudder:::)

And - I'm glad that you are posting more frequently again. I probably speak for legions of faithful fans when I say that we really do miss you when you're gone.

Have a wonderful, SAFE, happy Thanksgiving, and tell BB that we said "Howdy!" :)
I'm always a little surprised to hear your voice, MM, because the voice in my head for your writing is always deeper. It would still be fun to hear you tell/read one of your own stories sometime.
I can't remember if I commented last time. I'm Nat.

Thomas reminds me of my little guy. Nickman (The Boy) is all about the art work too. Any you should be proud of that kid, very talented.
Been there and back. You certainly have reason to be proud, MM.
Found your blog from someone else's (don't remember who) and have been reading the archives for the past several weeks. It's like reading a really good book! Love it. I'm up to Sept. 2005 and there it was, the answer to the mystery at that time. By george, it was really simple, if you know what I mean. And I promise I won't tell!
For crying out loud, are those the last four words you're ever gonna say? We Miss You!!!
Hello? HELLLOO???? Are you there??
I would also like to see "MM is back"!
So when are YOU coming back?
Magazine Man, hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season. But come back soon please!
Hey MM! I nominated you for an award on my blog!

-OperaWife (formerly known as SassyGirl)
I also nominated you for an award on my blog. :-) Opera Wife did it first, I agree with her, but you're in a different category on my blog.
One word: YAY!!!!!!! :-D
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